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Lenovo Tab M10 FHD 2nd Gen 10.3" 4GB RAM & 128GB Storage $258 Delivered @ Officeworks


Just bought this for my kid. Around A$280-350 in other places

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    Does anyone know if this model still has the issue where it can't play netflix in HD?

    edit: looks like it cant, theres only a few tablets listed as being able to play netflix HD here: https://help.netflix.com/en/node/23939

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    Does anyone know whether this can play x265 encoded movies flawlessly?

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    Cheaper at Catch

    Can also use Unidays and gift card to make it cheaper or do an OW Price Beat.

    • Price gone up to 369

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        (profanity) literally!!!? I was looking at it and applying the codes worked out to be $185 …

        Catch staff lurk here. ..

        There is an imposter among us … 🕵️

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          Came about from few years agos April fools day joke or marrying catch and Oz bargain together.

          Some catch fans haven't moved on.

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        Yep was $229 before.

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    officeworks description is useless as usual. here is the one from lenovo site:

    Processor MediaTek® Helio P22T (8C, 4x A53 @2.3GHz + 4x A53 @1.8GHz)

    Operating System Android 9 (Pie)
    Display Type 10.3" FHD (1920x1200) TDDI 330nits, 10-point Multi-touch
    Memory 4 GB Soldered LPDDR4X-3200
    Hard Drive 64 GB (eMCP4x, eMMC)
    Warranty 1 Year Depot
    AC Adapter 5V / 2.0A
    Graphics Integrated IMG GE8320 GPU
    Battery Integrated 5000mAh
    Camera Front 5.0MP / Rear 8.0MP
    Wireless 11a/b/g/n/ac (1x1) & Bluetooth® 5.0

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      Stopped reading at MediaTek.

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        Dunno why you have been negged. General rule for Android tablets is to prefer Qualcomm, buy Exynos if the Samsung pricing is reasonable and always avoid MTK. Custom ROM support for Qualcomm tablets will extend the life of the device by 2-3x at a minimum

        • Dunno why you have been negged.

          Like most negs on OzBargain, people are ignorant.

        • Are there any of those 2 that are well priced?

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      Hard Drive 64 GB (eMCP4x, eMMC)

      Except this is the 128gb model 😛

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    Definitely no Netflix HD.
    Here's a good review on it - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OeUNfVEMurc
    This guy does a lot of tablet reviews

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      Also a good reminder that it was reviewed in early 2019, so this tablet is a bit old now.

  • Was going to get this for parents but the review confirmed not good for HD Netflix - what are competitors for an android device?

    The Tab M10 FHD Plus has a Widevine level of L3 which means you can’t watch Netflix with HD resolution. Instead, you’ve got to watch movies or TV shows at 960 x 540 pixels

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      Not sure about your parents, but 100% sure mine would have no idea (or care) if it was in HD or not.

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        When I visit the in-laws and switch to a FTA HD channel on their tv they have no idea there is a difference. Spins me out. Like how the f&$k can you not tell.

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        I'm in my 30s, everything I download I re-encode to 480p to save space. When you grew up watching DVDs and VHS, you don't need HD.

        Give me a proper surround sound system over a 4K TV and some shitty stereo "soundbar".

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    Honestly, i'd pay the extra for an iPad. I'm not an apple fan, but android tablets have been so disappointing for me because they become obsolete so quickly.

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      I agree but this tablet has much better speakers than the regular iPad.

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        Assuming that's true, the iPad has basically much better everything else.

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          Not even close to the same price though. I suspect that if the kids broke the screen on the apple the repair would be a fair bit higher than the cost of this tablet.

  • For this price range you can also consider FireHD10 (2021) edition. Slightly faster CPU but less ram and storage though.
    I picked one up recently for my kid and quite happy with it.

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    I still feel like the Chromebook Duet is better value for money at this price point


    $400 roughly now but regularly down to $300 or less

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      It is but no one is selling the Duet for anywhere near $258 at the moment.

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      Duet is just a rubbish

      better to have Android tablet instead of duet which cant work as a regular Android tablet and has limited functionality as all Chromebooks

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        Agreed, purchased the duet, basically half as good as a dedicated tablet and apps constantly crash, and half as good as a dedicated laptop. Ended up returning within 2 weeks, though aware that it might be suitable for someone else depending on the use case

        • Yeah it’s honestly unusable, but for my purposes it good. I just want to use it to read and watch some YouTube, which it kinda struggle at, but gets the job done.

          So definitely depends on your needs

      • Duet was the buggiest POS I've used in a long time. Returned mine as well.

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    Almost bought this a while back until checking some reviews and caught the lack of Netflix HD, now waiting on a good deal on the Lenovo XiaoXin Pro 2021

    • I'm looking for a Netflix HD 10inch+ tablet with good loud sound and good screen like the Lenovo XiaoXin Pro 2021 too! Please post any bargains you find (after you buy of course).

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    I have same one. It can’t stream in FHD or HD. L3 Widevine. Its good for browsing, for kids, zoom meetings, playing games not in high graphics settings if game have that option.

    • Damn, thanks for sharing. I have the Samsung A7 which does BUT its a bit average especially the screen. My old galaxy note 10.1 2014 was better in several ways despite 7 years old… but it died.

  • Is it possible to add a dock to this to make it a Google Assistant Speaker?

    • I got one of these with the Alexa dock as shown here for about $300.

  • I bought it for my little one. It is fine except it freeze some times.

  • Purchased mine for $136 on Grays. It was an auction on a refurbished M10 but I'm happy with the bargain either way :)