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40% off KeepCup (Plastic Cup, Doppio M 12oz / 340ml $10.77) @ Myer


40% off KeepCup @ Myer

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    lookalike availble at kmart for $5, using it for a year

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      Better wash it and put it back then

    • Got a link?

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      Is it made in Aus tho?

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      You can taste the difference, literally. The lid/mouthpiece is inferior

    • +1 bought a Kmart one after breaking the original one. No complaints here

    • Coles ones are $6 when they're on sale ever other week…

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        That's more than $5

        • -5

          But it's better quality…

          Coles > Kmart

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            @jv: Jv jv

    • +2 there you go, good seal, been working well

    • One I got at Kmart was $1.50

      Never paid for a proper keepcup but got one as a gift from Jamaica Blue way back when and has vastly superior quality of lid and little flap thing (lol).

      Prefer plastic as I can just quickly rinse and then chuck in bag and forget about it until I get home. Lightweight to keep on me without fear of breakage.

      Edit: coming up to its 4th birthday and hasn't missed a beat

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    Tbh, the “lids” of these, or rather the swivel closing device is so crappy. You are basically bending plastic. Does not last at all.

    • Ha! And these are meant to be created to save the environment.
      Not against the idea, just the product if true about the quality.
      Mine is silicon lid which seems to be better (?) As they don't break

      • +1

        I had a foldable silicone cup what was excellent until it developed a hole from where it was being folded over the years. Sucks cause I thought it'd last forever!

        • maybe you can use it as a little plant pot instead? :P

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      I've had a few for the last 5-8 years and none of them have had the lid break. The plastic is starting to "dissolve" on one of them, looks like it has pealing skin but I've never had one mechanically break.
      I think the lid is one of the best parts. Have you ever used a Frank Green, their lids are the worst.

      • +12

        AGREED. Frank green is absolutely terrible. Retains smell, difficult lids to clean. I've stopped using mine altogether

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      I've been using mine for 5 years without issue.

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      I have used one almost every day for … wow, four years. The plastic is as good as new on the lid.

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      I too am calling BS on this, as are plenty of other ozbargainers. I've had mine for 4 years and still going strong. Perhaps it's user error, or yours isn't a real keep cup.

      The top of the lid spins to allow for a drink hold to open and close. It has a carefully crafted swivel that allows it to open one way, and if you go the other way you can take it out for cleaning

      • The swivel lid on one I have does not close properly on either of the holes. So it could be faulty, but I assume it’s just how it is given the nature of the plastic.

      • +2

        I still have the 2nd one I ever purchased back in 2013 (the first was left on the car roof and I got to see it burst full of coffee).

        The lid doesnt stay pursed and it has some plastic cracking near the swivel connection on the inside. It still works perfectly fine but with this style you don't risk not having them upright and I don't fill it too high otherwise I get leaks just from the slight pressure inside.

        I have a bigger one from about 2015 and its held up far better and also had the cork handled glass one (which was my favourite for mouthfeel, taste and lasted a few drops til it didn't).

        Of the two I have left both silicon grips easily slide down nowadays but both still do the job and are pretty much used alternating days since purchase.

        I have had others such as a corn material can style, top cracked within 6 months.

        and I have the bud organic club free biodegradable one but that has a silicon lid with poor mouthfeel, stains the inside very easily and is awkwardly tall but seems to be robust otherwise.

        I have often considered a wider coffee cup that can work as at least a mug for water so I take less to work but the frank greens/yeti were too tall for my machine.

    • I’ve used mine for at least of few years, lid is fine. You can also buy replacement parts from the Keep Cup website.

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      At the end of the day, they also want it to break down so you end up buying another one.

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    I remember when these were of use! (melburnian)

  • Pretty sure I got one of these for $12 at my local Bunnings with a free coffee?

    Better to invest in a good insulated cup. I've got a Contigo that keeps my coffee hot from morning until home time.

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      I mean, you can have both. I also have an insulated mug which I use when commuting. The keep cup is much nicer to drink out of though, and fresh coffee is generally a bit nicer than coffee that's been sitting in an insulated mug for 8 hours…

      • It's black coffee. I give it a bit of a shake if it has been sitting for a while.. good enough for me!

        • I don't have stats, but I feel like a majority of Australians drink milk coffees, and a lot of those would be frothed to some extent.

  • +2

    Damn I just bought two at rrp!

    • -1


      • Because I smashed my old one and my partner wanted one! At rrp because I have never seen them on sale before.

    • +15

      Hand in your membership

      • Hi brother

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    I'd point you towards Sttoke cup instead, it keeps my drinks hot and stays hot for a much much longer duration than these keep cups. I had 3 keep cups at one point, one cork glass, one double walled glass, one was a free gift with company branding.

    Even the "double walled" keepcup did nothing to keep my drinks warm for any period of time.

    I have been using these Sttoke cup for 2-3 years now every single day.. Just dont put them in dishwasher.

    I recommend the larger size.

    • +1

      At 4 times the price ?

      • +2

        more than worth it :) for something I use every single day, throughout the entire day. no more cold coffee/tea..

      • +1

        They are insulated.

        The one in this deal isn't.

        • +2

          yes i know that, I'm saying the non insulated ones are not worth buying - at any price.

          • +2

            @lawyerz: Well each to their own but the whole point of the keep cup is to avoid 1 time use coffee cups in the landfill… When you normally get a coffee at 7 Eleven for example, you don't really need an insulated cup.

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              @Umar511986: Yeah fair. To each his own.. if you drink alot of coffee or tea I do highly recommend an insulated cup for use both outdoors and at home..

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            @lawyerz: That's crazy. I drink my coffee immediately after making / purchasing it. Why would I need an insulated cup at four times the price? I have an insulated one for taking on trips, but I find that makes you drink it slower and the taste degrades.

          • @lawyerz:

            I'm saying the non insulated ones are not worth buying - at any price.

            Even at $0?

        • -1

          Not true. All the keep cups are 40% off.

          • -1

            @noodlenoggin: A "durable tempered glass, with a tritan plastic sleeve" isn't the same as a proper double wall vacuum insulated cup.

    • +2
      • +1

        +1 for the Yeti tumbler. I find it nicer to drink from than Frank Green and super easy to clean, too.

        Contigo is my go-to for when I need to throw a coffee in a bag to drink while commuting.

      • Thanks! I will check them out. I don't like sttoke lids.

    • +1

      Keep cup have a thermal one, and the lid is a lot nicer than sttoke.

      • I like the keep cup kids for the first few months, then they start to leak and I don't like the coffee drips on my clothes.

        • -1

          Tried using nappies?

        • Its taken 4 years for my keep cup lid to leak, and it hasn't leaked in over two weeks so maybe there was coffee or sugar in the way…

          I don't like rigid plastic lids or ones with indents for coffee drops to settle in. Contigo seals are the worst for that.

      • whats wrong with the sttoke lid?

    • -1

      They look good and everything until I saw the price: nearly $100 !!

    • 42 bucks for a cup. Sounds normal.

  • +5

    NOTE The thumbnail is not the product that’s in the title. I was impressed to see the glass one for under $11.

    • +1

      how misleading
      The glass one is the best one

    • RichardL has now fixed the thumbnail, thanks.

  • My cafe always tries to keep my cup

  • Website is shot to pieces

  • +1

    i got the stainless insulated one on a sale last time and recommend it

  • +3

    How do u get the cheaper price. Mine is showing $17.00

  • Any good keepcup recommendations? Happy to spend a bit extra, but the couple I have tried either A) suffer from having a really shitty lid and/or, B) end up smelling like shit and significantly affecting the taste of the beverage, no matter how rigorously I clean them. The ones with the silicon/plastic lids in particular are shocking for this in my experience.

    • +1

      Hot water, dishwasher helps!

      Get the LongPlay one

    • +1

      Keepcup's thermal range solves your latter problem. As for the first, mine is still going strong after 2 years.

      • Thanks for the links mate, appreciate it

    • I have had a great run with one of these:
      Double wall does a great job at keeping your coffee hot. Picked one up at local chemist. Not cheap but a quality product.

      • This looks really good, might have to grab one. Cheers!

    • +1

      If your silicone starts to smell it's generally from food particles that get trapped within the silicone molecules. The way to get rid of them is to literally burn them off. IE bake in an oven. I've found >140c for 30m-1h will do the trick and a wash after. The higher the temp, the better the result. This of course depends on the quality of the silicone, not so good if it's made with cheap plastic fillers…

    • +2

      I recommend the glass style with the cork ring. Obviously everyone's after different things but I like a clean slate to taste my coffee, not something to keep it hot for eternity (perhaps I'm a fast drinker). You can taste the difference from the lid I reckon.

      • +1

        Yeah i'm with you there, more than happy to sacrifice lasting heat (although that's a nice bonus) in order to not have the taste of the drink effected at all.

  • The Longplay that I had bought for around $25 broke after 20 Odd uses. The glass bit came off as I was drinking from it. Sent them an email and they wanted a receipt for the warranty. Who keeps receipts for glassware?

    Anyways I had a birthday $10 offer so I got another one for $12.xx. Thanks OP.

    • What about your card statement if you didn't use cash

  • The one as shown in the image is $17.37.

  • -1

    Got one of these Covid Cups from the Reject Shop for $1 on clearance a while back.

  • +1
  • +2

    Which ones are $10? They all seem to be $17+

  • We have several keepcups. One in plastic and 2 in glass. Never had any issues with any of them except the newest glass one. (roughly 16 months old) I've never had any of the lids break.

    Shame of it is, the newest one, (which is also the least used - I can attest to less than a dozen times) is the one with an absolute fail of an issue. My drink leaks from UNDER the lid. Every part of it except for the silicone rubber around it has been very helpfully replaced by keepcup. The first time, we noticed it leaking the first time we used it. We got in contact, and they asked for pics and they sent us a new lid and a new glass cup. No issues for some months, although in reality, I think it was only used 2x after the initial replacement. This was now some months after purchase but I got in touch with keepcup anyway, and they sent me a new lid which is apparently a new redesign. Again, it stopped leaking for a handful of uses. A few weeks ago, I had reason to drive out so brought out the keepcup again, and it once again leaked coffee all over my shirt. I've even resorted to controlled testing in home where we don't fill it up a lot, only use coffee that's not too hot anymore, etc, it still leaks under the lid! I've given up and have been very disappointed in my experience with the glass keepcups.

    • I had a similar experience a couple of years back with my glass Keepcup which I had purchased from a local cafe. Got in touch with Keepcup and sent them a video, and they sent out a new lid and glass cup. I was told that the glass itself was matched with that particular lid and the leaking issue I was having was likely because the lid and glass had been rearranged/swapped while at the cafe.

      I've had no issues since then.

      I'd encourage you to check to make sure you haven't mixed up your lids/glass cups.

      • I was told that the glass itself was matched with that particular lid and the leaking issue I was having was likely because the lid and glass had been rearranged/swapped while at the cafe.

        Where a lie that was!
        The lid is not matched to the individual cup.

        If it was they wouldn't sell spare lids for the glass cups. But they do and they work with all keep cups.

        This lid is for glass and stainless-steel KeepCups, including our Thermal, Brew, Brew Cork and LongPlay ranges. This lid is interchangeable on all KeepCups.

        They meant to say that a lid for a plastic cup was put on the glass cup.

        A single material lid in LPDE, this lid is guaranteed to work on plastic KeepCups only

      • I wish it was that simple. But nah, since all our cups have different colours, no chance of mixing them up.

    • I had a similar experience when I bought one of the new thermals ones few years ago. One lid leaked after a few weeks, contacted KeepCup who sent me a new one, same thing again. Then I noticed one day that one of the barista's was going to town when taking the lid off and putting it back on, applying way too much force. Best I could work out was that the lid got stretched out and wouldn't seal anymore.

      So I got one more new lid and stopped giving my lids to cafes when ordering. All but one was ok with this, and with them I give them the lid with it off and they've only put the lid back on lightly. Haven't had a problem since then, and that was about 2 to 3 years ago now.

  • as long as it doesn't leak and hard to remove so psychos at work can't spike my coffee.

  • Not seeing that price. Maybe it was updated by Myer.

  • -1

    Got 4 free KeepCups.

  • Same for me, showing at $20.97

  • +2

    I highly recommend the thermal keepcup. At only $27 right now it's a steal. I use the cup every day even at home for keeping my coffee warm. I'm not a particularly slow drinker but even just having coffee out for 10 minutes in a normal cup it will get colder than my desired temperature and it just doesn't taste as good.

    Also it solves a lot of everyone's problems as people have been mentioning the plastic ones smell like shit after a while. do yourselves all a favour why would you drink from a plastic cup every day

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