Ozito PXC 2x18V Cordless Lawn Mower & Grass Trimmer Kit $199 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ Bunnings


I thought I share this and hoping it will be useful for some.

Combo Lawnmower and Grass Trimmer for the same price of the Lawnmower itself.

If bought separately, it will cost $199 for the Lawnmower and $79 for the Grass Trimmer. So it is a saving of $79 if you need both. (please see note below)

There is a combo for Grass Trimmer and Blower for $99

I used both briefly on the weekend and it seems to do the job for small / medium lawn size.

Thank you

note: as it is pointed out as per comments below, this lawn mower is brushed, so we dont know the actual cost of the lawnmower itself. As per the box, as far I remember, it said quick charging though

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  • brushed

    • and polished.

  • For a second I thought it was this mower. Now that would have been amazing.

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      I've updated from the 18V one to 36V one after using it for a year. 18V one is only good for up to 50m2 regularly cut grass. Otherwise pay a bit more upfront and get 36V one with extra batteries.

      • It's a shame they don't sell the 36V one as Skin only :(

        Do you find the 36V one is a good enough replacement for Petrol power? I'm a lazy mower, so my grass is normally long enough to choke the petrol one frequently, worried electric may not cope at all.

        • I have a corded lawn mower. When grass is very long, i use line trimmer first to cut it short before using mower

        • I have that 36v mower. If you're chocking a decent petrol one then the electric won't don't any better I reckon. It's pretty good but not mind blowing.

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          Yeah, I've never heard anyone say that their cordless mower was better at thick or long grass than their petrol one. If different, it's always that petrol is better.

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            @t3chshopper: It's like asking does an electric shaver cut as good as a blade. No chance

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          Same here and I don't have any issues with the 36V one with cutting long grass. You need to cut it high first and go over again with lower setting. The grass sometimes locks the blade but it doesn't bother me.
          There are other expensive battery mowers that I believe would be as good as average petrol ones. I was sick of petrol mowers not starting or smelling the fume.

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            @Thegood05: How long does the mower go for on 2x2ah batteries? It seems to me that this set up wouldn't get you more than 10 or 15 minutes? My single 18v goes for about 20-25min on a 4ah depending on grass length, but I figure with this setupyou wouldn't even get that would you?

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          It won't. Electric mowers have a lot of potential, but they are so limited by the price point that I don't see the point of them unless you live in a duplex with a 2x5m yard that's perfectly level with a Sir Walter or similar grass.

          Standard petrol motor produces about 3kw* of power at full bore. The better mowers get near 5kw of power. A corded electric is about 1.5kw of power. Battery powered? You're lucky to get 0.5w of power.

          The other thing I hate about them is they are almost always plastic, and almost always 30cm wide as opposed to the ~45cm for petrol, to compensate for the lower power. If you have a lawn that requires a few back and forths, that will add an extra 50% on to the mowing time at least

          *Numbers for the petrol ones are just things I've seen on the promo stickers, and possibly made up.

          • @outlander: I have a 12x9 front yard and a 15x5 back yard, and my mower (single 18v brush less) does fine as long as i don't let the grass grow out of control. There are times when I need to stop and dig grass out of the channel at the back, but it's not that bad. I go without the catcher and I use a piece of wire to hold the flap up a little

            I have a 3ah and a 4ah, and depending on how long it is will depend on if I get through the cut or not. Since I have a fast charger, I use the 3Ah and when it runs out I put it on charge, then I use the 4Ah which lasts about 20-25min, and if that does before I am done I just do the edges for 30min (from the Aldi system) until the battery is charged. I did recently pick up another 3ah cheap, but I haven't really needed it yet, but it's nice to know I can just do it all in a single hit if I need to

            As a reference, when I let the grass get knee high, it took me a few days of flogging and charging batteries to get through it, so I don't do that any more. Tbh I don't think it's the power that's the issue, it's stops because it's not clearing the grass out easily enough. You could make the argument that if it was more powerful it wouldn't have the issue I guess

            • @Jackson: I think that speaks more to your consistent work ethic. Don't undersell yourself, not everyone can do it like you can.

              I have uneven, twisty lawn, where dirt has been spilled and the kikuyu grass has grown over it, sending thick runners all over the place. Mowing is an afterthought to me, something I get to when I notice that the grass has got too high. Without an excess of power, a mower is likely to repeatedly stall the way I use it.
              I also sometimes weed, and then mow over the weeds to mulch them up.

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          I can't speak for the ozito but my Ryobi 36v is excellent. I wouldn't want to go back to petrol even if the petrol ones have more power. The Ryobi does struggle in overgrown lawn but slowing down or mowing half width strips work. I'm a bit of lazy mower and my lawn does occasionally get away, just have to be a bit patient with the electric and it'll get there without much fuss.

    • I am a lawn mower noob - what is a telescopic lawn mower?

      • The handle is telescopic meaning it's adjustable. That's just a better mower because it's has more power among other things.

      • Literally just means the handle telescopes to different lengths. It's a silly name that has little to do with the actual mowing.

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        what is a telescopic lawn mower?

        One that is so small, it requires a telescope to make it look like a real one…

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          One that is so small, it requires a telescope to make it look like a real one…

          just like jv, so that he need to bold his words in order to see properly

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            in order to see properly

            There are none so blind as those who will not see.

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          @jv. I logged in just to upvote this.

        • That would be microscopic like some people

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    are you comparing to this brushless version?

    • You are correct. they are different product. the $199 is brushless.

      Thanks for pointing it out

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      What's the difference between having a brush vs not having a brush? Total mower noob here.

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    Bunnings are sneaky. They hide their 3star and lower reviews.

    • They show fine for me?

  • Not quite that good a deal. For $199 you get the "brushless" mower a fast charger and a 4Ah battery.

    So you are trading a better battery for the grass trimmer.

    • I have the "brushless" and will need to swap 3 batteries to finish my lawn but still more convenience than my corded one.

      • How big is lawn?

        • Not 100% sure by the look at it I think around 12 square meter back and may be 10 square meter for the front.

          3 batteries to finish my lawn

          BTW, 3 x 4ah batteries

          • @superforever: oh that's surprising.
            i would have thought this would be ideal for that size of lawn

            • @Gimli: I don't think you can use 1 x battery to finish a mid size lawn, since the brushless model is only 300mm cutting width.


              As mentioned here two 4Ah batteries for 10x5m lawn, people mentioned 1 battery will last around 20-25min.

              I have a 10x5m lawn and it filled the catcher 2.5 times. Two 4Ah batteries lost no charge.

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      This one is 36V. More powerful than the $199 one?

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    I am really confused with their model, I have the Brushless one.

  • This isn't the same as the $199 mower, it's less good; it looks like they don't sell the mower on its own anymore. Probably still a decent deal if you've got a little yard but it's not as good as the description says.

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      This is a 2x18V = 36V mower. Although it has a brushed motor, it should still be more powerful than the 18V brushless.

      This looks like the same mower as in the $279 kit without the grass trimmer:

      The $279 kit has larger batteries.

      Up until recently, you could get 2x 4.0Ah batteries and 2x chargers for $99 but it looks like it's gone now - would have been worth getting that kit and this kit, so you'd end up with an extra couple of smaller batteries and another couple of chargers plus the grass trimmer for an extra $20. You can still get the charger and 2 and 4 Ah kit for $115, but not so ideal for a 2x 18V skin with different sized batteries.

  • I still use the old corded one, Ozito 1200W 305mm Lawn Mower. How is this power wise compared?


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      Correct me if I am wrong. the corded one probably stronger. Battery powered tools is for convenience most of the times

    • Not easy to compare. They are both 3400 rpm but the power ratings could be different. If nothing the cordless one is easier to use.

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    just the usual price

  • Good price. Bought the lawn mower for the same price 3 years ago

  • Damn just bought a Ryobi One 33cm last week for $320.

  • Is this a good lawn mower? I'm looking for the exact combination for my very small frontyard.

    • They do the job. Lightweight and easy to use. Don't need to get an expensive / fancy one for small yard, imo.

      • how do you define small? 10m2?

        • I have this lawn mower, and my lawn is 10×1m, but it'll do yours just fine. Don't leave the grass to grow too long, or the mower will struggle

        • Our front yard is a little bit bigger than 10m2. Probably close to 16m2

  • Any bigger ones?

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    Absolute shit mower. Bought it a few weeks back and returned it the next day. If your yard is more that 3x3m dont even bother. Logged in just to warn people.

    Purchased to replace an old $50 corded ozito mower, no joking the $50 does a better job than this.

    • If it is 3x3m. Then might as well just get one of those manual ones

    • Can you elaborate please?

      • Was looking to mow my 4x10 backyard + front strip + plus a few others grassy patches around the house. Charged the batteries, started mowing, did one run of the backyard, it stopped….okay why? surely the catch cant be full, checked, it wasnt, start it back up again got another meter, it died again, did that for every meter or two for the entire second run of the backyard and then the catch was full.

        That was enough to put me off and return it.

        The only positive i could think of was that it is a quiet unit. But would gladly trade in the quiet for extra power and a bigger catch.

    • I bought this kit two weeks ago and have the opposite experience. No problem cutting long and overgrown buffalo on lumpy terrain. I have a 10x5m lawn and it filled the catcher 2.5 times. Two 4Ah batteries lost no charge.

      The trimmer is okay, works as intended but not much power. Cutting stick flew off once but probably wasnt set right to begin with.

    • I love Ozito PXC products, I have a bunch of them but my neighbour has this mower and its clearly not cut out for mowing his nature strip. It also seems to chew through the batteries so he gets maybe half way through before it dies and he rarely returns to finish it off. Any old el-cheapo two stroke that could do a far better job.

      Its probably ok if you have a little yard.

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    I have the trimmer from this set, really don't like it, under powered the little omastick cutting sticks don't last long and come off before they are worn out.
    Bought a proper line trimmer instead.

  • Would these cut buffalo grass?

    • Yes.

    • Sort of. I have used the 36V brushed one for the last 3 years on it. If it gets too long you'll need to use a trimmer to cut the grass back down first otherwise it will just bog down.

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    The title of this deal is incorrect, the linked item is 2x18V or 36V mower. My post from two weeks ago on this deal:

    This deal is incorrect and there appears to be a lot of confusion about the Ozito PXC mowers on offer.

    $279 Ozito PXC 2 X 18V Cordless Lawn Mower Kit
    335mm cut, 30L catcher, 25-65mm heights 5 position
    2 x 4Ah batteries and two fast chargers
    Folding handle
    Photo attached for this deal is this mower.
    Ozito site says this a promotional product while stocks last.

    $375 Ozito PXC 2 x 18V Telescopic Lawn Mower Kit
    370mm cut, 45L catcher, 25-75mm heights 6 position
    2 x 4Ah batteries and dual fast charger
    Telescopic handle
    Deal link, picture and product page for this deal is this mower.

    $199 Ozito PXC 18V Cordless Lawn Mower & Grass Trimmer Kit
    Same 36V mower as the $279 version but with a cheaper handle that doesn't fold and kit comes with two 2.5Ah batteries.
    This kit doesnt appear on the Ozito website but Bunnings link has the product manual here:
    The trimmer in this kit isnt available separately, only in a couple of kits.

    In previous years there was a 2 x 18V Brushless mower with a steel deck that would go on sale for $349/399, but it hasnt been available for some time. There is also a single 18V mower with brushless motor for $199 that has many comments as being under powered.

    The $279 mower may have been more expensive in the past, but I cant find any evidence that it was. Someone has commented that the $279 mower is the updated version of the $375 mower.

    The best "deal" at the moment is to get the $199 kit with trimmer, and then buy the $99 battery kit with two 4Ah batteries and two fast chargers for $298 total. Im sure you could sell two fast chargers, two 2.5Ah batteries and the trimmer for more than the $19 difference.

    Some stores still have the $99 battery kit but they are hard to find.

    I bought the $199 mower kit and $99 battery kit two weeks ago and have had a good experience with mower and trimmer. No problem cutting long and overgrown buffalo on lumpy terrain that I haven't cut since April (im in Sydney). I have a 10x5m lawn and it filled the catcher 2.5 times cutting at the top height setting. Two 4Ah batteries lost no charge.

    The trimmer is okay, works as intended but not much power. Cutting stick flew off once but probably wasnt set right to begin with.

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      I have a good experience for this one too. It does says on the box the size it is designed for and for that price it does an excellent job.
      Dont let the grass grow too long and with 36V it is portable and powerful enough to give 15mins every couple of weeks.
      Best part? Wife does not complain mowing if i am too busy ozbargaining. Lol.

    • Good write up. Ridiculous variations. Don’t forget there’s a cylinder cutter too.

      They need to simplify and consolidate & make the steel deck permanent stock

  • I had so many issues this weekend with the grass trimmer. Really struggled with the thickness of my grass. Bit tedious but got the job done I suppose.

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      This grass trimmer is the only Ozito tool I have regretted buying and I have >10. The plastic blades are crap IMO. I ended up donating to local recycling centre and bought the Ozito 2x18V line trimmer. It is much better but costs a lot more.

  • Don't buy the lawn mower, it is absolute trash. Returned and luckily got it refunded, we couldn't even mow half our lawn with it, (we have thick grass, some of it weeds and weedy grass, lawn is quite big, 3m x 20m and another half of that, plus the front ). engine is WEAK. DO NOT BUY unless u have like just a small patch of grass

    • no battery mower to date can cut thick grass or tall grass without stalling

      • Should cut more often

      • no, we got a Ryobi one, 36V? it was like $499, works gr8.

        • video or it didn't happen

  • I have the steel deck version (36v) for my yard (around 500 sqm) and will easily chew through eight 3ah batteries just to finish the backyard. The 36v motor still doesn't seem to be powerful enough to mow through areas with thicker grass.

    A pair of 2ah will probably only be enough for smaller yards around 100sqm - I would suggest people to look for 72v or petrol if they have a larger yard.

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    I bought this a few weeks ago with an extra 2x4Ah batteries and been happy with it
    If you are used to a traditional mower it is a bit of a shock initially that it is is very light and all plastic and has the structural integrity of a takeaway food container

    The trimmer is also light and flimsy but seems to do the job. The plastic blades are pretty harsh and actually made permanent marks on my tiles

    • Thanks, you persuaded me to buy it. I already have the 4Ah batteries.
      I could have repaired the old petrol mower, but it is so heavy. This electric one takes a bit longer as narrower, but moves faster. It is so much easier to maneuver around the paths and bushes. It jammed a few times, but you just need to raise the cutter a bit, to avoid hitting the roots where the ground is uneven.

      How much can I sell the trimmer for? (with 1 battery and charger)

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    So all things considered, should I buy this (2x18v non-brushless) or 1x18v brushless ($199 without the line trimmer)? Thanks.

  • Is out of stock for delivery and Click & Collect.
    Do Bunnings usually re-stock these combos?

  • Looks like this combo is out of stock in Victoria Eastern suburbs. Petrol mower died and need a replacement