128GB: iPhone 13 Mini $1159.99, 13 $1299.99, Pro $1649.99, Pro Max $1789.99 | iPad Mini 6th Gen 64GB $720 @ Costco (M'ship Req)

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Costco Wholesale


  • dose JB match this?

    • Nope

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      Generally if you need a membership to buy something they won't price match

      Also doesn't work for credit card price protection either

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      no but officeworks does price match with costco

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      13 is a bad number!

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      They actually selling to everyone, not just ppl with iphone 12s.

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      you know that theirs people out there with Iphones that are older than the 12 right?

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      Apple is doomed!!

      • Finally, a worthy iPhone killer - the previous iPhone!!1!

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      Not the 13 but the 13pro is pretty decent step up from the 12 pro.

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        Cos theirphones depreciate like heck. Google the laws of Demand and supply

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        I wouldn't call $30-100 off RRP a discount.

        a deduction from the usual cost of something.

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    Damn a $100 off the RRP on release date? That's crazy and almost unheard of.

    • Is the smartphone boom over? If everyone upgrade their phone every year, then what do they do with the old phones?

      • Trade in or sell it

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          yeh that's my point, who would buy it if EVERYONE upgrades their phone to latest model?

          It's coming close to the point where everyone has smartphones and there is no one to sell it to

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        Give it to their kids or family.

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        Saw an interesting video on this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HmQuT0unrk0

        In summary:
        - Apple takes them apart and reuses the materials
        - the consumer gets a bit of a discount
        - as Apple takes older iPhones out of circulation, they can retain a higher value

        • Ahh that make sense with all these latest trade-in offers

          Samsung does that too

      • You can use the old ones as music player to play spotify or display for the solar systems etc.

    • No stock in the good colors.

    • Yeah they did this last year as well (Costco)

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    ipad mini about $50 cheaper with EDU pricing - can bring it down even more with JB HIFI EDU price match and then 5%-10% off giftcards which would bring it down to 602.1-635.5

    • How did you get JB to price match EDU? I was just refused because they cant verify i qualify.

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        for me I just went in and showed them my student ID card and they gave me the price - if you cant perhaps get a friend to get it for you

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    No iPhone 13 Pro 256GB?

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      That's what i was thinking. That would be the size i'd go for.

  • Whats the delivery times like for this?

    Does it show?

  • no stock everywhere for ip 13 pro max 512gb sierra blue color

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    damn i guess its time to upgrade from my 6s plus

  • What in the Iphone 13 warrants a price tag this high? At this point youre paying $500+ for branding, to a company that admitted it deliberately slowed down phones. Not to mention the phone comes with like 0 accessories in the box these days. Yesterday I found out that Samsung no longer even includes wall chargers, and that theyre sold separately due to "environmental impact".

    • Do you not have like a dozen spare chargers round the house? I do and glad they’re not included anymore.

      They’re the best phone on the market. There’s still no android phone camera better than even the iPhone 12 Pro

      If it’s too expensive for you, buy a Samsung.
      Just don’t complain that you have options for better and more expensive phones.

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        better camera doesn't make a phone the best in the market.

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        The samsung s21 that I used as an example uses a USB-C wall charger, not the standard charger that all other phones have used. So no, I don't have it around the house and I would quite like it to be included.

        As for the iPhone, my complaint is that they are charging stupidly high costs which are not justified by the quality of the phone, and will continue to do so because they hold the dominant market share.

        The camera quality does not justify the price tag, I could easily purchase a standalone camera of better quality and a high-end phone for the ticket price of the new iPhone. The rest of the specs are average for a companies flagship, IOS hasn't promised anything new to the market in years, and the company is known for its implementation of planned obsolescence.

        As a consumer, it is good to point out when a company is charging too much for a product, especially when that company effectively sets the rules on how to market and sell phones for the rest of the world.

        • you are too old to tech gadgets. USB-C is currently most popular connector, since 5 years ago.
          iPhone is the best phone in the market. in terms SOC performance and power efficiency, screen quality accuracy, camera quality.
          and the 13pm screen is the most strong durable glass in the market.
          the only thing I agree is they are expensive.

      • You are incorrect.
        The Samsung S21 Ultra camera system is comparable and in some cases edges out the 12 pro and even 13 pro .

        Do your research before making such claims!
        Here let me enlighten you!


        Watch it!

  • Any chance the EU banning lightning charges in favour of usb-c charges for environmental impacts will affect Apple product prices?

    Looks like after the UK leaving the EU, the EU is now a world leader in pushing the globe to be greener. UK holding this back and probably was good that they left.

    • The EU is giving manufacturers 2 years to make changes and even then it would only be for new models, so it would be the 2024 iPhone. But Apple may make the change sooner

      Having that Apple already has a MagSafe charging. Which is compliant with the new laws. So it seems more like Apple to drop the charger port altogether.

      • MagSafe? You mean wireless charging?

    • apple will discard all cables, in favour wireless charging and data transfer.

  • I'm sad I missed the 12 mini for $800

    • $699 Telstra day. Or you mean the 128GB version?

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    Updated my iPhone 6s to IOS 15 and it runs like new again (maybe is just the placebo effect…..)

  • What’s shipping/delivery wait if you order?

    • I recently ordered something from Costco. Took 1.5 weeks to be delivered. This is NSW.

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    Ipad mini is available here for $669 if you can wait for few weeks.


  • Very very expensive phones and greedily don't come with charger

    • Isn't that the trend? For example: Samsung…

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        Just because it’s trendy doesn’t mean it’s a good or the right thing to do

  • Wait a few months for sales, there's often eBay sales with stackable coupons

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    This is a great deal for cash discount. Still can’t beat the Woolworths rewards deal. $300 in credit for $2000 spend. I’ve used up the shopping already so it’s real money to me. Ymmv.

  • That's not a bad deal!

  • Seems like all the 13 Pro Max are OOS

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    Anyone knows when these will be shipped?

    • Placed my order on the 24th, still says processing

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        Said the same thing till this morning, now am able to see an auspost tracking ref. Being packed.

        • Update: it is still not received, says in transit! Could take upto a week more :/