Mercedes Moving to Fixed Pricing in 2022 - Best Time to Buy?

Hi all,

With Mercedes switching to fixed-price new-car sales from next year, I am curious whether it is better to buy closer to the deadline or wait for the new year. I guess they will try to off-load their 2021 plated cars in the next few months.

Thinking of getting the GLC 43 4MATIC. Curious whether any of you had found it cheaper to buy cars at the end of the calendar year regardless of brand.

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    I guess it's been nearly 24 hours so we will let this one through

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    Are you really buying a brand new Mercedes looking for value for money?

    • No, Just curious whether the dealer is more keen to clear stock before fixed pricing kicks in. I guess there are more incentives to sell if the dealer gets paid by commission.

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        There will be less incentive to sell old stock because come "Full Retail" day, they will just throw their stock into that mix and say, well, MB has moved to fixed price sales now, so you can buy ours for $140,999 or you can go home, order one online, pay your $141,000 and we'll see you in 6 to 8 weeks for pick up.

        If I was a MB arsehole errr… stealership… sorry "dealership", I would be ordering stock in, because on that stock, there will be no haggling to do. You either buy it from us at this price, or you go on the list with everyone else that has to now order online/instore. It would make sense to stock up on cars if you knew that pretty soon you would not have to haggle over prices…

        (And honestly, if you can afford a MB at that level, just buy what you like…)

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    OzCrystalBall is down for maintenance

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      Euro trash crystal ball.

      • Have fun in your white widebody Camry wagon with dual rear wipers

  • What’s the drive away price if you don’t mind me asking

    • About $141K

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        Username does not check out!!

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        For that kind of coin I’d prefer the Genesis GV80. In case you were wondering.

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        Have you haggled with them yet? I thought $141k is straight off the driveaway calculator.

  • `^ Isn't it obvious the best time to buy is if you can get an order in .
    Definitely there will be a lot less supply than demand .

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    Funny someone is thinking of buying a ripoff car just to save a little on the ripoff service cost.

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      The fixed price is for new car sales, not the service.

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          So if someone has decided they want a Merc for whatever reason (perhaps their wife wants it for example) you don't think they should try to get it for the best price possible? What an idiotic comment.

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            @thestig: People who buy a Merc don't really care to save a few dollars.

            • @DarkOz: Wow - so you really think because people can afford nice things they are NEVER frugal or try to save money? That's not how the world works.

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                @slewis69au: While it’s true that anyone can save up and buy a flash version of a utensil, buying a merc over a Toyota is not being frugal. They aren’t that much better to justify the price. They might be better, but the thing they are best at is showing off a flashy badge to us plebs.

              • @slewis69au: I know how the world works. I am simply saying people who are wasting thousands of dollars on a badge shouldn't worry about saving a few hundred dollars on the whole price. Do you see the irony in it?

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                  @DarkOz: Wasting is in the eye of the beholder. I am sure some of my purchases would be considered wasteful by some but that doesn't mean i won't get the best deal possible. The "well you've obviously got lots of money just pay full list and shut up" attitude smells a bit like jealousy TBH - like some people's attitudes towards landlords, but i digress.

                  My point was most people that have done well for themselves might buy things you consider to be extravagant but they will still try to save while they do, often they have more money because they have saved it whenever they can.

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                    @slewis69au: Trust me, I know exactly what you mean. I am simply pointing out that it's a big contradiction. To be so wasteful in a big way and trying to be thrifty in a small way at the same time. I am not even being critical at others. This contradiction applies to me personally too.

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                      @DarkOz: Fair enough mate - i obviously misunderstood you somewhere there :)

                      Let's agree we all buy silly things sometimes and there's no harm in trying to make them cheaper.

  • There were two weirdly spec'ed demo's for $104k driveaway up in Queensland couple of months ago. It's almost they're spec'ed like a GLC300 with the 43 engine. Too late, both are long gone and I don't think those prices will ever be repeated.

  • Merc prices are inflated and for too long they have traded off their reputation, not the value and quality offering. Their once famously German produced cars are now produced in the 4 corners of the globe and the quality has suffered according.
    You may well get some "bargains" towards the end of the year as dealers look to move their own stock before the change of the MB sales model to fixed priceing, in which dealers have no control over pricing.

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    Or you could get 2 Klugers or 4 Havals.

    There is no way of knowing what they are planning. Would you try to sell limited stock cheaper only to lift the price soon?

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      Or a Tesla Model 3 Performance AWD and a spare Model 3 Standard Range Plus for when the Performance is charging…

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    Buy a Camry and put 100k on the mortgage…

    • Buy a Camry and put 100k on bitcoin at least there is a chance you'll make money compared to guaranteed loss on Merc

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    Why would anyone pay 143k for a GLC? Sounds like a massive rort when the basic model can be bought for like $85k. Is the V6 turbo and other useless gimmiks really worth another 60k?

    • worth the extra as much as the basic is worth it's price

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    I rearranged the letters and came up with C63 AMG.

    You should buy that instead.

    • I made the word Lactic from GLC 43 4MATIC
      I guess that means you need to be on Acid to buy one.

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    Pre covid I saw ex demo C43 AMG going for low $50K at auctions. $141K for mediocre SUV, mmmm ok

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    Seems some here harbor ill will to those who dont live like they do. Some would say live like peasants or others may say frugally. No need to be jealous or spiteful as to how someone wants to spend their money.

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      When you come to a bargain website trying to get ‘a good deal’ but are spending in luxury car territory it’s not surprising some people get a bit antsy.

      The whole point of this website is to spend less. There isn’t anything a 140k mercy does you can’t get from a cheaper car - except bragging.

      • he's getting downvoted but he's not wrong

        i've worked in medical, construction, property management and other high flying fields and you will not beleive the amount of times i've seen people come to work with a new $141k mercedes and they show it off to all the poor mooks like me and I'm wondering… how the hell did they buy this backordered car so quick

        its because they pay more than $141k to get it and they dont care as they are on $250k p/a and they dont ask if me or anyone if they should buy it, they just buy it because they want it now

        those cars were real 6.2 v8 amg cars though, not whatever tosh they have now

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        Perhaps not be antsy or get jealous about other peoples spending habits. He is asking how to spend less, so it comes down to you don't like how he spends his hard earned cash that's all.

        Its a mid range Mercedes and you somehow make it out like he is asking advice on a Bugatti Veyron.

        Sounds like you have a inferiority complex because they like and can afford something and it appears to be "bragging" to you.

        I wouldnt buy one, but im not OP and you shit on his decision when it will put a smile on his face and thats all that matters

      • No idea why you got negged… you speak the truth!

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    Simple answer - do the ring around tomorrow.
    Find a dealer that hasn't hit their numbers for the month and they will drop their pants to get the deal done before the fix pricing kicks in, and to hit their numbers for this one.
    The last week of the month is always the best time to buy (in my opinion). You just need to find the right dealer that is missing their number.

    Have been lucky enough to be in a situation to buy new mercs since my mid 20's. Have managed to build a good relationship with a couple of dealers. But, the last GLC was hard to take. I really wanted to buy something from another manufacturer. Just couldn't find anything I liked or that I found suitable.

    I did haggle and was looked after. But with a fixed pricing model, I'd imagine many dealers will be turning to the ACCC on a basis like this. Such, they will prob lose the right to sell Merc's and end up with Audi's or BM's or something. But, while I haven't looked into the details, I'd wonder if there is a case to be had by the ACCC and any comp laws.

    Either way, if this stands up, and I no longer see 'value' in the price (rather a hike or trend up), then I'll definitely be looking for something else next round.

    The arrogance of Mercedes over the past 3-5 years in AU is a bit of a joke. But then again, there has always been a level of this going on. Thinking it might have something to do with the various dealerships that were owned by MBAu then sold off and the drama that continued between MB and MBAu…

    I see you're in Sydney. Go chat with the team Mosman! Ben and Brendan are the guys to hit up there.
    Sandersons are pretty good also. Rob at Tynan's is good to chat with as well.

    Get yourself an MY21 if there is stock and you are happy with that. Pricing should be reasonable. Otherwise, I think the current models might be MY21.5 now. But not sure when/if they have ticked over to '22 yet. The '21's were delayed last year and didn't change over on the plate in June/July as they normally would, due to COVID. Instead were run-up in Sept/October.

    Best place to get services (regardless of where you buy) - Northshore at Mosman or Artarmon. Speak with Dan at Mosman, or Marty at Artarmon.

    Good luck whatever you decide to do!

    • That’s all well and good, but is there any stock available? Almost everyone knows that most car are on back order so deals are rare.

      • If the dealer's numbers for sales are low then they are more likely to neg (before the new fix pricing contract kicks in), the MBAu/Dealership contract says that the dealers have 'until xx Sept to SIGN new sales'.
        That means paperwork. Does not mean delivery.
        You are most likely going to need to wait 6 months for a new set of wheels anyways, and that's if they can steal a build order that's already in the system and not sold/allocated.

        So why does it matter if they have stock or not? It's not relevant in this case. Only, if you 'need' the car by a certain date.
        Just order it if you want it and sit tight and wait… This way you will get what you want with the colour, and accessories of your choice!

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    Yes mickyb80, Mercedes’ arrogance is hard to take. They don’t even answer my emails. They provide left hand drive manuals! Australia has been right hand drive ever since. Their after sales service is abysmal. I would not buy from them again.

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      yep I do get the sentiment but they are like this because people buy their cars faster than they can make them

      they will not switch to a fixed priced service because they make huge amounts of money with their service A/B schedules which is sometimes 2x to 3x what you expect on a toyota

      a company's behaviour reflects their idiot customers

      tbf, a decent mercedes benz IS a real nice driving car… not $141k nice because again, i'd put it in my mortgage but people who can afford $141k cars dont care what peasants think

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        You might want to check the basis of the OP question and the relevant article they are referencing.
        It's not about the servicing, rather the 'fixed price sales' model MBAu is trying to push dealers into.

        As for servicing - MBAu and dealers have had 'fixed price servicing' for a while now. (Regardless of the cost value). MBAu fixed price servicing has been offered for a while. Some of us are on Corp Programs that cover this for us with roadside assist for 3 years anyways.

        If you have the money and want the car, living circumstances are sorted and you are financially secure - then spend the money on whatever car one wants. Not referencing anyone as a peasant, however, it's a matter of circumstance and personal interest if one buys a $2k car, $150k car, or… maybe both! :)
        Scroll down and you will find a 'service plan' charges sheet.

  • Will they have "chips"?

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    Even for fixed price servicing, Merc want to add more costs like:
    - wheel alignment $160
    -wiper fluid $50
    - clean interior AC filter $160
    All of which should have been included in Fixed price servicing. Otherwise what’s the point?

    • None of those things have ever been part of a ‘service’ they’re just value adds for the dealership (not value for the customer).

      Wiper fluid for $50? It’s $2 worth of liquid plus 30sec of the apprentices time. Clean AC filter is no parts and 5min of the apprentice’s time to take it out, bang it on the floor and blow it out with a compressor.

    • Nah, wiper fluid is $10.
      Wheel alignment is $200+ if they do it properly, like throwing sandbags in the car to mimic a fully-loaded car then do the alignment.
      $160 sounded like a new cabin filter rather than just a clean. You don't have to replace it if you don't want to and it won't harm the car either.