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[Refurbished] Apple TV 4K 2021 32GB $209 and 64GB $239 Delivered @ Apple


Apple Certified Refurbished Products

  • Quality products at great prices
  • Rigorous refurbishment process prior to sale
  • Covered by Apple’s one-year limited warranty
  • Covered by Apple’s 14-day returns policy
  • AppleCare product can be purchased
  • Supplies are limited

What’s in the Box

  • Refurbished Apple TV 4K
  • Siri Remote
  • Power cord
  • Lightning to USB Cable
  • Documentation

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  • +14

    can get similar price with ebay code and it is brand new (not a refurb)


    • thanks, almost bought this but spent $4 more for a new one.

    • +1

      And yet this "deal" has 43 up votes. Why?

      • +2

        Because it was a better deal for me by using discounted Apple gift cards (collected over time for 17% off avg) so effectively paid closer to $175.
        Some others may have thought the same.

        Also, you cannot compare an Apple Certified refurbished product to a second hand or any other companies refurbished products. Apple refurbished are like new.
        + you have 14 days to return it, no questions asked.

        • using discounted Apple gift cards (collected over time for 17% off avg)

          So the deal is actually for discounted gift cards that aren't currently available.

          you cannot compare an Apple Certified refurbished product to a second hand or any other companies refurbished products

          I'm well aware of how good Apple refurbs are. But I would still buy new sealed for ~$4 more.

  • Does Apple refurbished really mean resell of a return, post inspection?

    • +1

      Generally for a new product line like this, yes.
      But for other products I believe they really are refurbished?

      • But for other products I believe they really are refurbished?

        I think it depends on the product, but yes this is my understanding too.

        For iOS/iPadOS devices, they state:

        Refurbished iOS devices will come with new battery and outer shell.

        For Macs, they state:

        All refurbished Mac models are backed by a one-year warranty, have free delivery and returns, and also include:

        • Full functional testing, genuine Apple part replacements (if necessary), and a thorough cleaning
        • The original Operating System or a more recent version
        • All refurbished devices are repackaged in a brand new box with all accessories and cables

        (my refurb Macbook came with a new battery, not sure if that's standard, but I expect so)

  • +1

    What are the differences between this and Chromecast family products based on watching Netflix, YouTube and similar apps?

    • +7

      I have a 4K Chromecast (not the remote version) and Apple TV 4K and I use my Apple TV 4K a lot more because it has ”4K high frame rate HDR” which is compatible with my Sony TV. I’ve watched content on the PS5 too and it doesn’t compare but I feel like these kinds of things come down to personal preference.

      In saying that, I’m deep in the Apple ecosystem so everything works really well together (like using my phone as the remote if I’m nursing and can’t move to reach for the physical remote). With Apple TV, it can do more than just supply the streaming apps; You can AirPlay content from an iDevice, have these moving screensavers (great vibes), play Apple Music, play games… so I guess if you’re strictly just watching content, you’ll have to discern whether the price point is worth it for 4K upto60fps HDR (and if your TV can support this too).

      • +6

        I'm not at all invested in Apple but the Apple 4ktv is easily the best streaming device I've used and I've used lots of them in the past

        • I only have an iPhone and an AppleTV. I sold my ATV recently as I got a new SmartTV but now I'm buying this because the AppleTV experience is honestly fantastic

        • +1

          A close mate of mine is an Android lad, we often disagree because i'm pretty invested in the Apple ecosystem, he even concedes the Apple TV is way better than anything Android out there.

    • +1

      The interface and the remote. Airplay is easier on the Apple device as well is that’s a thing for you.
      Assuming you’re comparing 4K devices there may be differences with supported video (Dolby Vision, HDR10+) and audio codecs (Dolby Atmos etc).
      But for most people it’s the interface and remote that matters. You can record onto an Apple TV but that’s pretty niche in an age of streaming.

      • If you're referring to recording FTA TV, would you mind giving me some pointers on where to start looking on how this can be done on the Apple TV? Much appreciated.

    • +6

      Mainly the interface is subjectively more pleasant, it’s like the difference between Android and iOS broadly. Keep in mind those Android sticks also only have 2gb of RAM and a slower chip, even my Nvidia shield with 3gb sometimes feels super laggy. This is seperate to the integration and ‘ecosystem’ benefits.

      Infuse on Apple TV will play 4K remux Linux ISOs for example with no issue and even allow you to scrub without buffering if the source is via Ethernet. Android sticks will work but will be stretched to the limit.

      • But you still can't get Atmos that way right?

        • I can confirm it decodes TrueHD 7.1, frame rate matching 24hz and has native PCM pass through (My requirement as I have 7.1), I don’t have ATMOS so can’t confirm. Not needed unless you have those additional speakers mounted in the roof anyway. Perhaps Nvidia shield is the best way to go if you are one of the few people who actually have ATMOS 9.1.4 installed. Keep in mind TrueHD sounds amazing already without the Dolby ATMOS metadata layer and I’ve seen that most ATMOS implementations are limited to16 objects anyway.

          tldr ATV4k doesn’t seems to natively decode Dolby ATMOS unless it changed, it doesn’t really matter in the home unless you have 9.1.4, imaging on TrueHD 7.1 is already exceptional. ATMOS is worth it mostly in the movie theatres.

          • @LukeBP: I have 7.1.2 installed and I can't get ATMOS working via Apple TV 4k 21 on Infuse.
            Yes, True HD 7.1 is good, but Dolby ATMOS is better.

    • +1

      Thanks for the above detailed explanation guys. I have Chromecast ultra but need to disconnect power sometimes to clear the cache. It might be the time to get a 4k apple tv.

    • I prefer the new Chromecast (with the remote) over the ATV as an Android user, and it supports all the usual HDR/DV for video and Atmos etc. for audio through streaming apps and through player apps like Nova or VLC….. but I'd definitely choose an ATV over the original non-remote Chromecast

      • +1

        I have Google TV (remote) and I don't think it does Pass Through TrueHD 7.1 with ATMOS. 100% not with Plex and not with any other app either.

        • +1

          Have you tried playing it using VLC? Unsure whether is a 7.1ch track with Atmos but definitely works with 5.1ch and Atmos - Yamaha V6a reports Atmos input, I'll have to have a look

        • Atmos track on an MKV using VLC on Google TV with Chromecast seems to work okay but if you can suggest the movie you're referring to I can try test it out

          Edit: actually I think you're spot on - TrueHD not supported. The video I was playing had 2 tracks, an Atmos DD+ and an Atmos TrueHD

  • +1

    Cheapest for one of these historically is sub $200 brand new. If not in a hurry, may be a good idea to wait a bit for a better deal. However, Apple Refurbished are generally good deals in itself. In fact, if you pay using the recent Gift Card deal, it brings the 32gb down to $178~ which is a very good price (I'd do it personally if we didn't' already have one).

    • Unfortunately, 32gb OOS. 64gb still in stock though. And good price.

  • $241 32GB brand new from the good guys commercial
    $269 64GB

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