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LG Gram EVO 14" WUXGA Core i5 256GB $1,298 (Save $500) & 16" WQXGA Core i7 512GB $1,998 (Save $800) + Delivery @ JB Hi-Fi


Been waiting for them on sales again for a while, LG Gram series are durable + light weight + long battery life + nice display :)

Free delivery to select areas.

Specs for 14":
- 14" WUXGA (1920 x 1200) 16:10 IPS display
- Intel® Core i5-1135G7 processor (2.3GHz - 4.2GHz)
- 256GB SSD storage with 8GB RAM
UP TO 25.5Hrs per full charge

Specs for 16"
- 16" WQXGA (2560 x 1600) 16:10 IPS display
- Intel® Core i7-1165G7 processor (2.4GHz - 4.7GHz)
- 512GB SSD storage with 16GB RAM
UP TO 22Hrs per full charge

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  • +1

    Good laptop why the i5 8GB more expensive XD

  • the 14 inch LG gram looks good, with it was similar pried to Surface Go Laptop. I really want a laptop that is light and portable but with upgradable ram and SSD

    • +1

      Verified against MIL-STD 810G: you can drop LG Gram from 1.2m and still survive, even run it over with a motorbike LOL

  • +11

    EXTREMELY misleading advertisement about the battery
    "Battery Life measured with 50% at 150nit Brightness/Wireless On/Document work (Adobe, Excel, Word, PPT, Outlook etc.) & 50% in standby mode."

    Seriously, since when is stand by battery life?

    • +1

      not exactly or totally misleading, check it out with Choice review :) - 13 hours with max brightness, I bet you lot of laptops out there cannot delivery this exciting number, especially at this on-sale price.

      • Heard of M1 Macbooks?

        • +8

          I am using a MacBook Pro M1 to reply your comment, so, yes, I do hear about it :). But compare to LG Gram:
          - You definitely have a shattered M1 if drop by accident.
          - You definitely cannot run Windows 10/11.
          - AND, you cannot compare apple and orange really :), just get what suits your need or affordable to you.

          • +1


            • Not sure how that differs to the Gram, I'm sure both are equally tough / able to shatter
            • Once Windows 10 ARM build is better you will be able to (this might be a while admittedly)
            • If we're talking about laptops in general, they very much are comparable. If looking at Windows laptops currently, the Gram is great battery wise
          • +2

            @webtherapist: "You definitely cannot run Windows 10/11."

            Not true

          • @webtherapist:

            You definitely have a shattered M1 if drop by accident.1

            Get a case… But who drops a laptop?

            I don't think this has a touch screen either…

      • -6

        M1 MacBook Air…

      • +2

        If you think that 50% of the advertised battery time should be measured in stand by go for it. I think it is misleading.

        • -1

          if 13hrs in full brightness video playing aka easily over 10hrs of battery life per charge is not enough for you, you are free to choose others anyway :)

          • +1

            @webtherapist: The amount of hours isn't the point. The point is that it is deceptive advertising.

            If the laptop is in standby, it can't be used.

        • welcome to the world of "up to"

    • +1

      yeah a lot of companies are misleading about battery life and its a shame they have to lie here because this laptop has one of best battery life you can get

  • +6

    Just did some research on the gram 14. The RAM is not upgradable

    Aborting purchase.

    • +1

      go 16", bigger screen and higher res + 16GB RAM and 512GB storage

      • +3

        Looking for a 14inch and $1988 is way out of my price tag

        Looking for a laptop that is priced around Surface go but upgradable ram and SSD. Similar to a zenbook but priced around $900 - $1000

        • the 14 is not that far $ from a Surfacelaptop but 2256 x 1504

      • I’ve had the 16” before and it quite frankly feels flimsy. Certainly light though.

    • Thanks for the research. unfortunate news. soldered RAM is annoying.

    • Damn, would also get one of these if RAM upgradeable or option for 16GB model, as 14in price, size, weight tick all the other boxes for me.

  • -1

    No touch?!

    • Sounds perfect. I hate it when people leave fingerprints on my screen

  • +2

    That 16" is lighter than my 13" spectre. Damn.

  • +1

    NOTE LG Gram might not be your cup of tea, but to lot of others they definitely do appreciate the military grade durability + WinTel (mainly programs for business) + long battery life. To me the durability is really rare at this price point, check Fujitsu's if you don't agree here :)

    • I mean the military grade testing to me is just a marketing gimmick, especially since their shock test involved "Functional Shock and Transit Drop whilst in packaging".

      I mentioned this in the previous LG gram deal so it's not exactly military grade durability I'm sorry to say

  • -2

    The gram used to be amazing but now it's just above average for me. Yea it's got a few decent pro's and I like them but I feel they have fallen down the list recently.

    • Why?

  • +2

    If you can wait. The Lenovo Yoga slim 7 Pro Ryzen with MX450 plus oled screen is the better laptop

  • That's cheap for the 14", LPDDR4X is nice but you trade that for upgradable RAM.

  • havent seen a lg laptop for a while- good to see them back a

  • +5

    I got the 17" 2021 Gram as a work laptop.

    It's been great, got it for just over $2500 and I think it's been solid. Productivity wise it handles everything that I do. At the end of the day I didn't buy it for performance , I got it for its display and portability being such a big display in such a small footprint

    I'm inbetween two sites and walking around with the Gram still boggles my mind with how light it is.

  • Any recommendation for touch screen ones around 1k mark?

    • +1

      if touch screen is a preferred option than go ahead with iPad Pro M1 ;)

      • Why didn't they make MacOS apps compatible with iPad Pro M1 ? :-(
        Maybe in the near future?

  • Damn, I just paid full price $2750 last Friday for the 16'' model at JB Hifi.

    Anyone knows if I can get the $800 difference back?

  • Paid $2000 for the 16" i5/16GB a few months ago and still love it, battery lasts me 12~13hrs on average if I charge it to 100%, although I don't need that long so have it set to charge to 80%.

    My only gripe would be the speaker volume, I need to use an app to boost it to an acceptable level sometimes.

    • How is the keyboard? My main concern is given it's weight, there maybe a lot of deck flex

      • Surprisingly very little 'deck flex' while typing, that said the keyboard is fairly polarising, some whirlpoolers say it feels clunky, but to me and others it's fine.

  • If the 16" had a 5800U I'd be all over it :(
    does anyone know if there are any similar large screen laptops (16/17") that are running the low power chips 5700U/5800U?
    Looking for a large screen with great battery life. Not too concerned about having a dedicated GPU

    • The marketing of this laptop is targeting Evo branding professionals. Regardless if 5800U is a much better CPU.

  • -1

    This deal looks like it has expired. The price is back to the RRP.