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132cc Petrol Mower $179, 25.4cc Line Trim $99.99, 46cc Chainsaw $99.99, 25.4cc BlowerVac $99.99, 6-in-1 Garden Tool $199 @ ALDI


Gardening sale at Aldi from Saturday 16th October. Nine ten.

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    Hope bunnings will match the edger

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      Thanks to Aldi.

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      There was an edger in our local Bunnings the other week. He got arrested for indecency.

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        I nearly got to the end of this comment and stopped myself. Over and over.

        • I get the urge to do that myself sometimes, but it comes and goes.

  • I got a ryobi 18v trimmer from bunnings and finding it very underwhelming. Can you still return it or exchange for a petrol one?

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      The regular one or the brushless one?

      I have both, and the regular one is a waste of time, the brushless though has got plenty of power..

      • My ryobi brushless line trimmer is more than adequate for my gardening needs.

  • Anyone knows much about this mower? Is it worth buying

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      It's a very small engine, I wouldn't recommend for cutting long/thick grass. The current mower being sold at ALDI is at the other end of the spectrum, it is one of the most powerful mowers you can buy (even compared to commercial mowers), so depends on your needs.

    • Probably depends on the size of your yard. I bought last years model (and before that had an older ALDI one from a few years ago). Does the job. Old one refused to start after maybe ~4-5 years, so just dumped it & bought the same again. Can't complain - but then I have a small yard so YMMV.
      I believe the alternatives in the sub $200 price range are Bunnings (Cheetah?) only stocked a few months a year or Mitre10.

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      It's awful myself and my parents got one they didn't go past a year

    • I bought one few years ago, and use it regularly. It is still going strong. I wouldn't think twice about buying it again. As a matter or fact I may end up buying one anyways.

      • So you thought about it a few years ago and now you are thinking about it for a second time?

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          So you assumed that "I bought" is "I thought" and it seems "I wouldn't think twice about buying it again" needs further clarity by adding 'again' again after one. I am with you. Slow and steady wins the race?

          • @Melbourne01: that's why God gave us two eyes and one mouth… but 8 fingers

          • @Melbourne01: Yes. I assume all action requires thought. In my schooling I have never had grammar education and my english and comprehension is not the best. I apologise for miscontruing your again as a three parter.

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              @BaryGusey: I guess I can learn grammar 'again' but why bother 😜😊. At first I didn't wanted to respond to your snarky comment but then world's longest lockdown took better of me.! I hope that explains my explanation (two parter explain😜)

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                @Melbourne01: I am sorry Melbourne01, I was not meaning to come across as snarky, it was a poor attempt at a humourous comment followed by a genuine apology trying to explain my misunderstanding. There was no malice or illwill intended.

  • Can anyone provide feedback on the chainsaw please? I am after a 16"" 45cc+ thats reliable for branch lopping and occasional tree truck cutting. TIA

  • I usually love ALDI products, but I can say I am yet to find any of their self propelled mowers to be any good. I have returned 3 thus far. The bigger engine ones do have power sure but they really lack on the drive system and the weight of them makes them hard to manoeuvre especially when you're getting up to corners or need to reverse etc.

    They're cheap enough that you can give them a go and return them if you're unhappy though πŸ˜‰

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    This one or Bunnings Cheetah which is selling for the same amount now? Based on specs only this is the winner with 17" instead of 16" and 132cc instead of 127cc.

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