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30% off All Jabra Products (Excludes Elite 3) @ Jabra

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As a big thank you to our loyal subscribers, we are offering you 30% off our True Wireless products.*
Use your code at checkout and save 30%
To claim your discount on your local Jabra website, make sure you input your discount code before you select CHECKOUT.

Offer excludes the Elite 3 and business products.
Limit 2 products per customer. Offer cannot be combined.
Offer may be modified or terminated at any time without notice
**Free shipping only in orders over $99.

Mod: It appears that there was a higher level of discount than intended initially, see here. This is no longer the case.

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    Yeah, I can't find an add to cart button aswell, I thought I was losing my mind

  • New Jabra Elites coming on 1/10 which is probably going to be a material upgrade…

    • Yeah waiting on the Elite 7 Pro which apparently has good microphone quality. Im passing on the sony wf-1000xm4 for better calls.

      • +1

        Same. I've actually tried the wf-1000xm4 but returned it because I couldn't get a comfortable fit.

        • for the price its pretty crap for calls tbh

    • hopefully they keep that bluetooth multipoint connection - very underated feature

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    Just for price reference before: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/647320

    Jabra Elite Active 75t - $117.67

    If sound quality and ANC is really important to you and you don't plan on using them for workouts, then go with these instead:

    Jabra Elite 85t - $167.67

    More stuff on sale:

    Jabra Elite 75t - $87.67

    Jabra Elite 85h - $247.67

    • +5

      I suspect that level of discounting was not intentional - it appeared they put everything on sale and then applied the same discount again.

      An absolute ripper deal (missed getting some for my dad that I had in cart when it ended), but should be seen as an exception rather than the benchmark or expectation in terms of discounts for Jabra.

  • +1

    30% now is still not as much as it used to be

  • +1

    Not sure how you're getting the $87.67 for the 75t?

    • I believe he was referencing previous prices

      • Ah yes Thanks - My attention to detail is garbage :P

  • +5

    Love my 75t Actives. My son bought WF-1000XM3 so in comparison I find:

    The Sony's DO seem to have better clarity in the instruments - I can pick individual instruments better than the Jabra.
    Jabra seems to have a better bass (which I like)
    Jabra's case doesn't get all scratched up (I like the look of the Sony case but it scratches pretty easily)
    I cannot tell the difference in Noise Cancelling - I know it's only "software" ANC on the 75t, but I find it VERY impressive - mind you to be fair I haven't been on a plane with them yet - or for the next couple of years maybe :(
    The Jabras are the best suited to stay in my ears of any buds (wired or otherwise) I've ever owned. I only need to adjust them maybe every 30 minutes when I'm actively sweating and running to create a better seal. They have NEVER fallen out during any activity. If I'm not active they stay put completely and I don't even need to adjust at all.
    People say call clarity is fine in any situation I've tried them.

    So I think the Sony DOES have a more "true" and "defined" sound in them, but for active people I love my 75t Actives.

  • I was little disappointed with smooth switch function missed after I updated Sound+ app. Before updated, I can play music on device B by click play button when music was playing on device A. Now, I should stop playing on device A then click play on device B. Maybe I missed something I should do with the buds to recover this function, but I don’t know how to.

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    Man that is cheap. I love my 75t’s.

  • +1

    I got Jabra Elite Active 75t a few weeks back they are great, would highly recommend at this discounted price what a bargain.

    • Does it have wing or something to hold it in place?

      Is it touch or physical press button?

      • +1

        Na no wing but they are a great fit and don't feel like they'd ever fall out. It comes with three different bud sizes. Two physical buttons, one on left bud and one on right bud, customisable via the app.

        • +1

          I got the Active 75t on sale at the same time as you. Great but not excellent fit I have to say, as it can fall out during high impact stuff like punching bag exercises. I am in love with the HearThrough functionality, makes it easy to be on a work call and interact with family at same time.

          • +1

            @Buns: Thanks for both of your opinion!

  • +1

    Says "invalid promo code" when entered. Is this a user specific code?

  • +1

    I have the 85t and they are great. Dual Bluetooth connection and they work great with Microsoft teams.

    I tried the bose and the Sony ones before and mic was horrible

    • So when you say dual Bluetooth…

      Does this mean that you can connect to two Bluetooth sources and it switches between them?

      I've been looking for buds that I can connect to my mobile and listen to music and take calls and also take calls on my computer as well. Does it cut out the music from the phone to take a call on the computer?

      I've tried a couple of headphones but none of them have done this.


      • Does it cut out the music from the phone to take a call on the computer?
        Yes they do. I have the 75t. The 85t does the same. They're one of the very few that have mutlipoint connectivity

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    Sad that the Evolve2 is not part of this sale. They’re great, but $671 is expensive for any headphones.

    • +1

      I've got the Jabra Engage 75 and it was best Work From Home purchase.

  • +1

    Not sure why but code is not working with the Elite Active 75t?

  • +1

    Hanging for the 7 Pro

  • I have been using the Jabra Elite 85H for over a year now, and they are fantastic. ANC, Microphones, battery life, and dual bluetooth make them worth having. I alternate between 85H and Sony XM3s every few weeks. I use them extensively for Teams calls, as well as for music apps like Starmaker and Smule.

  • Funny that I posted the deal and I haven't still been able to workout how to actually buy something on the site.. just points to retailers .

    • +1

      because they may have run out of own stock.