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[PC, Prime] Free - Star Wars Squadrons, Alien: Isolation, Ghostrunner + More @ Prime Gaming


Edit - confirmed

These games will be free to keep for those with Amazon Prime from October 5 2am.

  • STAR WARS™: Squadrons - redeem via Origin)
  • Ghostrunner - redeem via GOG
  • Alien: Isolation - redeem via Epic Games Store
  • Red Wings: Aces of the Sky
  • Blue Fire
  • Secret Files 3
  • Whiskey & Zombies: The Great Southern Zombie Escape
  • Tiny Robots Recharged
  • Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures

Full credit to Billbil-kun

All titles Now Available to claim. Direct links to the three major titles:

The Code request and Give-away megathread is open again, if you have unwanted codes to give, or want to request a free code..

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  • -2

    can anyone tell me how yall got prime gaming? isnt only for US?

    I really want star wars squadrons, if anyone got spare key… just putting it out there shamelessly :D

    • +38

      Comes with amazon prime

      • -10

        10 other guys below confirmed this so your answer must be true. Thanks!

        • +1

          oh cool, I have it already.

        • I've been using it for months

      • Defiantly comes with amazing prime! 🤦‍♂️

        • +3

          Defiantly comes with amazing prime! 🤦‍♂️

          Amazon is definitely amazing.

    • You get it with Amazon prime

    • Just get Amazon prime

    • Comes with amazon prime

    • +3

      Just jumping on board here with everyone else:
      Comes with amazon prime

    • +2

      Create a new account and do a Prime trial. 100% free. You do need a credit card, but you can remove the credit card after you activate the trial. The reason you need the CC is because it charges you $1, then refunds it, to test if the CC is real.

      • I wonder if that'd work with a free online credit card. I'm just trying to get squadrons for free.

        • +2

          Should work. Fake ones definitely don't work. I tried. As long as it actually processes payments, then it should be fine.

      • Okay, this used to work. Did they stop free trials? Anyway, if you cancel straight away, you get charged 21c. So not free. Still, fairly cheap. I actually managed to convince my CC company to reverse the charge. They didn't bother investigating, since it was only 21c, and just gave it back to me.

    • Prime

    • +1

      I tried messaging you the code but you don't accept new messages your loss.

      • Can I please have a code if you have a spare one? Thanks in advance.

    • Good deal

    • amazon prime come with monorail…. doh!

    • i believe it may come with amazon prime

  • +2

    Maybe get Prime?

  • +14

    Incase it wasn't already clear…

    It comes with Amazon Prime. Well worth the $60 a year for the free shipping alone. The movies, music, books and games are a bonus.

    • +4

      Also, if your delivery is a bit late, which is common now in Melbourne during lockdown, a quick polite complaint to chat will often get a month of Prime added on.

      • +1

        …or courtesy credit (usually $10-$20).

  • +1

    Je La Mru Chu Amezen Prime

    It's french for….

    Just get Amazon Prime

  • +4

    Wow good lineup, special mention to Ghostrunner. Really loved that game at launch, such a fun parkour game.

    • +4

      I second that, Ghostrunner is top tier

      paid whopping $8.39 for it not long ago on Epic

    • +1

      I couldn't do the dodge controls. Jump. Hit a different button. Then left or right. And forward. Then repeat because you're not close enough. Oops they've fired a second shot and you're too close to dodge. Or you make that second dodge but you've shot so far past them you can't turn around in time and consequently get shot in the back instead. Dead.

      Repeat 50 times.

      Rage quit (the tutorial level - lol).


      I feel like it needed streamlining. Like hit one button to enter dodge (no jump first) then just wasd until close enough to strike. No overshooting lunge, just smooth movement.

      • +1

        Yeah you'll die a lot lol, but you can parry bullets as well which helps.

        It is very tricky though to get down pat so don't blame you for getting annoyed with it!

  • Where would we be without someone like you to share all the gaming deals? 😏

  • +2

    What happened to squadrons? It was only released 10 months ago and I've seen it discounted constantly since.

    • -1

      garbage game? Is the revenue generation from DLC maybe?

      • +11

        No, it's just a short campaign and multiplayer focused.

      • +3

        Couldn't get past the control scheme on xbox trial of it.

        Will give this another go on PC..

        • +1

          Apparently either a HOTAS or keyboard and mouse is the way to go

          • +2

            @Huzi: i had no fun with it with a HOTAS to be honest. I just found it to be very unfun unfortunately. I loved starfighter assault in BF2 but couldnt really get into this

        • Me either until I changed the control scheme to similar/same as Ace Combat. Works quite well.

    • +3

      Trash adaptation of the classic games. They turned the fighters into hero battlers like Overwatch. No way a Tie Fighter has that much durability for instance.

  • +4

    Hell of a line-up.
    Certainly more on the niche/indie side compared to the big ones there but as a classic survival horror fan I can recommend Song of Horror, especially if you're into a Alone in the Dark/Silent Hill style fixed cam horror adventure game.
    No combat, but there are haunts and threats to avoid which can certainly kill you.

    • +1

      Non combat might be a breath of fresh air

    • Does involve running away from things? I always get lost when I panic.

      • +2

        Not in the traditional sense. Every now and then the 'Haunt' of whatever particular chapter/location you're in will rile up and you'll have limited time to run and find a hiding spot which starts up a little 'don't move/don't make noise' minigame.
        You can bring up a map to orientate yourself at any time though.

  • The games that state redeem via Origin, GOG, Epic Games Store. How do you play them after redeeming on those platforms?

    Console only gamer here if it isn't obvious

    • +2

      Open/download their launcher (i.e. Origin, GOG and EGS), go to each platform's respective library, download and play.

  • +3

    I got SW squadrons on PS4, and just couldn't get into it

    • +3

      It’s good in VR.

  • +7

    Worth noting anyone with Optus mobile gets 12 months free prime through their SubHub service

    • This.

    • I think my optus plan ends in Feb of next year. Would that mean if I got prime through subhub, it would stop being available after Feb?

  • -1

    This is solid. Will be suprised if people still neg.

  • +2

    Do they work after your prime subscription expires?

    • +4

      Of course. They give you a key to redeem so its to keep forever

      • +5

        Thanks. Building a library of games I'll never play (ozbargain rules!). Got free 12 months prime via Optus so may as well use it!

        • +2

          Building a library of games I'll never play

          Hey, we have the same hobby!

      • actually it will only last as long as those platforms do, it's a limited license, if origin were to go bust tomorrow you lose your copy. GOG is the only store that allows you to download the games and use them without GOG, so even if it were to go bust, you would still have the copy of the game (as long as you downloaded it before gog went bust)

        • This is always my biggest fear with everything going digital now.

  • +6

    Amazon prime US is $12.99USD ($18AUD) per month.

    In Australia it's only $6.99 a month

    Actually great value with all the inclusions.

    • +1

      Or $59 per year.

      It's pretty good value considering you get prime video, games, next day shipping etc.

      Ebay plus is far behind.

  • Thanks OP

  • Do you still keep the game if you leave Amazon Prime? My 30 day free trial is finishing in a week.

  • Can anyone tell me how to get the GOG and EPIC games with Prime? Do I need some sort of plugin?

    • +2

      They just give you a CD key.

    • You will need to download Epic games Store to your machine but GOG you can use directly on the web browser.

  • -1

    US here. I'm not seeing these on my Prime gaming. Is it AU only?

  • +1

    I very much regret buying Squadrons when I did, it's not a bad game (from what little time I've played), but I've had no real time to play it and I'm way beyond the refund period

  • +1

    Is this still active? I can't see this at all. I would really appreciate advice.

    • +1

      Putting this in bold because I did the same thing and wasted my time too.

      • +1

        Nope, active now.
        Keys are limited (for Squadrons) so get in quick.

        • I claimed Squadron but didn't realise it involved another platform… can't be bothered getting an Origin account. Here's my redemption code if someone else wants it: 6DJA-E8E4-G2F3-D6XF-24E7
          Can only be used once so post below if you manage to use it, and save some time for others!

  • Is the Song of Horror Complete Edition?

  • +3

    These free games are available to claim today :)

  • +2

    I would claim it (Squadrons) now, apparently the codes are limited for Squadrons.


  • Would I be able to redeem a free trial of Prime, and then claim the games to keep?
    I'm assuming the games are for Origin?

    • You can keep the games forever once it is tied to your (whatever) game account. You'll keep them regardless of your Prime status.

      the only Origin game here is Star Wars

  • +1

    If anybody asks if Prime is worth it, the answer is yes.

  • +1

    Wow, noice to have the freebies as a Prime member, perky.

    Prime video itself is worth $59/y if you care about any of the contents it delivers, let alone the free shipping (which is the main drive to get the membership, quite disappointed at what eBay Plus offers).

  • finally I don't have to buy star war squadrons on PC!!! lol I have had it on playstation since launch never bought the PC version so yay!! free for me w00t!!

  • i enjoy claiming these… kinda like getting the epic games i never play… i'll be sure to claim these and likely never play them either… THANKS! haha

    • -2

      I have 140 games on epic and never paid for a single one of them all 100% free. I hate epic will never give my money to them ever, I love steam and origin and uplay :D

  • +1

    awesome stuff, the claiming is more fun than the playing.

  • Claiming the first three was fun.

  • What a score!

  • +3

    Anyone want a ghostrunner code? PM Me.
    Don't have a computer that can run any games like that.

    • Thanks, code taken

  • Can you technically give-away/sell these codes?

  • Tiny Robots Recharged is free on Google Play also https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.snapbreak....

  • +2

    I'd highly recommend getting alien isolation for free, it's one hell of a game, and if you've never played it, your in for one of the greatest game's of all the time,

    Seriously, couldn't recommend it enough.

  • These days I have more free games than I know what to do with…

  • Sweet, decent freebies for Prime. Glad I didn't buy SW Squadrons yet.

  • Anyone want Alien Isolation? PM me.

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