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[PC, Mac] 60% off Final Fantasy XIV Complete Edition - Collector’s Edition $43.98 @ Square Enix EU Store


Not sure if making a purchase from the EU store makes a difference but this looks like a good deal. I couldn’t find it on the NA store.

They also have 60% off the complete edition and shadow brings collectors edition globally.

Complete Edition - $23.99
PC - https://store.na.square-enix-games.com/en_US/product/564956/...

MAC - https://store.na.square-enix-games.com/en_US/product/564961/...

Shadow bringers collector edition - $23.99
PC - https://store.na.square-enix-games.com/en_US/product/527705/...

MAC - https://store.na.square-enix-games.com/en_US/product/527708/...

Happy gaming :)

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    It doesn't matter which version you buy, but it does matter what currency you pay in. Back at the start in 2010 when it was FFXIV Online though the Australian version is EU version, I purchased physical collector edition and it came as EU and subscription is paid in EUR.

    • That’s good to know! What’s the difference when you pay the sub in EU? Assuming the cheapest way to pay sub is NA?

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        I'm pretty sure Australia is forced into an EU account. EU, NA, and JP specific codes won't work with other region accounts.

        Unfortunately oceania gets put under the 'Europe and other' region.

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        EU for us is still in AUD.

        Aus servers will be coming at the end of this yr.

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    I recommend holding off buying, the new expansion comes out on Nov 23 and includes previous expansions.

    The current free trial system give you a lot to do, so try that out first and by the time you're done with that you'll know if you want to buy the game or not.

    • Agree, I am nearly at the end of the trial level so this sale has come at the right time.

      • Is the trial version free and how far can you play without paying?

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          To level 60, approx 25% of the game? You can also lvl 60 to all classes through the trial. Yes it's free. PM me if you want to RAF. There are some bonuses such as 20% bonus xp for below lvl 25.

          • @tlai: Unfortunately, I have to upgrade my storage to 1TB as i have no space to install any more games on my PS4…

    • I thought to play the new upcoming expansion (Endwalker) you'll still need to purchase the base game (either starter edition for $19 currently, or the complete edition for $23.99)?

      • Once endwalker comes out there'll be a new 'complete edition' including endwalker.

        • +1

          That surely isn't going to be 60% off for a few months after the expansion releases right?

          • @divineiniquity: Nah, it'll probably cost 80-90 bucks for the normal Endwalker complete edition.
            If you haven't started playing, I'd suggest to buy this first and then when Endwalker is cheap, then just get the Endwalker expansion after.

      • yes, but when the expansion is out, you could just buy the complete edition then and that'll include endwalker as well.

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        Yes, you need the base game as well (the starter edition you mentioned). But overall you would save a bit buying starter + endwalker, than complete edition + endwalker.

        If you've already completed the free trial and want to get through other expansions before Endwalker, this is a good deal.

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      Not unless you want to play Endwalker when it comes out. It takes some time to play through the Main Story Quest for Realm Reborn, Heavensward, Stormblood and Shadowbringer. I wouldn't wait till it comes out and then pay to skip the story. That'd be a waste of your time and money IMO. It'd be like buying FF7, paying to skip to the third disc, to get to Northern Crater and fight Sephiroth. You miss the setup, therefore no pay off either.

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        This. I would say it's MORE important to buy the game now so you can be somewhat closer to completing the expansion content when it's more relevant.

        Given the game will be full priced after release you're looking at paying $45 now and $53 for the expansion ($95) or you wait 2 months, pay ~$90 for the new Complete Edition all to save $5.

        If getting the most content per $ is the only thing that matters, wait until the end of 2025 when you'll have 2 more expansions in the Complete Edition.

  • Any endwalker deals? / game time

    • I got the standard edition from GMG for $47 with a coupon they sent me in an email.

      • GMG had like 20% off a month or so ago, but their base price seems to be more expensive than the enix store. For us RRP is $53, so $47 is still a saving (10%).

  • +1

    I've been playing since on Free Trial and activated the full game this week when I'm about half-way in Heavensward.
    I did this after levelling up all professions and have 3 jobs to level 60. I'm now starting Stormblood and didn't regret buying the complete edition up to Shadowbringer. I don't know whether I should pre-order Endwalker or not. The only item i want from the pre-order is the Menphina earring that gives you 30% exp up to level 80 as I'm actually interested in playing as a Samurai or Gunbreaker later on.

    • The xp boost is not limited to character xp.

  • Triple Triad!!!

  • Absolutely awesome game. Great community, something for everyone and only shows signs of getting better.

    When they open Oceanic (Australian) servers early next year, it's basically guaranteed they'll offer free transfers (based on what they've done with datacentre changes in the past)

    • Yeah, I will transfer as well. The connection can be quite unbearable in the Japanese Data Centre.

      • Oh, I'm probably not moving. The connection to Japan with a good VPN is completely fine.

  • Absolutely fantastic game to play if you have trouble sleeping

    Nothing like PS3 graphics and gameplay to slow down your heartbeat and the 3.5 seconds between each button press really relaxes your muscles