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Up to 20% off: New Koala Mattress Single $663, King Single $807.50, Double $850, Queen $892.50, King $1062.50 Shipped @ Koala


The New Koala Mattress
Single $663
King single $807.50
Double $850
Queen $892.50
King $1,062.50

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The New Koala Calm As Mattress
The New Koala Soul Mate Mattress

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Koala Mattress
Koala Mattress


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    Koala Mattress

    How many koalas are used to make each mattress?

    • +1

      One too many. You also "adopt" a koala when you purchase.

      • When I bought the bed base, it is tucked away - I thought I received a bonus chinese rat! I dropped it and jumped away lol

    • +2

      That's a question for Bruz Barilaro.

  • Are there significant differences between the three levels of mattress? Am I going to regret buying the cheapest?

    • No. Even the basic will give an okay night sleep.

      • +1

        I don't want an OK night sleep. I want a great night sleep, so I should look elsewhere then?

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          fwiw i sleep well on my one. only real gripe is that the sides sag so you cant sit on the edge if you wanted to. go to a mattress store and try out low, mid range and high tier mattresses. just dont give them your contact details because they will harass you like a real estate agent

    • If you run hot when you sleep, the calm as mattress, the base model runs hot, no matter what they say. It's fine in winter, but in summer- or if you have the bang bang. No fun at all.

  • This or EVA?

    • +1

      EVA will make you cry.

  • +2

    Koala goes on sale multiple times a year at min 20% off .. I guess 15 is ok if you absolutely need a mattress right now

  • +8

    Foam slab made in CN for 1k , quality deal 👌

  • These or Sleeping Duck?

    • +1

      Sleeping Duck mattress for me easily, haven't tried their bed base yet

  • just brought the queen mattress and the frame 2 weeks ago….. sigh…. is it too late to refund rebuy with a lower price… all that afford building up

    • +2

      I messaged them and they were happy to give me a partial refund

      • The have Yet to reply to my email ….

        • I talked to them on their online chat. The refund notification came within the day.

    • 120 night trial, can't you return and buy it again?

      • I vaguely recall reading somewhere (after some guy found a loophole and spent a year switching out mattresses with all these different mattress in a box companies) that they cross check addresses now. Buy / return / buy in such a short time frame to the same address will get flagged.

        Better to ask them if it's possible for a credit adjustment.

        • credit adjustment better for the environment too, i've heard returned mattresses just get recycled

      • Feels bad doing that, the cardboard boxes are recyclable but all thsoe plastic wrapping ain't.

    • If they're not willing to give you a partial refund, are you using a credit card with purchase protection?

  • +1

    not for me since they shipped operations overseas
    I used to be proud they were made in oz, but apparently they weren't

    • Got to keep making millions for Steve Smith.

  • +5

    Anyone else find that these foam mattresses get way too hot in summer?

    • +2

      Yeah, they do. These mattresses are like "spare room" tier mattresses - if you're looking for a bed to buy and sleep in it every night, then I'd fork out the extra cash for a better mattress.

    • +4

      If you are a remotely warm sleeper then 100% do not get Koala.

      My experience with the original Koala I could get to sleep wake up 2 hours hot as (profanity).

      100% foam zero coils = one bad sleep for warm/hot sleepers.

      • +1

        The calm as mattress is fine now. The orignal sucked a bag though. Hated how hot it got.

  • +1

    Emma's having 50% off all their mattresses. Which one's actually better or are they all the same?

    • All foam mattresses are pretty much the same, give or take a few differences.

    • Just bought an Emma mattress. Thanks for the heads up!

    • I bought an Emma mattress in the end because it was cheaper than Ecosa or Koala (and also at the time the old model Koala didn't have the switchable top layer). It was too firm for me and then they sent a comfort layer for free, that you easily put inside the mattress cover. It's been great since.

  • +1

    been using one for the last year. was planning on returning it if it ended up being shit. note that they expect you to wrap it if you want to return it

    • +1

      Considering they get recycled (apparently) I'm not sure what's the point in wasting plastic to wrap it.

      At least they don't ask you to put it back in the box!

      • Good condition ones will be donated, so it's worth keeping them in good condition.

  • +2

    I hated my koala mattress. It's was not very comfortable; too hard for my back.

  • I’m holding for ecosa,

  • Any review on Eva? Particularly interested on the bed frame design.

  • +1

    For this price you could get a made in Australia sealy mattress….

  • +1

    Geez, Chinese made piece of foam squeezed into a box? For how much?! Some people are seriously thick. Literally the cheapest mattress at any big name mattress shop would better than this trash. And yes, I tried one. Rubbish and a huge hassle to return. The only thing these shyster companies are good at is website marketing and branding.

  • Has this expired or is there a discount code? Can’t seem to get these prices? What’s the cheapest I can get a queen one now? Anyone know any running offers