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Bluedio HS Wireless Wearable Bluetooth Speaker $16.99 + Delivery ($0 with Prime or $39 Spend) @ Bluedio Amazon AU


A few dollars cheaper than the previous $20.47 and $19.19 deal.

Review video here thanks to dK69.

Price is down to $19.99 with a 15% off coupon you can also apply to bring it down to $16.99.

Save 15% with this coupon. Discount at checkout.

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Items: $19.99
Delivery: $0.00
Total: $19.99
Promotion(s) Applied: -$3.00

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  • Read the reviews before you buy it.

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      I mean it's probably a repackage supermarket-grade bluetooth speaker, and the tech itself isn't great for sound delivery.

      Personally I'd prefer the Koss KSC75 at these kind of prices, but if people want the form factor…

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    "hey douchebag: headphones. If I wanted to listen to your music I'd ask"

  • Nice, I was looking for a neck massager…oh wait ffff

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    I actually bought this last week for $20 and got it today.

    Was expecting it to sound like junk - but it actually sounds OK for what you pay for. Doesn't sound terrible, not amazing either but there's a fair amount of bass (it actually sounds better than cheap Logitech 2.0 speakers, believe it or not). Mids and treble are somewhat recessed and there's a boxy tone to the sound overall, but if you can live with that, you get an impressive sense of immersion and space.

    FWIW I've owned headphones like the Sennheiser HD600's, Beyers, AKG K712 Pros, etc. and I can live with this sound. Definitely not for audiophiles, but for casual listening, and even using it as a desk speaker, it's not that bad.

  • This is pretty good price as a portable bluetooth speaker with mic.

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    Bought one. Life is too short not to try a novelty item at this price.

  • Is this counted as innovation?

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      Not really when you're just copying Bose. Though I dont know if they were the first either, but at least the first popularising it.

      • Ok thanks

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        These have been around for a decade in Japan, basically for people to listen to music in apartments.

  • cannot see coupon..

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    FYI Music/Call time:about 3-4 hours

  • For that price. Great stocking stuffer.
    Thanks O.P 🎧🎧🎧

  • i bought this last time around, the biggest issue were the design to the buttons that were stuffed pretty soon and could not be repaired (not spring loaded but just some thinly bent metal). Otherwise it was comfortable to wear around the house instead of classic headphones, i dont think it would stay put with speedier movements like sports or chasing kids

  • Ah what the heck! Late night impulse buy…

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    I have two of these. Pros: sturdy, great for podcasts. Cons: they tend to slip down and fall on the floor if you use them doing chores around the house, but no damage at all. Better to use them when sitting down or stuffed under the top's collar. Not good for music if you are after quality. There is also a constant background buzz if used at low volume. They need a very long time to recharge, so with two units I always have one available. Good buy at this price, the alternative is the $250 Bose equivalent.

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    I had one of these, great for podcasts, OK for music. They go loud enough in most situations, but in a car, listening to podcasts at full volume you sometimes struggle to pickup the whole conversation. They are solid plastic, no flex at all, they sit comfortably on your neck. I don't have any issues with them falling off doing general housework, except for putting clothes on the line, as you bend your head back and the speakers fall off, or bending right over to pick something off the ground. Ideally in cooler weather if you tuck it in between your shirt and jacket/jumper etc then it won't fall off. It's very simple to operate, and you remember each button, volume, play pause etc very quickly. Being Bluetooth 5.0 it's ideal when paired with a Bluetooth 5.0 phone (which is most phones sold in the last few years) you can leave the room where your phone is located and it will still work, Bluetooth 5.0 has much better range than Bluetooth 4, so I can go 2 rooms away from my phone before it starts losing reception, this is very handy if you want to leave your phone in one spot while gardening or working in a large area. Finally after extensive use of this Bluedio speaker, the battery died. I pulled it open hoping there would be a rechargeable AAA battery or something similar that I could replace, but alas it was this unique looking and unfamiliar battery so I couldn't replace. So I said a few kind words🙏 about my faithful Bluedio🙏 companion then with great pomp and ceremony I chucked it into the bin. For $17 I highly recommend this device.

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    Thanks OP for this post and thank you to all who posted a review and feedbacks. Much appreciated

  • Got mine today. Above lengthy review nails it.
    My right side is a little rattly. Enough so that I am mulling over potential mods I may be able to do. I have some little JBL 5w speakers that look like they may fit. Add some padding and ..well…. I'll let you know.
    Some fun for me and the spudger at least. 😃