Drivers Who Flick Cigarette Ash out The Window.....

Windy day in Melbourne today.

I was driving behind a guy who kept tapping his cigarette on his drivers side door with the ash hitting my windscreen.

Changed lanes to avoid….10 minutes up the road and the exact same thing happened.

Why can't smokers use an ash tray in their vehicle?

Also…does this ash do any damage to paint work on cars?


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    What is your exhaust system doing to the vehicle behind you?

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      My exhaust system can't help what it does.
      A human can.

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        If I wasn't sure this was a clever troll, I'd definitely suggest assessing your level of entitlement.

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          Don't be like that. It was a genuine question to why smokers feel the need to do this on the road.
          They can use something in their own car.
          I guess they don't want to dirty it?…funny that.

          • @iNeed2Pee: 100% not just smokers but everyone who litters

            disgusting and should be reported but most times you need to give your details and proof (photos / dash cam) so people stop bothering

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        Turn the motor off.

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        As a human, you can help what your exhaust does. You are choosing not to ride a bicycle/walk.

        Your car is emitting co2 constantly and brake pad dust, in far greater quantities then anyone's cigarette ash FFS!

        Get some perspective. How on earth did you cope when the ash from the bushfires and mud from the dust-storms was falling?

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    good time the clean windows when u pull up beside him and he has his window down smoking

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    I think that we may need some form of road courtesy training as part of our drivers licensing process. Behaviours like this really just come down to bad manners. He probably doesn't even realize he is getting up others nose.

    It could cover other annoyances like drivers towing caravans who speed up in overtaking lanes while driving 20 KMS under the speed limit. How to merge, tailgating and how to diffuse road rage.

    Sure road rules cover some of this but we should expect drivers to behave like people not pigs.

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    Smoking a cigarette in the car is so 1990s….it should be vaping in car now.

  • Won’t somebody think of the crackheads!

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    Pretty much a practice done by… certain 'types' of people… generally self-absorbed and egotistical… in a word… dirtbags.

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    I rode motorbikes for a number of years. You learn to stay away from people and their habits. I smoked too, bi=ut when you give up the habit, you can literally smell those who smoke a mile away.
    Just stay away from them.

  • Why can't smokers use an ash tray in their vehicle?

    Most smokers probably do.

    You can make this statement about any number of ridiculous things that people do. Best to just live and let live, no point getting wound up over other people's problems.

  • what's worse?

    someone flicking a ciggy butt out the windows and wind blowing it through the window into your car


    someone hock a loogie and wind blowing it through the window into your car


    • It would have been the ciggy before covid.

      • I would of thought loogie everytime… Higher chance to spread disease than ciggy butt

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    How is smoking still a thing in 2021?

  • I have never experienced this, and my mind is struggling to compute how this would even occur. So the ash was holding shape in the air and then hitting your windscreen with a noticable impact? And depositing some ash?

    I wouldn't worry about it too much tbh.

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      I'm a motorcyclist. I worry about it a lot. the 'light dusting' happens almost every day and every so often a butt will bounce up off the road and hit the radiator guard, or in some cases, will land on me either skin or gear.

      Fk people that do this.

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        I have also encountered these thoughtless pricks on the road, nothing like a still smouldering butt go in your face cause your visor is up trying to suck some fresh air in! Do they even look to see if anyone's behind them, hopefully it's a motorbike cop next time.

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    This guy got a little dust and is carrying on like it was Krakatoa

  • …Window….. are criminals? highy doubt any commentators are going to confess this

    • Read the title wrong, thought its flicking the Cigarette in whole

  • I'd rather drive behind a smoker than a person who has taken out their catalytic convertors, or needs them replaced. So many stinky cars on the road, need to switch to internal air every 5 min..

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    Get a portable fire extinguisher.

  • Because inconsiderate douche bags.

  • Imagine if a bug, a leaf or a little stone went on your car. Heaven's forbid, you may need therapy.

    • jv is my therapist.

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    Holy shit Karen what will you complain about next?

    • Thanks for taking the time to comment:)

  • i beefing hate smoker

    • I actually don't dislike smokers, I just dont understand why they dont just use their own car to remove the ash and or butts.

  • Not popular opinion but I’m ok with ash. Not ok with the butts though at all.

  • Last night something very similar happened to me. Although I was not in a car but walking. I was passing a building and all of a sudden a cigarette butt falls just 1m away from me. Drops on the floor luckily and out come the small sparks. I tried to look up to see if anyone was there, but no one was. Was really annoyed. I don't care if smokers want to continue smoking, but the least they can do is dump garbage safely.

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