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I have a small lodge dutch oven. Its the 5qt / 3.5L model. Since buying it i have had nothing but seasoning issues. I have done the whole strip and reseason many times. i also find its a tad too small. However, i am a convert and I am now willing to invest some decent cash into a staub/LC which i can keep long term.

To provide you a little background info, we are a family of 3 with a fourth on the way. Currently we do a lot of batch cooking so I like to have the flexibility to double up. Long term there will be four of us to cook for like this.

My problem is with the sizing. I am currently thinking a 26cm or 28cm oven. Does anyone have any feedback on the sizing and what you use for a family of four with the potential to double up etc.

Which size should i go for? Any advice or tips would be appreciated.

Thank you!


  • I've been monitoring the Staub price on Amazon for a while. The regular low point on the 26 and 28 are about $20 difference. I'm hanging out for the 28cm to hit $300 again then I'm pulling the trigger.

    • Thats what i am thinking. Ive been waiting a while for a staub to go under that 300 mark. Its currently 360 on amazon which is the lowest I have seen in a little while. 280 for a 26cm on amazon uk.

  • I presume you're l looking at round ones? We have an oval one, nothing fancy, but oval accommodates awkward shapes like lamb shanks much better than round.

    • Yes i have been looking at the round cocotte. I would be happy with either providing I can get a good price on the size I want.

      I have done small chicken roasts and lamb shanks in the lodge. They came out well but the shanks were a bit fiddly to fit in. It turned out ok though.

    • Oval is also good for the oven cooking, but not so much for stovetop cooking due to its shape

      • Interesting. I have never used oval. I thought it would heat evenly due to the cast iron regardless of its shape?

        • It might - I meant more if you just have a regular stovetop it might be a bit awkward having this giant oval thing not quite sitting on it properly

  • I have a lot of different sized le creuset. I’ve never had staining or sticking issues have had most of mine for about 5 years. I bought the cleaning solution from the lc store which really helps keep the inside of the pots spotless. I bought them back when buying and shipping stuff from Amazon uk was cheaper than buying it from stores here. If you don’t care about colour, you can look out for warehouse sales but they seem to be a bit rare at the moment or a Myers/David jones sale in conjunction with discounted vouchers.

    I use my 28cm round and 29cm oval the most. We use it for cooking stews and soups. It’s the most versatile for bigger cooks. I have smaller ones but don’t tend to pull them out and if I do might be the 24cm one as I know it’s a smaller recipe.

    I would go for the bigger one if you are are going to batch cook. I was using the 28cm even with just 2 adults we’d end up with a few days of leftover. Now with 2 adults and 2 toddlers one pot of stew will do 2-3 meals for the family.

    • Cheers! this is what i suspected. I will need to measure up to ensure it can fit in the oven. I watched a video on YT and it didnt look too big.

      Have you had any issues with its size in the oven? I checked the dimensions and its only a tad larger than the 26cm it seems.

      • No issues using either the round or oval in the oven. Just need to rearrange a few shelves. The pot does get pretty hot so make sure you use thick oven gloves. Even when it’s on the stove I will use a tea towel to lift the lid off. This next part is totally optional I got a LC pot lid holder in Japan and love it. The lid is huge and having somewhere to put it is awkward the lid holder holds the lid upright and has a lip for drips.

        28cm will fit in a general 60x60 oven which is what I have. I used to always start off with a smaller pot then ended up needed a bigger one so I just use the bigger one anyway at the start saves a lot of hassles and cleaning lol.

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      The reason why the Lodge dutch oven is sticking is that it's not enamelled.

      Any enamelled dutch oven, cheap or expensive shouldn't stick once hot.

  • I love both Le Creuset and Staub. I have mostly Le Cresuet, but I wish I had started with Staub, the black interior isn't as fragile as the sand interior of the LC and it's much easier for browning… I'd go Staub 28cm ;)

    • I've been looking at a 24cm Staub - Do you reckon that would be fine for a family of 2? Or should I still look at getting a 28?

      • you can get a 26cm for 280 on amazon. Good price!

      • 24 is a great size for 2. Costco.com.au has them at times for a little over $200 (none online atm) but its worth keeping an eye out …

  • I only have a much smaller Lodge so don't have any tips, but Nagi @ recipetineats seems to prefer a Chasseur if that is also something you want to consider? It's #3 on her essential kitchenware list here and a quick search shows the 28cm is $300 at Myer right now (so probably even cheaper elsewhere!)

    Good luck!

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    Obviously, I am uneducated about dutch ovens.
    Thought it was a game we played as kids n bed together, fart under the blankets and the one who lasts longest wins..hehe

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      Same thing, you're just farting in a pot now and instead of you being trapped, its food.

    • I came here just for these comments

  • I personally don't think you need to go and spend $2,3 or 400 on a dutch oven just yet.

    Here's a similar product for $20 https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/652888 . Use it and then see if it's big enough.. and then get yourself an expensive one in the size you want long term.

    The issue with the Lodge dutch oven is it's raw cast iron which is great for camping but as you have found, needs to be seasoned, plus isn't so good for simmering sauces. FYI- I have a couple of lodge cast iron pans which I use for searing.

    An enamelled cast iron is non-stick without the oil, so you can cook acidic sauces. And clean up is so much easier

    FYI, you can't heat up enamelled cast iron too fast or too hot. You'll crack the enamel.

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    Staub > Le Creuset every single day of the week

    • Staub lids close better and have the moisture contoured nipples
    • Easy to clean - never add water when they are hot. Let them completely cool down. Add soapy water overnight if needed and then simply wipe away the mess. Add a drop of oil (vege, canola etc) and wipe evenly after each clean to maintain ( i have a piece that's 11 years old and looks brand new - been used everywhere)
    • Warning - once you purchase one, you'll be buying more pieces

    I recommend you don't stick to one colour and buy different colours - they look stunning in the kitchen

  • I only have experience with Le Creuset and truly I really do hold that pan in disdain as you cannot cook with it unless you do so at a low temperature as it tries with all its might to stick to the bottom of the pan.

    I recommend one of these: https://www.house.com.au/baccarat-id3-saute-pan-with-lid-32-...

    Rubbish will not stick to it and because it's cheap after a couple of years you will have no qualms about throwing it away.

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