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[Back Order] Sapphire Nitro+ AMD Radeon RX 6600 XT Gaming OC 8GB GDDR6 Graphic Card $759 Delivered @ Amazon AU


$40 more than the Sapphire Pulse model I posted yesterday (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/653427) but this is their higher end 6600 XT.

GPU: Boost Clock: Up to 2607 MHz
GPU: Game Clock: Up to 2428 MHz
Memory: 8GB/128 bit DDR6, 16 Gbps Effective
Stream Processors: 2048
RDNA 2 Architecture
Item Model Number ‎11309-01-20G


NOTE: Usually dispatched within 1 to 2 months.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    4 to 8 weeks wait. Good price though in this silicon shortage climate. If you can accept lower performance it might be better to wait mid October for the new release of radeon 6600

    • There's an updated 6600 xt coming next month?

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        6600 not 6600xt so downgrade

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        There is 6600 annoncement next month, 6700 annoncement around xmas.
        But most people believe 6700 is for miners only.

        • Interesting… just guessing low power usage like the 6600 xt with higher rate

          • @yaaNaa: The 6700 most likely be 38 Mh/s average on Etheruem mining. 30 Mh/s average on 6600 XT and 46/7 Mh/s average on 6700 XT.

  • cant add to cart.. am i missing something?

    • Me neither

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    Your Amazon Cart is empty.
    Check your Saved for later items below or continue shopping.

    Sold out would be my guess

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    All gone at $759. Some miner probably keeps buying all of them given there are no quantity limits.

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    Guessing people who didn't want to buy at $650 are getting annoyed? I watched a ASUS GeForce GTX 1660 Super sell for $790 on gumtree locally was stupid lol

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      I did a search for "6600" on Static Ice earlier, was interested to see Scorptec had one, in stock, at $699(!) Took me a full 30 seconds to realise it was a (plain!) 1660, and just the product code had 6600 in it…

  • 929 now lol

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    its such a shame considering 6600XTs were ACTUALLY more or less MSRP at launch…

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      And they still got negged at release by these ozbs, like every other gpu deals. Thank god i didnt listen to these hodlers

      • +2

        2080tis at $1000 were heavily negged and memed last year.

        Look at us now

        • What a wild ride!

  • Was $829 yesterday with 5 in stock, this morning $829 with only 1 in stock, maybe the price lowed when there is no stock.

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    Expired / sold out


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    Guys.. get ready to rock and roll when the 6600 (non XT) comes to market in a few weeks.. my guess is we may see RRP for them for the first few days much like we did with the 6600XT's

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    AMD Radeon RX 6600

    Compute Units 28
    Stream Processors 1792
    Memory Size 8 GB GDDR6 + 32 MB Infinity Cache
    Memory Bus 128-bit
    Memory Clock 16 Gbps
    Bandwidth 256 GB/s
    with a price of $299-$329

    My guess it will be around the performance of a 3060 12GB but at 140W power draw vs 170W power draw on the 3060
    so 15% slower then RX 6600XT

  • Good price for the top Sapphire 6600 XT.

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    Can't wait for Intel Arc to come along and probably make no difference to pricing at all :P

    • 😉

    • this is exactly why i stopped holding
      So many comments on here saying to wait for ARC. There is a semiconductor shortage already.
      What makes anyone think with Intel joining the gpu mix, supply will improve and prices will drop.

      • I suppose there is a chance that Intel will dip into there war chest and sell these at a loss in order to build player base?

        • Out of the kindness of their hearts lol
          thats not how capitalism works, especially when companies know they can sell well above MSRP.

          • @minatosensei: Intel doesn't have a heart to have kindness come out of, but that might initially sell at a loss just to make it more attractive compared to nVidia / AMD. By the time these cards come out, RTX4XXX will be right around the corner and I think the best Arc card is still only gonna be equivalent to a RTX3070.

            I think there's a chance Intel would rather lose a bit of money to avoid the embarrassment of having a "flop". I mean, if they came out with a card that performed the same as NVidia for the same money, I'd still buy the NVidia card because I have the (incorrect) idea in my head that they are a "nice" company and also, I'd wanna wait for Intel Gen 2 at a minimum.

            I pretty much just convinced myself actually, I think that when Arc comes out, they will be the cheapest in terms of $$$ spent per FPS.

            • @jonathonsunshine: end of the day its upto you what you do with ur money.
              i just dont think ARC joining the gpu rat race will help consumers at all. Lets wait and see