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50% off 1kg-4kg Colombia Single Origin + Delivery (Free Upgrade to Express), e.g. 1kg $20.99 + Shipping @ Lime Blue Coffe


We all need coffee, and with stinking COVID delays express post is a must so enjoy. As per email:

A 50% discount (only $20.99 per kg, usually $41.98 per kg, see link below) off our current incredible featured rotating Single Origin Coffee from Colombia until 27/09/2021 (unless sold out before), added to which if you select Australia Post shipping we'll automatically shout you an upgrade to Express Post shipping for this deal as an extra celebration of this new shipping feature.

Don't forget the code!

Edit, changed link so code should automatically add when checking out.

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    Waited and waited and waited for the sale and ordered elsewhere.
    Can I place a delayed order?

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      Shucks talk about timing, we had a few spanners in the works which held things up a touch. However, this wonderful Single is well worth the wait (hopefully not sounding too biased haha)!!!

      You are most welcomed to place an order today with a request for delayed dispatch. Please note that the Express Shipping upgrade special on this deal is only for rolling basis dispatch, any delayed dispatch order will be shipping in line with the option you select :)

      • Don’t see any comment box to request delayed shipment. How do I request?

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          Great question, really appreciate you taking the time to reach out!

          Simply leave a note requesting your ideal future dispatch date in the "special instructions for seller" box on the cart page. If you checkout via shortcut e.g. paypal express, this will skip the cart page, in which case you're welcome to send an email to [email protected] requesting a delayed dispatch for your order :)

          • @LimeBlueCoffee: best news ever :) we were just about to order more.

            • @Gooddeal21: WOOHOO for "best news ever," going to be hard to top that compliment, big smile on this side of the screen :)

              Thank you so much for placing an order with us, it truly does make a positive difference for the team!

          • @LimeBlueCoffee: Ordered. Thanks!

            • @Alki87: Amazing, woot woot, thank you sincerely for your order, it's truly appreciated by our small hardworking team :) :) :)

    • If you store your coffee in the freezer, it will stay fresh. This way you can have multiple blends on hand without a change of taste over time. Just make sure to store it in air tight containers.

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    I can vouch for these guys, last time I ordered delayed shipping - it was shipped as requested.
    Then bloody Auspost didn't deliver the coffee 2 weeks after it was shipped. When I contacted Limeblue coffee, they kindly shipped the newly roasted batch with express post for free. Now, I call that a service. I think they have changed courier supplier since then.

    Coffee is great also!

    • +3

      That is one great exemplary customer service! Everyone else, look at them.

    • +1

      My last batch arrived with a hole in it due to the courier and they replaced it super fast. +1 on the super service and followup

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      I was in a similar situation. They were kind enough to dispatch another batch free of cost that too expedited. Can't recommended these guys enough!

    • Same here - Couriers Please Thieves didn't attempt delivery, refused to re-deliver, and I was unable to get to their depot due to personal injury + lockdown.
      Lime Blue mailed me fresh coffee via AusPost and ended up making a loss on the transaction. Will always order from them in the future!

  • Just placed an order. Will there be a brew recipe included with it so we can try to get the best taste quicker? Thanks :)

    • +1

      Yes, there is.

      Moments to Memories Blend
      Type : Arabica, Bourbon, Catuai & Caturra
      Grown : 1600m
      Roasted : 26th July 2021
      Quantity : 1kg
      Black Espresso Guide 1 : 2 Ratio = 20 In : 40 Out: 27 Seconds
      Milk Based Guide 1 : 1 Ratio = 20 In : 20 Out: 18 Seconds
      3 Cup Stovetop = 21g In

      That was on the package of my last order. Good stuff.

      Edit: was a different blend but point is its included.

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        Spot on @BrokeCamel, nice chime in, much appreciated!!!

        @charmed_tiger6 building on BrokeCamel's helpful input, if you order espresso grind you'll get the above brew guides specific for this Single. If filter grind then a filter recipe. If beans a combo of the two styles in brew guide form. Also as an added bonus (guess that depends on your sense of humor) we also include a joke on the bag :) :) :)

        • Ah I hadn't even noticed that!

          Love your coffee and consumer friendly pricing. Keep it up :)

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    Which grind should I choose for stovetop pot?

    • Nice question, better safe than sorry, Espresso grind will be the winner for you :)

  • Waited for a deal and you came through! Ordered and looking forward to it arriving. Thanks.

  • +2

    100% pure Colombian co-

    • Went to upvote the deal until I read that last word :\

  • Just went to purchase still charging me shipping. Am I doing something wrong?

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      Looks like it's plus postage/delivery fees BUT they are providing express shipping at the price of regular shipping costs

      • +1

        Ah yep just re-read the title, cheers

  • Waited and waited for the offer. You've missed an excellent opportunity as other providers have taken a considerable amount of business there would have been for you. Also, the delayed shipping utilised by members may have also inhibited the success here.

    Limeblue has great customer service and even better coffee. Devo that I'll have to wait it out until next offer

    • +1

      Exactly, been waiting for a deal, bit had to order from elsewhere, Agro beans.

  • 1 day too late!

    • you can ask for a delayed dispatch

  • Thanks guys! Love your beans and your service

  • Just got my coffee today from a 15th September delayed shipping so I'm good for coffee for now but will order delayed delivery for next month. Great coffee!

  • Do you pack your coffee in headphones? Its the only way I can get a kilo of something out of Colombia.

  • +1

    this coffee is very good. Had some orders with these guys. Great service.

  • Anyone has this SO from Lime before and can comment on it in the cup?

    Notes: I drink black only 😊

  • -3

    Does it come laced with Coca leaves?

  • How do I order with delayed dispatch? Do I just write a comment in the comment box at checkout?

    • yes in the note box and you put a date

  • Is ShipIt or AusPost (Express with this offer) quicker for delivery to inner-city Melbourne?

    • +1

      Nice questions, truth is "it depends." However, that's not really a helpful answer, so here's some more detail…if you're in an apartment I'd say Aust Post for the win as your local postie will have a fob pass to get to your letterbox room. If a home then Courier's Please (the Shipit option you mentioned; Shipit is just a label creation software, Courier's Please is the delivery company, I just put Shipit so people know we're not using Sendle) may get to you the same day as dispatch, whereas Express Post would likely be next day. The comments are purely based on your specific location, Express Post will be the fastest for the majority of other areas. Overall I'd recommend you pick a delivery company based on the experience of any recent deliveries you've received. Hopefully my reply was more helpful than ramble :)

      • Thanks for the detailed reply, much appreciated! I’ve placed my order :)

      • With Auspost delays at the moment Shipit might be quicker in Metro Melbourne. Have a few express posts Mel to Mel that have been delayed a week already with no movement.

        • Shipit can choose to use Aus Post. I have stuff stuck sent Shipit via Aus Post, same state. Sadly it's coffee. :( Aus Post, express or not, is horribly unreliable right now.

      • AVOID Couriers Please - you have been warned

        • My experience with Couriers Please has been positive.

          I had two coffee orders shipped last Monday 20 Sept: one from Lime Blue using Couriers Please and one from another company using Aus Post Regular (not express). Note both companies are located in Yarraville VIC and I'm located in Melbourne suburbs only 25km away (note both trackers show orders picked up on the Monday and both used ShipIt)

          My Lime Blue coffee order (Couriers Please) arrived on Wed 22nd (2 days later).

          My other coffee order (Aus Post Std) is nowhere to be seen. Their original estimate was last Wed 22nd to Tues 28th (yesterday). Tracker now showing delayed with no ETA.

          So Aus Post is really struggling right now. On a separate note I ordered a Samsung Tablet direct from Samsung and I got an email saying they are delayed as well (StarTrack which is Aus Post owned) but I think it's coming from interstate. They previously did next day delivery.

  • Yay! We just ran out from the last deal. Thanks LBC team 😊

    Code was automatically applied for me.

  • how fresh is the coffee you ship? i would like the beans about 3-4 days old when posted and that way it gets to me latest at 7 days after roast?

    • roasted regularly/daily…I would just order earlier and if it's ready sooner let it sit until you're happy with your 7 day after roast.

      • alright i am getting through a 1kg at the moment. will order over the weekend to be delivered in about 2-3 weeks’ time is that going to be ok?

  • The best coffee in the world!

  • Hey OP,
    Can we put a delayed shipping order for beginning November? And will the beans be delivered fresh? Already bought delayed shipping beans from another provider which will last me until end of Oct.

  • Big fan of the delayed shipping option and their customer service in general!

  • Ordered. Thks OP

  • What sort of coffee method is this best for?

    • I would say for this, normally filter, pour over, cold brew. Generally anything you will drink black.

    • Nice question!

      We roast omni, so this one will work really well for both filter and espresso style "coffee methods." Generally this is how we roast all our coffees. If there's an exception to the rule of thump we'll specify it e.g. The limited edition Singles available to bundle with an AeroPress are roasted specifically for brewing amazing AeroPress coffee :)

  • No smaller batch? 250g or even 500g?

    • 1kg can be split into 2x 500g bags. costs more though

  • if same price for 2x 500g pack would be great,but anyway order 2kg, thanks

  • Can I get some religious pamphlets delivered with my order?

  • given my all auspost deliveries are taking 2+ weeks,delayed dispatch is probably not a good idea. (Unless you pay extra for express post)

  • Hello! Keen to go with the delayed order, but can't find where to enter the note? I'm using paypal. Any tips appreciated!

    • send them email

    • There's order note field before checkout page.

      Pro tip: you can't see the note you wrote again from order status page so ensure memorise or record it somewhere.

    • Ended up ordering on faith and emailing my order number. Had a reply minutes later. You start classy, Lime Blue.

  • I ordered from these guys before with delayed delivery. Came as expected and its very, very good coffee. Ordering again now

  • Is this going to be good to make flat whites with? Or is it a black coffee only bean that doesn't mix well?

    • From the product description:

      Beverage Base = Black or White - Deliciously Sweet Black, Enough Oomph to Cut Through Milk

  • For people in Sydney not in apartments, would you recommend ShipIt (CouriersPlease) or AusPost for delayed shipping?

    • Nice question, keeping me on my toes haha

      I know it's generally less than ideal to answer a question with a question, but sometimes it's the most efficient way to a helpful answer, this is one of those times… When would your ideal dispatch date be aka is it likely the delayed dispatch would fall on a day when we're still in the current lockdown?

      • Soonish, so week of 11th October

  • My order comes out at $23.99 plus shipping. Does putting it in 500g bags make it more expensive?

    • Thanks for checking, as silent queries are the most challenging ones to answer :)

      Including the 50% discount it's an additional $3 per kg (normally $6 per kg) to switch from 1kg bag/s to 500g bags, this is to account for the extra packaging, label and time involved in bagging into smaller packaging. Feel free to let me know if you have any more questions :)

  • Is a swap to moments to memory possible Tom?

  • Do you do an Aeropress grind?

  • First order for me. Requested and confirmed delayed shipping for Dec, having just ordered 3kgs (part delayed too) from another supplier. Can't wait to try it.

  • I can also vouch for their customer service. Last time I ordered from these guys there was an issue with delivery and they went out of their way to get the coffee to me. Coffee was great too. Will be ordering again.

  • Just wondering if this is a stronger flavoured coffee or mild? Are the bags vac packed? Thanks all

    • Would like to know too

  • Thought this was cocaine related.

  • +1

    Placed Order #7714. Please delay shipping to 15 Oct 2021, thks Op

    • Amazing, thank you immensely for placing another order with us, Woot Woot, your continued orders really do mean so much to our small hardworking team!

      I can confirm you submitted your order note perfectly, it's been received well by the team and your fresh coffee will be dispatched as per your request.

      For future reference if you are seeking confirmation of something to do with your order or have a question relating to your order, please simply send a reply email to your order confirmation email. Checking via an Oz B post worked well this time, but that won't always be the case. All it takes for a coffee emergency (panic stations) is for autocorrect (should to be called autotypo) to do its usual job of making something correct incorrect, by changing your order number in the comment. This reply email system ensures if adjustments need to be made we are 100% sure that we alter the correct order and also avoids potentially playing a game of 20 questions to ensure we are confirming/changing to correct order…don't want to cause a catastrophe by delaying an urgent need for the fresh stuff or jumping on same day dispatch for someone who won't be home to use the coffee for 2 months :)

  • Thanks ordered as well.

  • +1

    Received my 1kg of Colombian yesterday, the smell of the unopened bag was sensational. About to make my first coffee now, if it tastes anywhere near as good as it smells I’ll be very happy! Thanks OP for the great deal!

    • Lucky you, mine still stuck in Melbourne lol. My other half order something from sportgirls 3 days after me and also express post and her one already arrived yesterday :(

  • Coffee is waiting to be picked up by Auspost since 27/09 from the sender…LB Coffee

    Emailed Tom and didn't get any helpful response today so can confirm won't be giving my future business to LB coffee….should have stuck to Airjo at least with them express post is a given rather you selecting Auspost in the checkout and then LB upgrading it to express :(

    • Tom has refunded for the order so all good now

      • Yes I was going to say that Tom's customer service had always been excellent for me. He can be a bit slow on the emails sometimes (ie might have to wait days for a reply) but it is a relatively small business so I don't mind. The coffee is great!

  • Order confirmed on the 26th and still haven't received with Auspost Express, I'm from Melbourne…

    Estimated delivery was the 28th…

    • Mines sitting with courier please since 27th

  • Mine has not been delivered, terrible, I'd not recommend