Sony FE 24-70mm f/2.8 GM Lens $1985 Delivered or C&C from Sydney/Brisbane @ CameraPro


I've bought a brand new never used one from eBay for $2,020 including postage and subsequently found out Camera pro is selling it for $1,980. You can claim a 3% cash back from Shopback so the final price will be around $1,920.

It is not the best price compared with EOFY sale, but I think it is still a good price if you need it in urgent.

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  • Hi all,

    I have a Lumix GH4 - what is the equivalent of this lens, but for that camera?

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      Perhaps the Olympus 12-40 f2.8 Pro. Not sure what Panasonic has to offer

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        Have one for my GS5, very good lens, less than 1K before Covid.

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      There is no equivalent.

      You are looking for a 12-35 f1.4 for micro43, there is no such thing.
      This is the closest you can get.

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      This is equivalent 12-35mm F2.8 depends on your criteria. If you are into equivalent shallow depth of field then you'd look for half that F.

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    Pricematch at the Sony Store. My experience has been that they're very prompt, and price match all authorised sellers. Bonus is that Cashrewards rate is a higher 7%. I recently price matched the CameraPro price for the 35/1.4GM. Even though they didn't have stock, the price match request was approved within an hour, and a courtesy phone call letting me know when I should expect delivery after stock had arrived.

  • Or buy the Tamron one for half the price if you don't need the 24mm on the wide end.

    • 24mm vs 28mm on the wide end is an appreciable difference so make sure to check out sample photos

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    Price match with Sony, and leave it in the shopping cart, when Sony has the $300 cash back and stack with Cashrewards, it is the time to purchase

    • What I just did and will be doing with Sony cash back and Cashrewards.

      Hopefully Sony comes back soon with approval. Any idea when the next Sony cash back will be? Last one was for EOFY around June wasn't it?

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        They will usually do some promotion around black friday or click frenzy day

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      People like you are why I am on this site. Thank you for renewing my hope.

    • Sony has the $300 cash back and stack with Cashrewards

      Sorry, can you explain this? wouldn't the price match expires by then?

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        Sony did some cashback promotion this year and last year if I remember properly

        We just hope they will do another similar cashback on black Friday, the shopping cart can keep more than 6 month from my experience, you will need to register the sony online account.

        If all went as I expected, you will get $300 cashback + 10% from cashrewards, which means $1985-$300-($1985-$1985/1.1) = $1504, it is $200 cheaper than last best price

        However, Sony should do a new 24-70/2.8 soon

        • I see, so the price match approvals sits in the card for $1985 (for 6 months?) and then you can combine with the rest of the Ozbargain specials :D

          • @MrFCBargain: correct, the staff said it can keep for 3 months, but I kept a lens for 7 months in the shopping cart

            • @cxy0614: The price match never expires

              • @Rakibul: I had a price-matched lens "disappear" from my cart after a few months, but I just emailed them and it was reinstated.

        • Thanks for the info. I've done the price match for several lens and waiting to buy them.

          I noticed the 10% cashback only apply for a short period. It says expire in 7 hours (shopbot). Do they do the 10% cashback very often?

          Also I've added more than $14000 lens to my card, do they have a upper limit of cashback per account?

          Thanks :)

  • Thanks OP
    rumour has it the mark2 revision of this lens is due soon with upgraded lens coatings
    So tempting still 😂