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Free 3-Piece Retinol Renewal Sampling Kit Delivered @ Kiehl’s


Click the sampling icon (bottom left of the page) or select ‘Sign Up for Your Sample Kit’ from the menu.

Offer not available to existing mailing list members. Australian residents only. Sign up to Kiehl's at https://readysetretinol.kiehlsau.com and receive a 3-piece Retinol Renewal Kit (‘gift’) delivered to your home address.

Kit contains:

  • Retinol Micro-Dose Serum 1.5ml
  • Super Multi-Corrective Cream 3ml
  • Calendula Toner 3ml

Limit 1 gift per person. Offer ends 11.59pm AEST 7/10/21, or while stocks last. Sample kit dispatched when offer ends.

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$10 off minimum $50 Spend for both referee and referrer.

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  • +22

    Not 100% sure what I signed up for, but thanks OP

  • +11

    Cool thanks jack, was getting low on Rectinol.

  • +26

    That thumbnail is abominably creepy.

    • +3

      yep, thought deal was on some creepy movie

    • +7

      Not sure why there's a skeleton in a lab coat on the page - I thought this stuff is supposed to be good for your skin and not burn/peel it off/dissolve it?

    • Slenderman got a marketing job

  • Retinol is king

  • Thanks OP, yay to free rectinol!

    • +8

      Rectinol sounds like a cream for an itchy bum

      • Not itchy bum it's for hamerroids and fissure

  • thanks, but that music was annoying

  • Thanks OP. I can add that to the collection of all the free kiehl' sample I've yet to use.

  • +1

    What % retinol is this ? I couldn't be bothered using that awful website.

  • +1

    have no idea what retinol is, whats it for etc.

    So googled it here

    • +1

      in lay terms is basically just the gold standard anti aging skincare ingredient.

      Broadly there are many types, strengths etc. from prescription to OTC.

      • -5

        in lay terms is basically just the gold standard anti aging skincare ingredient.

        Not really.
        Anything with SPF is as the SPF prevents damaged caused by the sun which then causes ageing.

        • Sunscreen is preventive, retinol is reparative.

    • Fun fact, it can cause birth defects in pregnant women. A low dose cream like this might be fine but I dunno

      • +3

        Only one way to find out…

  • +6

    I challenge anyone to find a worse website to navigate

  • +9

    Thanks OP!

    Played the "Play & Win" (Pacman game) section and here are the two generic codes for anyone interested:

    Tier 1 (Score between 3000-5000 points) will receive a sample of Retinol Skin-Renewing Daily Micro-Dose Serum 4ml ($9.44). 3,000 units of this gift are available.


    Tier 2 (Score between 5000-8000) will receive a sample of Retinol Skin-Renewing Daily Micro-Dose Serum 4ml ($9.44) and a sample of Ferulic Brew Rejuvenating Facial Essence 5ml ($3.95). 2,000 units of this gift are available.

    Code stacks with the bonus 7-Piece Retinol Renewal Kit (PURERETINOL - $100min spend) and the free 30ml Retinol Serum with purchase of Purchase Retinol Skin-Renewing Daily Micro-Dose Serum 50ml ($118)


    A unique code for above gift won will be provided on completion of the game and unique code must be included at checkout at kiehls.com.au (with purchase of any item/s on kiehls.com.au) to receive the gift. Code is valid for redemption until 11.59pm AEDT 03/10/21.

  • I gave up after the skeleton killed me three times. Is there a link to a form?

  • +3

    No idea what they sell but dam that was a fun site. 20 mins of my life gone.

  • Was inspired to sign up with referral code for $10 off Creme de Corps. The second code RENEW is better as it gives you both extra samples. (You can stack referral code + sample code). You can’t use both sample codes. More free samples and free shipping. I think Kiehls is a bit overpriced for what it is, but so popular for some reason…

    • Whats the refer code? Ive currently got PURERETINOL and RENEW in cart for a bunch of samples. Anything else I can add ?

      • This is a list of all offers to mix and match your cart.


      • It’s a friend referral, use the randomiser above. New customers only.

      • +1

        did you buy the retinol? I'm kinda tempted but even with all the freebies I'm not sure if it justifies spending $100+ for a bottle.

  • Thanks, what a horrible website though.

  • Thanks OP!

  • Cheers!

  • wow they sure spent a lot of effort on that website….!

  • Clicked on link with volume at 80% -____-*

  • Ahhh Retinol, not Rectinol….. totally different products right?

    • +1

      Or Rectumol, which is the generic form of "Preparation H"

  • Now sold out, only available when ordering

  • Did anyone receive a confirmation email for the free kit?

    • Got a confirmation message on my phone this morning

  • Has anyone recieved this yet?