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Vodafone $150 Prepaid Plus Starter Pack for $90 (180-Day Expiry with 80GB) + $10 Shopback Challenge (App Required) @ Vodafone


Was looking for a pre-paid sim and came across this which seemed like a pretty good deal including the cashback. You can also convert it to an e-sim once get it.

The Vodafone $150 Pre-Paid Plus Starter Pack (180-Day Expiry with 80GB) is currently on sale at $90 so when you add the Shopback 25% and $10 bonus challenge brings it down to a total of $57.50 including delivery.

  • First - Shopback currently has a $10 bonus cashback Vodafone Challenge - Open the app and sign up to this through the 'Earn More' section.
  • Second - Shopback currently has 25% cashback for Pre-paid SIM Card & Starter Packs. - https://www.shopback.com.au/vodafone
  • Third - Vodafone $150 Prepaid Plus Starter Pack is currently reduced to $90 via their online store. - https://www.vodafone.com.au/prepaid/plans

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  • Thanks got one!

  • thanks! just in time!!!

  • How long do we have to activate this?

    • +1

      It says on Shopback within 30 days in the terms and conditions.

      • That's a little disappointing, but thank you

  • Just a heads up, it doesn't include any international calls …

  • Any maths guru here? How much per month after cashbac/ GB?

  • poor service delays and faulty sims etc i had to call up as i hadn't received sim after 3 weeks then got it with 3 days just in time for the 30 days
    if you do get the cash back then maths is $57.50 / 6 = $9.58 per month not that great. but only good thing is if you use up all the data it will throttle to 1.5 mbps unlimited?