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LG OLED48CXPTA CX 48" OLED + Bonus LG Tone Free Buds $1995 Delivered ($0 C&C) @ JB Hi-Fi


Good price, was hunting one a while ago and would of paid $2k. Found a great deal on a c1 55" though so went with that.

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    very good as a gaming monitor for consoles

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      The picture quality is godly

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        This or the C1? I was waiting out for Christmas for a deal on the the 55" C1 for lounge room gaming with my PC.

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          I got tired of waiting for a decent deal so spent the little extra on the 55" c1 for my PC. No idea the difference but the picture quality is insanely good. Hate the OS compared to the older WEBos though

        • I've got a c9 55' and I dont think the improvements made in the X or the 1 make it worth it. I think the 55 is a bit on the small side for lounge room, but too big for a desk (I tried it….)

          If you want to use it on a desk with a PC - get is one.
          If you want a lounge room gaming monitor - Get a 55 or 65 inch.

          CX vs C1? - I dont think there are enough differences to make it worthwhile.

    • I'm thinking of getting at Gigabyte Aorus FO48U instead, as it has a DisplayPort for the PC. Additionally, it has KVM which is good for multi-pc

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        Still, it's good for CONSOLES.

        • Oh whoops. Replied to the wrong person. Mb

  • how much was the 55"?

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      Paid $2150 at TGG

      • How did you get this deal?

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    Great for a monitor but wouldn’t touch the BX CX for any other purpose.

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      This is the CX.

    • Christ. You on a lil rampage tonight between all the LG tv deals.

      • I own a B7 so not opposed to OLED’s in any way. I’m merely speaking frankly about these new models.

    • Would you recommend it for console gaming?

      • Yes, they’re very good for gaming.

  • I almost got this but was worried about burn in issues.

    • Did you get some thing else instead?

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        Yes. I got the LG 43" monitor.

        I wanted it to use heavily as a monitor so static images would be on the screen a lot.

        • Much wiser decision IMO.

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            @DisabledUser393851: got this november last year for use as a pc monitor. mostly web browsing / gaming / movies. zero burnin so far. Played WoW for several months too, so plenty of static UI elements. I check for burn-in every now and then using solid colour images (R,B,G,C,M,Y,Gr). The image quality is amazing, you seriously cant go wrong. The likelyhood of burn in is far less than ppl make it out to be.

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              @DanielP2: Almost like the risk of burn-in has been grossly exaggerated and perpetuated by a rival display manufacturer and their marketing team. The exact same manufacturer that is bringing out OLED TVs in 2022, but they will be calling the tech by a different name.

              • @sickaunt: I burnt in my LG C9 with the start bar while using it as a 3rd screen. Auto-hiding the start bar fixed this, and the screen refresh it runs automatically removed the burn in (was it real burn in? Who knows, but the ghost image was definitely there).

                I wouldnt worry about it too much. Set your desktop to rotate every 15 mins and auto hide the start menu was enough for me

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                  @Intoxicoligist: I replied to wrong comment. Whoops.

                  AFAIK tho, image retention is temporary whereas burn-in is permanent.

                  Sounds like you had some IR and prevented burn-in by utilising the measures you mention. Good job!

                • @Intoxicoligist: oh yeh, temporary burnin is totally a thing on these. Was a huge issue with plasma too. But what people are really worried about is permenant burn in. No amount of screen refresh will remove that. Permenant burn in is also very possible with oled, but with careful use, i think its probably unlikely. I have done the same as u and i auto-hide the task bar. I also have windows set to put the screen to sleep after 3 minutes (probably excessive) and i have reduced oled brightness on the TV to 50% (also excessive, but i sit in a darkened room less than a meter from the screen, I dont need it to burn my retinas when viewing web pages)

    • I bought the 55” last year and use as a monitor. No issues with burn in.

      • Almost nobody would have burn in after a year. Get back to us in 2-3 years.

        • I have C8. No burn in for me.

          • @BusMan247: Are you using it as a computer monitor?

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          I had an older gen LG OLED for 5.5 years, zero burn-in after ~2000 hours (including a few hundred hours of PS4)

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          Almost like the risk of burn-in has been grossly exaggerated and perpetuated by a rival display manufacturer and their marketing team. The exact same manufacturer that is bringing out OLED TVs in 2022, but they will be calling the tech by a different name.

      • 55" as a monitor?

        • I tried this with my C9 the other day on my desk, and found it was too close. I think the 48 is the sweet spot for big format gaming monitors, but the 55 was DAMN impressive to play COD on at desk distance. I found it to not work so great for productivity, even when scaled and split into 4 sections.

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    I use one of these as my computer monitor and for my ps5

    Never looking back

  • Found a great deal on a c1 55" though so went with that

    What did you pay and from where? Was it the JB deal from a couple months back? Still absolutely kicking myself that I let that slide.

    • how much was the last deal?

      • Cx48 - 1830
        C148 - 1950

    • TGG and it was $2150. was a previous deal

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  • Isnt the CX48 last years model?

    2021 version is the C1
    So this must be old stock

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    Unpopular opinion…..too big for a computer monitor, too small for a TV

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      I’m with you on that one.

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      For my setup it's perfect, viewing distance of 1m (70cm desk plus under desk keyboard tray adds ~30cm). So it's not too big if you have the right setup, just like you wouldn't put a king bed in a 3x3m room. Your view is pretty consistent with most reviewers though who sit on a standard narrow desk and complains something is too big- get something smaller then!

    • Slightly too big for a monitor for web browsing, but you get used to it. If its a problem for you, shrink and center the window. For gaming tho, its amazing. Id find it hard to go back to my 32" Dell i had previous to this. My desk is pretty deep, and i have it wall mounted. Would be worse if you had it sitting on the stand on your desk i guess. 43" would be perfect

    • Same. I don't know why people are so made for this size.

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    I'm really torn, if this was the previous special price of $1830 I'd probably buy it. But I have been using for 12 months, a 38" ultrawide nano IPS - 3840x1600 and while I love OLED having 12" tablets and a 55" TV, I just think it's not the right time to purchase this, knowing that in six months there will be a 42" model.

    The 38" ultrawides have a PPI of 110, and the 48" OLED has a PPI of only 92. Next year's 42" will have a PPI of 105.

    Then my 3060ti needs an upgrade to drive more pixels as well. I just have to have patience.

    If I didn't have an LG panel or Alienware 38" then this would be good.


    • I've got a 2070 and a C9 at the moment, and nothing other than my PS5 can drive the C9 at max res and frames. The plan is to upgrade next year along with the next Ryzen and Nvidia 4000 series cards to go full 4k gaming.

      Patience is hard, but worth it. Upgrading now is just leaving performance on the table in 6-12 months time

  • "was hunting one a while ago and would of paid $2k."

    What do you mean? It IS 2k?

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      It is $2k now.

      When they were looking a while ago it was more than $2k.

  • waiting for the 40 inch version to come out

    to use as monitor and for ps5

  • is this the cheapest this model has been?

  • Slightly out of context, any future oled or mini led monitors smaller than this?

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      Yes see above, 42" is coming. Mini LED is a long way away.

  • $1988, $7 cheaper than the original deal posted…


  • This cheaper at 1888 now


    I'm guessing can get abit cheaper with haggling as it's not on sale