Get 50% off First 3 Months at The Refresh Club


Get fresh Car Fresheners in your letterbox each month! Use Code OBTRC3 to get 50% off your first 3 Months when you Sign up to The Refresh Club!

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The Refresh Club
The Refresh Club


  • +1

    Why not just go the super market and buy some? Why do we need a subscription? Do these wear off quickly?

  • +1

    Not even a pic of the product on their site let alone any company info. Site looks like it was put together in 5min LOL

    • -2

      Half of the websites linked on OzBargain have a similar level of information and people buy from them every day. I think you're being overly unfair on the seller just because you don't like the product.

  • +1

    Yeah this seems super unnecessary.

  • +1

    "club" lol

  • How shit is this product! They are just the ones you illegally hang from you rear vison mirror. I expected a nice clip on with refillable inserts or something.
    FYI hanging these In NSW, drivers can face a fine of up to $349 and three demerit points. No demerit points apply to motorists caught breaking the rule in Queensland and Victoria, however fines of $311 or $248, respectively apply. (from Jan21 news story on this)