Suggestions for Mining Rig. 6 to 12 GPU

Hi All,

Looking at setting up my 1st mining rig.

What are your guys basic rigs minus the GPUs?

Ie, motherboard, CPU, Ram, Power?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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    Welcome to OzCryptoCurrency we suggest

    12x 3090
    ASUS Sabertooth 990FX
    Ryzen 9 5980HX
    1.5TB Kit [24x64GB] DDR4-2133
    Rolls Royce Power Supply

    • Might even need a thicc Trent 800 to keep em cards cool

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    69420 6969Ti’s

  • lol what crypto are you planning to mine

  • So after how many years you will see profit?

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      250 days.

      • Mind giving us the rough calulation?

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          So Electricity is free for this project, thanks to my being able to use this at work. Boss is ok with this (solar/battery)

          Current Eth price: 3908

          Current conversion rate MH/s to eth: 0.00002233

          RTX 3060 MH/s - 49.64

          NVIDIA RTX 3060: $968.59 x 12

          Celeron 3930 - $113
          8GB Ram - $60
          H110 PRO BTC+ - $545
          12 Risers - $130
          EvGA 1300W x 2 = 798
          Frame: $153
          Storage - SSD = $43 or USB using linix operating system (Free)

          Cost for Rig without GPU + 2 PSU = $1842

          Depending on GPU, but lets use RTX 3060 x 12 = 11623.08

          Total Cost - $13464.57 AUD

          Daily Profit, no electricity cost - $4.33 per GPU x 12 = $51.96

          ROI, Total Rig = 259 Days

          ROI GPU's = 223 Days.

      • Does that include replacing the fked up GPUs?

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          Faulty GPU are covered by warranty.

          • @rektrading: Was referring to their shortened lifespan and having to replace them

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    If you're asking others to do the work for you, you really shouldn't be mining. Think of it like any other investment, DYOR
    Good place to start would be read existing reddit communities and

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    Pretty sure you've missed the boat by now. Rarely profitable anymore at small scale.

    Also if you're still at the stage of asking for what kit to get, definitely missed the boat.

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    Suggestions for mining rig.

    This one is good for beginners…

  • Wow, not much love. I have a fair idea of what to get, just seeing if anyone had suggestions. ROI for my set-up is around 250 days.

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      It's not the best investment proposition considering all the factors at play. But by all means, you can certainly do it for the fun of it.

    • think the general consensus is that mining on your PC gpu is not worth it these days which is where most people are coming from. But obviously you are going for a dedicate mining set up. Obviously not many (or any) ozbargainers mine crypto! I don't think anyone who has commented here has done the maths re profitability.

      Can I ask what GPU's you use?

      If you have a set up of 6-12 the start up cost is going to turn many people off. Then running costs (i.e. power usage) is another concern.

      • I'm mining eth with a 3070 and getting around $5/day even after factoring in electricity. It's helping to pay for the new PC.

        Adding more GPUs is easy enough but they're too pricey and eth mining is ending soon.

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          Nice. I always assumed best gaming cards were not most efficient for mining.

          I shouldnt assume haha

          Did you estimate energy cost or is the $5 based on recent energy bill?

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            Did you estimate energy cost or is the $5 based on recent energy bill?

            Rough estimate. Paying a few dollars a day for the household according to the AGL app and we do have solar.

            I've got a smart meter attached to just the tower and average daily power consumption is over 6kWh.

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      Where'd you pull the 250 days ROI from?

  • 2x microsoft surface
    1x dell optiplex (any)

    set and forget

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    It that really as easy as 250 days and break even and start making profit? If yes i may be interested as well

    • I wouldn't go all out like OP but if you have a half decent GPU you can give it a go. Older cards can still mine alt coins.

    • Yes, I work on 200-240 days ROI myself. But only if current prices stay the same (historically they won't), and it's unknown how long ether will be mineable for. When etherium gos PoS it's unknown how much GPU hashpower will move to other coins, and what the return will be. It may be still profitable, or you might make back less then the cost of electricity. If it all falls in a heap then obviously you have the cards at the end to sell. But so will everyone else.

      There's reward, and also risk. Don't bet the farm on it.

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    It's likely that Ethereum will go to Proof of Stake in <6 months, after which point your mining revenue will be abysmal.
    Not worth setting up a new mining rig right now IMO, unless you can somehow get some very cheap GPUs.

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    Mining ETH is more profitable now than ever before thanks to EIP-1559 and NFTs.

    Anyone that says otherwise isn't mining.

    Red panda mining YT is a good start.

  • With ethereum mining coming to an end soon I wouldn't see it wise to invest too much in crypto mining as we don't know how this will affect other alt coins. So I'd recommend starting smaller at around 6 GPUs. I'm sure there's a lot of miners trying to sell their stuff 'while it's still valuable' now so you should be able to find used mining boards and CPUs all over.

    • Saying that mining is coming to an end soon is like saying that Cardano has smart contracts.

      There is no set date to switch from PoW to PoS. It could take a year or two before this happens.

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        I thought the switch was planned for late Q4?

        • It got pushed to some ill-defined timeframe. Maybe Q1 next year. Maybe not.

  • I’m looking to do the same but with a Mac, anyone know the requirements there?

    I’m thinking a MacBook Air Apple M1 Chip with 8‑Core CPU and 7‑Core GPU or MacBook Air 1.1GHz quad-core Intel Core i5?

    • Resident Apple guy here. Probably don't.

      • Ah no kidding, what about adding an external GPU?

  • Good post op.
    That reddit thread was something.
    I wonder if I can mine alt coins with my 1080Ti. Currently takes 1.7kWh daily for a couple of hours of gaming and then general use.

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      About $95/month after electricity @ 0.25c/kWh

      • Ta mate. Less than $3 per day ($88 per month) and not including all the green house emissions and the wear on the GPU, provided it runs 24/7. I think I can make more money doing other things.

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          1 ETH was less than $100 when I first started. 1 ETH is now $3,000.

          People that underestimate the benefits of passive income are trading their waking hours working. People that understand passive income make money while they sleep.

        • Well, it's a thousand bucks a year for not really doing anything. From a single card. Not factoring in future value of the coin.

          Approximately 120W per hour to keep the GPU running isn't a heap.

          GPUs don't really wear out, especially mining eth/ergo because the temps and power use stay quite low.

  • I have a HD6950 as spare, can chip into the mine if you are keen.