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5x Shelly RGBW 2 Wi-Fi LED Controller $165 (Was $195) & Free Shipping @ Smart Guys


Hi Ozbargainers,

The Shelly 1 deal last week was really well received so we are excited to share a new deal with you for the Shelly RGBW2.

If you order 5 or more we will drop our price to $33.00 each. That is 15% off our RRP price of $39.

Full details on the Shelly RGBW2 here: https://shelly.cloud/knowledge-base/devices/shelly-rgbw2/

In short, it is a tiny device that can control LED strips and bulbs - it has four separate channels too so RGBW control is possible. It is great for integrating control of RGBW LED strips into your home automation platform of choice or if you just want to setup some simple automations using the free Shelly app.

Some ideas for how to use a Shelly RGBW:
* Smart LED strip lighting inside cabinets
* Control LED mood lighting from your phone, Google Home or Alexa
* Mount LED strips behind your TV and control with the Shelly RGBW 2 for a cinematic effect
* Drive 4 separate single colour LED strips or bulbs, using each of the four available channels

Feel free to message us if you have any questions, or would like further clarification. Would love any feedback you might have to help us improve as we are still new and we will be available to answer all of your questions in the comments thread.

Lastly thank you for your continued support during the lockdowns in NSW and VIC. We hope you are all keeping well and safe.

The Team @Smart Guys

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  • What's a good solution if I want my downlights to respond to wifi? They're on a 240V circuit in one room and GU10 (12V?) in another room.

    I have access to ZigBee or wifi. Wondering if a behind the wall controller is better or I should find a switch at the wall to do it for me.

    • Depends on budget. Are your lights MR16?

      • Yes. Not interested in replacing the bulbs.

        • Best go for something with open standards and local execution support. Zigbee is good to avoid hitting wifi limits as well. Replacement of the wall switch would be the simplest approach for any electrician as they won't need to know much about the product. Also let's you use like normal when internet or network is offline

  • can this be programmed/controlled by micro.bit?

    • The switch input on the Shelly RGBW requires at least 12v. I don't think the microbit can output 12v but I'm not too familiar with the microbit product so could be wrong.

  • Hi, can one Shelly RGBW2 control 30m long 12v led stripe light, with PSU 12v 20A.

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      Please see below for an extract from an article by the Smart Home Hookup:

      "The RGBW2 can handle a total of up to 288 watts of LEDS, but again, that’s an oversimplification. In actuality the RGBW2 an handle 3.75 amps of current per channel. That means that if you’re using 12 volt LEDS you can have 45 watts per channel to work with, which is equivalent to between 300-500 typical white LEDs, which translates to between 5 and 8 meters of white LEDS per channel. If you are only using RGB LEDS you could do around 3 times that amount, since each color chip uses around 1/3 of the power of a full white chip."


      He explains it much better than I could - but in short, 30m could be a struggle without some form of power injection along the strip.

  • Ooooh! Can you do the deal for the 5x Shelly dimmer 2 again!?