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[XB1] Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice $19 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store/ $100 Spend to Select Areas) @ JB Hi-Fi


(Longtime lurker, first time poster.)

Oldie but a goodie - From Softwares "Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice" $19 standalone or part of the 2 x $30 deal. Check location/s for stock. Only Xbox, no PS4.

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    Oldie? If you call 2.5 years old! Thanks for adding NOT PS4 btw so those of us that tag this term can see that we cannot get the sale :/

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      If avaliable for both the title will say PS4/XB1 so no need to mention not for ps4.

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    Looking forward to this price on PS4 , it is still priced $69 on Amazon for PS4 :(

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    Awesome game, paid $50 (on PC) and it was worth every cent
    $19 is an absolute bargain

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      I got to the final boss and gave up. 4 phases come on.

      • LOL, it felt like the neverending boss fight. I didn't beat him properly. My tactic was to run around so he couldn't hit me then hit him during his slower attacks

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          Nice, nothing worked for me. Felt like you have to learn and parry every move set to beat him. Gun umbrella was too much.

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            @Chchnu: Parrying and dodging at the right moments is probably the way the developers intended you to beat him.
            It took quite long waiting for the right moments to attack and then running around 90% of the other time.

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        I was the same. I managed to beat all the bosses leading up to him, but the final boss got the best of me. By far the hardest boss ever in a video game, or at least in any game I've played.

        I still love Sekiro though. Maybe one day I'll try again.

        • I got over the game on my 4th ++ completion, did all achievements but one - get all skill points unlocked

      • Stay strong! Don't forget to savescum for multiple endings!!

      • Right? Has to be the hardest thing I've tried in a game in years.

      • Found owl (father) harder, on pc had to remap keys just for this fight, dodging left with my standard souls mapping in sekiro sucked but was mandatory for this fight, changed back after and the rest was fine

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      Love all the Dark souls, Bloodborne, Sekiro games.
      Played them obsessively, but by the time I got to the final bosses, I was just exhausted and gave up (except Bloodborne. Beat that).

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        Ornstein and Smough would like a chat.

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        I've played only DS3, Sekiro and a bit of Bloodbourne
        The final boss of Dark Souls 3 wasn't the hardest imo. Pontiff Sulyvahn was the most difficult mandatory boss, I think maybe a couple of the optional/DLC bosses might have been a bit harder but all I remember is the Pontiff killing me over and over again. He has an epic theme though

      • Waaaat! Blasphemy!

        Platinum these games then put em on a ban list… Its such a good feeling to beat them.. Then watch the runners and b like wtf!

        I rewatched my YouTube GoW sigrun on gmgow ng+ kill… Brings it all back!!! Oh the pain

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    excellent game! shame there's no PS4 version

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    Want a more challenging game than any of the Soulsborne series - this is it

    • Dark Souls 3 was more difficult imo. However, it was first FromSoft game so maybe that's why I found it more challenging

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        Nah souls games you can grind to get stronger. This one no grinding so only skill can help you.

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          It's easy once you master the parry, light taps

          • @botchie: Master the parry is like the whole game/god like?.. but even then if you're somewhat mediocre/normal your still in a world of pain.

            Definitely the hardest game I've ever played!

            Selkiro (1v1) would be a nightmare/the best experience to…watch! (Not that boss vs boss stuff)

            • @Kammi: You can't do one trick to win the game no but parry is the basic thing you have to get the timing on right, then the rest is easier, still hard .
              Great challenging game. I don't like Ds but loved this

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                @botchie: Yeah I get ya re sekiro, that learning curve once it clicked on butterfly was very very satisfying.

                Don't like dark souls? Have you beat ds remastered or bloodborne etc?? They're really good depending on build I guess.

                I went bb > dsr ds2 ds3, demon souls and now I'm chasing that difficulty high through metroidvanias! (Hollow Knight, ender lillies, yokus island, gauc 1&2! Got s&s and a few others to work through!!)

                Bloodborne was my first & favourite. Losing all your crap on death was a real wtf moment.

                • @Kammi: I played through most of ds2 but that's about it, I like fps games more but I do like jap culture and hence this setting and game appealed to me , that's why you always have to try different games

                  • @botchie: Ds2 imo was the worst! (Some in the community think its the best)

      • Ds3 the hard part was the grind!

  • like enough to get this for ps4 mid 2019 for $35 at target thanks to ozbargain…. killer game, top 5 last gen.

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    Souls aren't that hard, thing is that they cranked to the max health take per hit so it appears as difficult.

    • That…doesn't mean it's not hard?

      You just literally explained why it's hard you dolt.

  • Should be on PS+ any month

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      Why? Only From Soft game ever to go free on ps+ was Bloodborne, and that was because it was a Sony exclusive.

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    Great game, but the title is a complete lie. I died at least 3 times.

  • Very tempting - does anyone know if an Xbox One game will look upgraded / better graphics for example if run on a Xbox Series X?

    • For this game, you don't really have the time to check the difference….

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      Just 60 fps unlock. No other upgrade.

    • It's Xbox One X enhanced up to 60fps, meaning that it'll more or less run at 4k 60 locked on the series X (1800p to be exact iirc).

    • It's great looking already, just get it
      If you get stuck follow walkthroughs on net , it will help guide you along the right path, still leaves the game chalanging but it removes the stuck part

    • Thanks everyone for the helpful replies

      Edit: ahhh too late, already sold out!!!

  • Does someone have link to 2 for $30?

    • just search anything under $20, you will see 2 for $30 on top of the banner

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    If you are looking for a second for the 2 for $30, this seems kinda okay value for $11 more.


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    Now if only the PC Version will fall to $19 …

  • Is there any link with all 2x30 games? I can't find it.

      • 404 Not Found

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          Whoops they changed it. New one is here.

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    one of my favourite games of all time

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    Absolutely love this game.

    Took a break as I had a new job lined up and played this religiously on the PC.

    Tried to resume playing and got absolutely creamed cos all of my dodge and parry timings were gone. I am wondering about restarting the game all over again and wiping my saves lol

    If anyone has completed this while doing f/t work and all that, I salute you!

    • Not for full timers ,I agree

    • That's what I did, however it was the only game I was playing at the time. I'm sure if I took a break, or tried to go back to it these days, I'd be back to being a total novice.

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      1 hr a night, got there in the end

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      2 little kids and FT job, just gotta get some time in once kids / wife sleep ;)

      Amazing game though, one of the hardest platinums I've done, but worth it.

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    Literally removed this from my alerts like 2 days ago coz I didn't think it would go on sale again… Glad I saw this post!