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Ozito 1600W 210mm (8¼") Sliding Compound Mitre Saw And Stand $189 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ Bunnings


The included Ozito Mitre Saw Stand is quick and easy to assemble and operate, with folding support legs for convenient storage and easy transportation. The 940-1950mm extendable support arms will allow you to work with materials up to 2 metres in length. Adjust the position of the mitre saw with the quick release mounts, whilst the height adjustable rollers give you the added flexibility to work with a variety of different sized work pieces.

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    Isn't it the normal price?

    • Price hipster agrees!

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      It is in special items, I just bought one, I did quick search about the Stand by itself and its more than $100 but no idea how good is that.

    • damn i just used that and found out the saw i bought last week was $30 cheaper in 2019! feel ripped off now :(

  • This is normal price, I have had my eyes on it for sometime now..

  • I'd like a 254mm diameter saw, if that one gets discounted let us know (with or without a stand).

    • It's no where near the price of this but it certainly competes with eveything that's twice its price EVOLUTION R255SMS

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      Although their return policy is good, I had two of the 254mm saws burn out. Smokey deaths.

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    I got this a while back. Just be aware that it is hopelessly inaccurate. If you are planning to build anything that requires a high degree of accuracy like perfect mitre joins, don't bother. I took mine back after a week. I like ozito tools but this is one tool where accuracy really matters and ozito is not so great at.

    • What mitre saw would you recommend? Not overly impressed with my ozito mitre saw either

      • If you use mitre saws often and have the need for dead accuracy , then the festool kapex, the bosch and makita. If you dont then the ryobi around 400 bucks is good value for money

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    Only for wood or cuts metal rods / sections / sheets too? Is it only a matter of blade change? Blades alone seem to be half the price of the machine.

    • A change of blade for other materials might also need a different rpm. I'm not sure if rpm can be adjusted on this machine.

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    As others have said, this is the normal price. So it's not a deal.
    OP should take it down.

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    No deal…$2 Cheaper if purchase saw and stand separately.