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½ Price Ziploc Bags Range: 14-60 Pack Varieties $2, 100 Pack Sandwich Bags $3 @ Coles


Saw these at my local Coles in Sydney, might be nationwide.

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    Quality of these are pretty average (thin) but okay for single use.

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      The regular ones are very thin. By contrast, the "freezer" ziplocks are super thick and ideal for multiple uses.

  • Can confirm this was at a Coles I went to in VIC Waverley Gardens

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    This is what's it come to…

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    I seriously can't believe it's taken over 50 years for Ziploc bags to be introduced in Australia. This, along with Tylenol, make you really wonder "wtf" they were thinking by not bringing it out here sooner.

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      tylenol is just paracetamol. we had that already.

      • We also had burger joints before McDonalds came to Australia.

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    I'm definitely not a greenie, but even I feel a bit uneasy about the number of zip lock bags I go through. I wonder if there are any biodegradable versions…

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      They don't take much space in landfill so I wouldn't worry about it. Channel 7,9 and 10 would make you think we all throw our plastic in the ocean.
      Did you know that most American cities burn/incinerate all garbage to create electricity.

    • You and me both. I've been looking into silicone reusable ziplock bags (you can find them on eBay). Haven't tried them yet but they seem to have good reviews.

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    Aldi ziplock bags are best, They have a double lock thingy me Bob. Coles and woolies brand are crap.

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      We love the IKEA ones as well, Double zip lock. Can be a pain sometimes as each box has two sizes, and sometimes you use up one quicker than the other.

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        I find the IKEA ones tend to burst/rip at the seams, especially when used for sous vide cooking.

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          Agree with Jax, I find the Ikea ones burst more frequently than other brands

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            @gavt: Never had an aldi bag burst on me.