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Free KFC Delivery (Save $8.95) with Zinger Stacker Burger Purchase @ KFC App


Edit: On again for for NRL grand final day.

📱Only on the KFC app📱 Win or lose the premiership, you'll score FREE delivery on your Zinger® Stacker burger during tomorrow’s Grand Final. Burger goals 🏉 . Not everywhere and not forever. Free delivery offer waives the $8.95 delivery fee only. Price varies by order mode and store location.

Whoever wins the flag tomorrow, you can score FREE delivery on your Zinger® Stacker burger during the GF. Now that’s unbeatable 🏆

Not everywhere and not forever. Free delivery offer waives the $8.95 delivery fee only. Price varies by order mode and store location.

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    Shut up and..

  • Roughly how much is the cost?

    • Between $1 and $20 probably

      • A Zinger Stacker Burger is $1?

        • yes

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          As a rough cost it's between $1 and $20

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      A zinger stacker is $8.95. If you pick up, you also get the free chips and drink (from the survey) for that price. So not a bad deal but the true ozbargainer would pick up.

      • Not unless you've had a few beers during the game, don't drink and drive kids.

        • I agree but the coppers will be all geared up cracking heads in the city, so you’d probably get away with it.

      • Also not if you're in HQ like me.

  • But I’m craving soggy chicken right now?

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      Only the bad Kfc are soggy.

      KIngs Cross and Emerton Kfc in Sydney are fantastic with a good crisp flavour but theres some dire one's like South Penrith and St Clair which i wouldn't even buy food from unless i'm blind drunk i'd say KFC has the biggest variation in Standards across all Australian Fast Food.

      • +1

        i'd say KFC has the biggest variation in Standards across all Australian Fast Food.

        I agree actually, wicked wings, hot n spicy, original, the chips, hell even the gravy seems to be pot luck what you get depending on day, time, or even the operator…
        The only thing that seems to be consistent is the bloody coleslaw.

        • But the coleslaw is made off site so it will be consistent.

          I even had a Fountain Pepsi from the Broadway shop that was flat and the next was Fizzy I may not have the best aus kfc luck

    • Put kfc in airfryer!
      Don’t have one? Apparently Coles sells them for cheap

      • cant be an ozbargainer without an airfryer purchased on a sick deal.

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    Did someone say KFC?

  • Tomorrow? why not today when WFH.

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    so can I order 6 pieces for $6.95, then zinger burger and get free delivery?

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      Nope, also with the 24 nugs deal. They are only available on the app when you pick up in-store. Not on the delivery portion of the app. You can check what's available now by selecting delivery and looking at the menu.

      A few decent offers are the family burger deal, 2/4 Large Sides for $5.95/$9.95. 4 chicken pieces add on for $6.95.

      • awwww

    • +1

      haven't tested it yet but it appears you can select pickup, add the 6 pieces, then switch to delivery and add the zinger for free delivery and the 6 pieces, $16.90 total

      • Will try today

        thank you.

      • +1

        Thanks that worked

        your username checks out 😄

  • i don't care

  • +8

    Hmm, doesn’t seem to be discounting delivery for me in Melbs. Added correct zinger stacker burger.

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    Doesn't work for me. The free delivery item is there and available to choose and order, just doesn't actually give you the discount.

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    not working for me either, unfortunately. was going to be the first time having KFC in a while too…

  • +6

    Didnt work.

  • +5

    Same here, not working.

  • +2

    not working in Sydney either

  • +7

    I've tried adding the burger only and the combo and none are discounting delivery, so sorry op but gonna have to neg it until they fix it.

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      Same for me.

    • +5

      Same here.

      The description says free delivery but checkout still charges delivery

    • +3

      Is not working for me either

    • +3

      not working

    • +2

      Yep same. Delivery fee being added. Unobtainable

    • +2

      Not working in VIC

    • +1

      Same here. Not working for me.
      But I added 2 x 6 for 6.95 deal along with the zinger burger, I got $4.77 off discount. Don't know what was that.

      • There's a 20% off deal on the app right now.

    • +1

      Nor working in the Shire.

    • +1

      Same for me

    • Working for me.

  • +3

    Not working for me. And the offer is still shown in the app. Lunch ruined for now haha, but that's on me for trusting a food delivery service blindly. Always double check before making plans!🤣

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    No free delivery for me, just a little proportion disccount

  • +2

    working for anyone? trying to get a late lunch but not getting the full delivery fee waived.
    stupid app

  • +1

    not working kwinnana perth.

  • +1

    Yeh not working. Someone call and complain!

    Im sure if you order and complain after theyll refund the delivery fee

    • +1

      i already sent in an email to notify them there's an issue with the app and delivery but just got an automated reply.
      Doubt it'll be fixed today.
      Wanted to some 'Winner Winner Chicken Dinner' tonight but i guess not.

      • I send them a message in fb messenger. I can see the read receipt status, but no response yet.

        • working now :)

  • I can see the offer under the limited time only icon. Anyone else?

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    Now working!

  • just tried again - its working! Discount applied when you get to the payment page

  • works now

  • +1

    Yes, seems to be working. Will retracted my neg. Thanks OP

    • I've tested again and can confirm it's doing the discount. Late lunch or dinner for those of us who had something else!

      I've revoked my neg.

      • yes, i just placed an order for my late lunch. comes in about 40mins

  • The KFC deal is now working.

  • Alright that's breakfast, lunch and dinner sorted. Thanks.

  • It was broken this morning, but now working - Melbourne (Ormond branch).

    I just ordered the following combo, and compared pickup VS delivery price hikes - I noticed some KFC items are same price as pickup, some costing more:
    *2 x 6 for $6.95 (same price as pickup in app - the 6 before 6pm app only deal)
    *1 x zinger stack $9.95 ($1 more than pickup price in app)
    *1 x 2 large sides (same price as pickup I think)

    so overall net is $1 for delivery. KFC is down the road from me, so probably 20c petrol ?! So overall I think I'll splash the cash on this so I can drink some beer

  • +1

    Not working for me (Melbourne central branch). Keeps saying that delivery drivers can't be found.

  • +1

    Thanks. Took the Zinger stacker burger + 6 pieces for $16.90 delivered

  • Now I have to order KFC at half time. I told the Mrs and she said “but it always makes you sick.” I said “yeah, but, ozbargain.” #eyeroll

  • I got the Zinger stacker burger + 6 pieces for $16.90 delivered but the 6 pieces came with 2 SMALL WINGS

    Is there an email or feedback form so I can complain?

    And the chickens were warm

    • Yep, you can complain through the KFC app and it'll redirect you to a call. Last time they forgot a drink for me and they refunded half the order.

      • +1

        I have to call them? and speak to a human? shudders

  • Thanks for sharing op! I got the zinger stacker box and 3 piece feed with the free delivery.

  • +1

    Always crave this, but I find it comes bundled with a sense of regret.

    • Standard freebie, no extra charge.

  • Busted for me, keeps saying having trouble with payment, but it hasn't even asked me for payment details :(

  • The closest KFC is one in a shopping centre which closes at 5 … It won't let me order from others which are only 500m further away… nice

  • yesterday delivery person decided to bail on me and my weird address (a range of st address covering the whole block and some more)
    beware the app doesn't transfer the delivery instruction & you can't call/text the driver back - unfortunate the person called me on way down in the elevator.

  • This is available again for NRL grand final day.