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Ecovacs DEEBOT OZMO 920 Robot 2-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner $423.20 ($409 with eBay Plus) Delivered @ Ecovacs Australia eBay


Another Ecovacs robot vacuum cleaner on sale and a cheaper alternative to the Ozmo N8+ I posted last week. The Ozmo 920 comes with an attachable mop and water tank inside so it can both vacuum and mop at the same time.

Like the N8+ it can scan the surroundings to work out the floor plan for better cleaning. With the app you can have multiple maps, set specific areas for cleaning and setup virtual boundaries. When the vacuum detects carpet it'll boost it's power to pick up more.

The eBay listing has a "Make Offer" button so you may be able to get it even cheaper if Ecovacs accept your offer.

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  • This deterred me from buying it earlier. Was almost about to pick it up.

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      While we haven't tested this particular Ecovacs model, other models from the Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 900 series have scored poorly in our expert tests.

      There goes any credibility they had.

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        Read on…they tested the 950 which only picked up 50% of the targeted debrie. The 950 is supposed to be more powerful than the 920. Read the entire article before making a judgement.

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          I read on and they're making claims about a product they've admitted to not testing.

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      I picked one up from Aldi about two weeks ago - been pretty happy with it. Battery life is lower than expected, mine gets about 75 mins before it goes and recharges, I think because I have carpet vac boost on? Was on by default, so not sure.

      Navigates pretty well and transitions between hardwood and carpet fine, mapped the rooms ok and remembers the map fine so far.

      Picks up more than I was expecting tbh. Don't think too much of the mopping,but only done it once

    • I have this and for the price, i think it does a great job. Been in the house almost a year and have only manually vacuumed once and mopped a few times so far.

    • Check out vacuum wars youtube channel. Not sure if he's tested this model but his testing is pretty thorough and transparent. He shows how he conducts the tests, so you can make the judgement for yourself.

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        At least with Vacuum Wars you know they can do the most basic first step of a review (unlike Choice) and that's by actually having the product to test.

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    I picked one up from Aldi a few weeks ago when it was on sale for $399. I was sceptical at first (thought id try it and return it within 60 days if i wasnt happy with it) but I am very impressed after using it quite heavily since I've had it.

  • I dont know if its just an issue with mine - if I select a particular room for the robo vac to clean, it doesnt go there. It cleans well if I just use the Auto option.

  • I have one of these (Ozmo 920) and think it’s a bargain for $400. I’ve recommended the model to friends who have been happy with their purchase.

    Spare parts like side brushes and filters are also easy to find and good value.

  • I have had mine for about a year now. It's not perfect but does the job. Use it multiples times a week to mop and vacuum my unit, which has tiles all-over. Agree with the accessories, got some replacement pads cheap from AliExpress. Paid over 600 for it.

  • Although battery is a bit smaller than the 950's, it lasts significant less than the 950, almost half the time.
    My 920 started to move in a strangle way: spinning around, moving in a zigzag instead of a straight line. It takes 5 minutes to go to the area I set it to go to instead of 30 secs like it did before. I cleaned the sensor areas but still the same.
    Mapping is dump. App is bad. It keeps going to areas that are marked as no go zones. So many times it did room A (where its station located) while I set it to do rooms B, C, D only. Multiple storey mapping is a mess. Never works for me. 50% I lost my saved ground floor map after taking it upstairs (with or without the charging station).

    With the 950, I sometimes had the mapping issue. Apart from that it works fine. And battery life is so much better than the 920.