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[VIC] Free Oatly Oat Milk Coffee @ Omar & The Marvelous Coffee Bird (Gardenvale)


Just got a free oat milk coffee at my local cafe, sponsored by Oatly milk. Posted the link to their cafe stockists unsure if everywhere or for how long

Thanks to our friends @oatly the first 100 oat mylk coffees served today were not only delicious, but free of charge.

@oatly have you covered tomorrow as well, so get in early to make sure you don’t miss out.

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Omar & The Marvellous Coffee Bird
Omar & The Marvellous Coffee Bird

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  • wonder if anyone else got a free coffe?

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        It's sponsored by the milk, they are obviously reimbursing the cafes

  • Which cafe was this?

    • Omar and the marvelous coffee bird in gardenvale, melbs

  • coffee bird

    ”that’s not cream…”

    Or perhaps more like kopi luwak?

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    Cafe out of my range, but Oatly milk is amazing in coffee.

    • Problem is that they never have stock.

    • Agree, Oatly was a game changer. Bonsoy? Pfft, so 2015. (Still good though).

      IMO a pretty good alternative to Oatly is Sanitarium Barista Oat - tastes pretty similar to me (in fact I like it more now) - usually $4 but often discounted to $3 or even $2.80 at woolies.

      • I eat rolled oats regularly but never had oat milk. What makes oat milk good for coffee?

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          It's creamy and compliments the taste of coffee nicely.

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          Has some similarity to the taste of cows' milk but without the erkiness - basically just the good bits. Also infinitely less sexually violent and damning of motherhood, as well as less infanticidal / pedocidal, than cows' milk.

          • @afoveht: That went dark….

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              @diddy50: Cows' milk is dark if you care to look past the white facade.

  • Omars are a fantastic Cafe. So good!
    Get behind this small business and support great coffee

  • Oatly getting their name anywhere and everywhere currently, even on the pitcher's mound in a MLB game the other day.

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    Love oatly with my coffee but can’t seem to get it on offer these days. Not willing to pay almost $5 per carton so have been using the Sanitarium one - not quite the same but more affordable.

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      I was in the same boat. I found The Alternative Dairy Co Barista OAT to be very similar to Oatly. I usually get a carton for around 30-40 bucks. Chobani Oat is also pretty good

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        Thanks for the rec! I’ll definitely give those two a try.

  • I've been using Oatly Barista for a while but recently discovered Chobani organic oat (barista edition). Amazing.

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