Cast Iron Casserole Dish 26cm $20.30 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ BIG W


Cast Iron casserole on clearance at Big W. Seem slike a good price - Kmart is at $29

Red: (No delivery)

10cm available:

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    It comes up as 29 dollars

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      Put in your post code champ

      • Thanks mate it actually worked

    • Coming up $29 for me as well (postcode entered)

      • Promo seems to have ended on the red pot. Black pot is still $20

        • Shows as back n stock in some melb stores

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    Cheaper to buy 2.6 of these lol

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      Area of 26cm = 530cm2
      Area of 10cm = 78cm2

      You would need 7 of the 10cm pans, assuming they are the same height to have at least three same area.

      • yes - I recommend you get 7 of the 10cm pans - individual servings for your next dinner party

        or picnic - and strongarm exercise carrying those mofos to the park - if they don't break your basket ;-)

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    $29 in SA

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    Buy with big W via ebayplus for free delivery and $20.30

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    What the difference between this and La Creuset

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      The price and the brand mostly.

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      I have both le creuset and a cheapie (Aldi i think). The enamel is much more durable on the le creuset, but that aside they more or less do the same job.

      • have you chipped the one on the Aldi?

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      One lasts 5 years and one lasts 50

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      Big w ones may have lead or other undesireables. Also, Le Creseut heat up quite even and have lifetime warranties. They're handmade in france. You're comparing a luxary cookware designed to be used frequently to a once in a while big w item.

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      Le Creseut uses three layer of enamel which are properly bonded. This one might use one or two layers of low quality enamels. Most cheap brands don't last very long at all. By buying cheap crappy cookware, you're tilting the industry towards poorly made products that have to be replaced frequently to get the same effect as a quality product. Also you can buy a second hand one for cheaper than brand new.

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        You're correct that it's a higher quality product.

        But there's no way you can buy a secondhand 26cm Le Creseut Casserole Dish for $20.

        • Actually you can. I got a 26cm one for $10 at The Green Shed in Canberra about…I want to say 4 years ago. So, there.

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            @simochomps: Lucky you! Found yourself a unicorn.

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              @JimB: I was so stoked - in great conditions too. It's what got me hooked LOL

              I remember seeing some at Vinnies too a couple of years ago, maybe $40/45 for a smaller size, I can't remember. Definitely worth getting second hand if the enamel is in good conditions (not chipped or too badly discoloured!) :)

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        Products that are ten times cheaper aren’t necessarily ten times lower quality. It’s made in a country where labour is cheaper and does what a creuset does in exactly the same way. People of lower income should be able to enjoy the benefits that this type of cooking can bring, without being a wealthy cooking snob.

        I have both - the cheapo one actually gets more use because I don’t need to coddle it, and it’s held up really well. Sure I’ll probably need to replace it five years time, but how long does cookware need to last for?

        Also, second hand Creusets are gross and are usually thrown away because of chips.

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          Agree with most of your points, however the problem with lower quality enamel casserole pots is that the enamel wears away very quickly. The enamel is what protects your food from absorbing metals esp with high acid dishes. Once the enamel goes, the rest of the product is basically useless (with respect to it's intended purpose) - so for some, that 10x difference in quality is actual. I have both le creuset and much cheaper versions (eg for camping, bread making). The enamel wore off the cheaper pots after about 10 uses after scrubbing (tomato based dishes). The le creuset is over 15 yo and is still in great nick.

          With respect to manufacturing in cheaper labour countries, they also have lower standards of quality control and may use inferior or less safe production inputs - so you may be exposed to much higher food safety issues. No one really tests the enamel for lead or cadmium or other contaminants…

    • This is only oven safe to 200 degrees.

      Le Creuset and most other name brands are oven safe to 260 degrees or higher.

      Le Creuset offers a lifetime warranty.

      • I have a Le Creuset. I love it. Can't say I've ever used it over 200 degrees though. When would you?

  • $29 in WA and I think the original price is $29 so $20.3 is only 30% off

  • Anyone already stocked up from the free spotlight one? Mine's doing well. Probably had 10 uses.

  • Thanks OP
    Bought this, the red frypan and red grill pan. $50 all up including delivery to ACT.

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    Anyone know how many litres these are?

    • Approx 5 litres…?

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    The description mentions the max temp is only 200 degree. That is very low for cast iron. Cant even bake bread as temperature requires is normally around 230. I assume if you go over the allowable temp, the enamel will crack