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[PS4, PS5] October 2021 PS Plus Games - Mortal Kombat X, PGA Tour 2K21 & Hell Let Loose @ PlayStation


Hell Let Loose will be the PS5 game for October.

As usual, these games will be available on the first Tuesday of the month (October 5).

Full credit to Billbil-kun

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  • +20

    I've been enjoying Hitman 2. However I've learned that I should stick to my day job.

    • +3

      Make sure you have imported Hitman 2 levels into Hitman 3 Starter Pack (free) to have them upgraded.

      This source has a 100% track record so far so these PS+ October titles seem likely. Hell Let Loose launches on the same day these go live and has no pre-order available on PS (yet does on other platforms) which solidifies this further.

      • I remember doing this when Hitman 1 was free on playstation plus, adding it to Hitman 2 starter edition. I'm glad you can still do this.

        • +1

          Same. I've played Hitman 1 GOTY in Hitman 2, will play Hitman 2 in Hitman 3, and should play Hitman 3 in Hitman 4 ;)

        • -1

          Hitman 1 worked in Hitman 2, but on the PS5 H1 via PSPlus is no longer available and doesn't unlock for H3.

          Similar issue on Xbox as well as Epic.

          Looks like I'm still waiting to finish my game on Steam, where I have H1/H2 + DLC's. I've lost a lot of respect for IO after all these issues and decisions.

          • -5

            @Jimbuscus: You should lose all respect (and boycott) to satanic$oft and it shitbox and also evil gates if you did research!!

            Unfortunately all brainwashed sheeps will never do that…

  • +47

    Will add to the library of the ‘will never play’ pile.

  • +24

    Note: Mortal Kombat X is already part of the PS Plus collection

    • +37

      Yea what a dodgy turnout. Should have given MK11 base game instead.

    • can you access the ps plus collection on the web playstation store or only via the ps5 console?

      • +2

        From what I understand - only through the main game bar section of the PS5 UI.

      • I log in to the store, buy or download what I want from my desktop, If you have a PS4 and a PS5, you will be asked which console you want the download.

    • This is the second time they have done this year, PSPlus is a bit of a joke next to Game Pass, wouldn't have it if not needed for multiplayer.

  • +4

    I am a little disappointed we don't have a horror game for Spooktober, I'm curious about Hell let's loose though

    • +2

      It's fantastic on PC

    • +2

      You play a few games of Hell Let Loose and try and tell me it isn't a horror game. I've been s****** myself constantly.

      • +2

        Yeah it can be intense, the Omaha beach landing as the US is rough

        • Just played this today. We got absolutely destroyed storming the beach, didn’t even come close to taking a single point. Very realistic I’d imagine. How the f are you supposed to take that map?

          What an excellent game!

  • +3

    Is there a way to save the PS5 titles for whenever I get my hands on one?

    • +13

      Get the app and add it to library there

      • Yeah I was doing this before I had the console, was nice to have a few extra games to play when it arrived.

    • Maybe create PS account and add them, without downloading them? Maybe via the PS website?

    • I'm in the everlasting queue for a rrp PS5.
      Have been adding monthly PS5 PS+ titles all year in hope, no issues at all.

  • +4

    Hell Let Loose is one of the best PC games I've ever played, hope it translates well to PS

    • +2

      I've been playing the beta and loving it. I'm sure it's not as good as on PC but it's still fantastic!

    • On the beta there's next to nobody playing it on console and it's a bit buggy.

      You can turn crossplay on though

      • And probably get smashed lol

      • +1

        That's where putting it on PS+ works well - gives it an instant player base at launch. Even if only a small percentage hang around for the long haul, it should be enough to sustain the game. The same approach worked well for Rocket League and Fall Guys, too.

  • Is the golf game any good? Or anything better around?

    • +1

      It's about the best golf game you can get these days. I'm spewing that I actually bought it back when I got my PS5 a couple months back. Got a good deal on it though so only paid about $40.

      • Cheers lad!

      • as long as you got the good deal on it thats all that matters

    • +3

      “Welcome to Lee Carvallo's Putting Challenge. I am Carvallo. Now, choose a club. (Beep) You have chosen a three wood. May I suggest a putter? (Beep) Three wood.

      Now enter the force of your swing. I suggest feather touch.

      (Beep, beep, beep) You have entered "power drive".

      Now, push seven eight seven to swing."

      (Beep beep beep) "Ball is in…parking lot. Would you like to play again?

      (Beep) You have selected, "No.”

  • Sigh… the games are really not interesting..
    Is it just me or have Sony raised the bar too high with games like ff vii remake etc that everything now seems subpar.
    Anyway mk x was free for ps5 users already. Pga is probably the least played sports game series in history. And no idea what hell let loose is. But video shows it's a substitute for all the other call of duty games they have given us.

    • +8

      Hell let loose is nothing like call of duty

      • Fair enough, I based it off the video i watched.
        I will try and give it a crack, they keep giving these online games though. I certainly hope this one is worth it.

    • +3

      A lot of us joined PS Plus because of PS Plus collection (for PS5). Seems like a good deal at the time for people haven't been on PS Plus for a while. However, they ended up going to pile of shame or games you thought you would replay, but then realised there are other games or toys you rather play instead.

      For me, PS5 and Series X really make me prefer digital edition of games. Expecting good games every month from PS Plus is unrealistic. It is concerning that Sony basically will offer all the games in PS Plus Collection that has not yet been in standard PS Plus eventually.

      I think it is a shrewd move from Sony this month. The new PS5 firmware which supports m.2/NVMe SSD is released and we can now have both PS4 and PS5 versions of the same game now (i.e. FF7 Remake (Digital/PS Plus/PS4), FF7 Remake (PS5)). A lot of PS5 users would be reasonably happy with the firmware and probably close a blind eye on the subpar offering of PS Plus this month.

      With Series X having Forza Horizon 5 and Halo Infinite coming later this year, Sony just going to dangle the Horizon Forbidden West next year carrot this holiday season? This is so called the best console launch lineup ever from Sony?

      • Do you mean we can now have the space to fit both PS5 and PS4 games on the system? Because we have always been able to have both versions installed and accessible. In fact the PS4 version of a game that you upgrade to PS5 via disc practically can't be uninstalled, as it will install itself again if the ps4 disc is in the drive, which is a requirement to run the ps5 version.

        • For me, I had FF7 remake through PS Plus initially. That's a special digital version and cannot be upgraded to the PS5 version. I later purchased the PS4 disc version so I can get the PS5 version. PS5, at the time, wouldn't let me keep both PS Plus/PS4 digital and PS4 physical (required to upgrade to PS5) on the same external hard drive. So, what I did was copy the PS Plus version to another external hard drive, then remove that external drive, put my main external hard drive back in.

          My main external hard drive, once no longer had that digital version, was able to install the disc version. I then upgraded it to the PS5 version. Obviously, the PS5 version requires checking the PS4 disc. I did not recall PS4 disc version remains after the upgrade (reason was that I forgot to upload the PS Plus save game for PS5 version - 1 save game allowed only and had to use the other external HDD, if the PS4 disc version duplicate was there, I wouldn't need to do that). However, with the latest PS5 firmware, I can now have two FF7 remake (one says PS5 - which requires me to put in the PS4 disc), another one which says PS4 (which is the PS Plus version), for that PS4/digital/PS Plus only version, I don't need to insert the disc, but due to being PS4 version, the load time is longer.

          Honestly though, I much prefer Microsoft's approach. But, for FF7 remake, the issue was Sony not allowing PS Plus version to take get the PS5 upgrade.

          • @netsurfer: Interesting, i didn't realise it was so convoluted. I have only used the internal hdd and haven't had a digital and physical copy of the same game installed at the same time. The only experience i have is with upgrading my ps4 versions of games to ps5 versions. Having the ps4 disc in makes it auto install even if you choose to install the ps5 version instead. It's really frustrating as it effectively means you have to install a game twice even if you don't want the ps4 version. They supposedly have fixed this in the last firmware but i still have games that force install the ps4 version.

            • @acidantics: Yeah, installing PS4 version in order to upgrade (for disc version) is frustrating.

              Digital vs disc versions is also frustrating. It's been like that since PS4 days. Quite annoying. For me, I have purchased a few digital games and some of them I had the disc versions previously. I basically had to download the digital version of those games every single time. PS4/PS4 Pro used to keep both disc and digital versions, but later on, doing so can confuse PS4/PS4 Pro at times.

              Sony really need to follow Microsoft's approach. Once you own the digital version, the game install simply recognises it and let you play. Another annoying thing with PS4/PS5 is if you owned the PS Plus version of a game and have an active subscription, normally, you cannot purchase that game digitally (even when it is discounted). Luckily, for free games, Sony did allow PS Plus subscribers to collect them.

    • +2

      Have to say I strongly disagree. I got it at the $40 price point as well and got The Last of Us through the PS Plus Collection. I really enjoyed the game and so I feel like paying the $40 was completely worth it given I'll probably end up with at least a few more during the year.

      • That's because you missed out on the Last of Us remastered deal years ago (from memory for about $9) so you own the game, not something which requires an active subscription.

        Bear in mind that quite a lot of people had PS4/PS4 Pro and there were a lot of deals posted for PS4 exclusive games here in the past. There were also some good trade in deals. Furthermore, EB's PS5 and Series X launch day deals (trade in your old consoles and games) were pretty good. A lot of people simply just paid the deposit ($150, $100 or $50), the rest of the new consoles were paid for via trade in. Many of them ended up getting EB world credit exceeding the deposit amount they paid initially.

        If you never owned a PS4 in the past, then PS Plus Collection is a good deal. However, for people who owned PS4/PS4 Pro in the past, it is not as clear cut as you think.

    • +3

      You get at least 36 games a year for $40. How is that not worth it LMAO. Maybe not worth it to you as you don't play many games?

      • Because so far since that deal we've had

        Tennis World Tour, yay, tennis, what a fun and interesting game you can totally play for more than five minutes.
        Plants v Zombies, the first GW was kinda funny but wore old fast, can't imagine how boring #3 is if they're giving it away.
        Hunter's Arena, I will admit I didn't look into too hard, but remember at the time having no interest, so it fits.

        Hitman 2, a game that is years old, too much like the original for me to really care (which was on Plus), and also has a starter pack given away for years so unless you're mad into the story you don't need it.
        Predator, a shitty online game that no one cared about.
        Overcooked, some indie cooking game I don't give a (profanity) about, and didn't touch when it came to Gold ages ago either.

        Hell Let Loose, a WWII (done that) online shooter (double done that), no interest.
        PGA Tour, a (profanity) golf game, why ruin a perfectly good walk with a game of golf?
        Mortal Kombat, something already in PS+ to begin with.

        Thus, in the 3 months I've had it, 9 games, a quarter of the 36 you mention there, I've got 0 games worthwhile, so with that in mind, that is how it's not worth it. 36 lots of shit for $40 is still 36 lots of shit.

        • +2

          You did miss out on some great games though haha. Hitman 2 is great especially in the free hitman 3 engine. Otherwise seems no use for you as you are so particular with your games?

          • +1

            @onlinepred: I'm not too particular tbh, I'll play all sorts of stuff. I'm just not gonna be super stoked when out of their 9 games so far

            2 are sports titles, and not even good sports at that
            3 are online shooters, and pretty average ones at that (HLL may be fine, but Predator is far from loved)
            (Bonus, you've got PvZ as a forth, 2 year old, shooter)

            That's two thirds of them there, then add in MK as a game that's already on Plus, you've got 7 games down and nothing of note.

            All that's left then is Overcooked, a cheap lil cooking microgame thing which is pretty niche but also been on Gold and GamePass before at that, and Hitman 2, years old which is mostly put there as an advert for the new entry in the series, just as when they made #1 on Plus.

            So you got 6 games that range from shitty golf shit to shitty online shooter shit, a game that's already on Plus, and then a niche indie game and a Hitman game from a couple years ago.

            Yeah nah, fantastic offerings there.

        • +1

          you must be fun at parties

        • Hm… so that's why you feel that way. Yes, if we looked at August, September, October lineup, certainly not impressive compared to first half of this year. I certainly hope Sony has something decent planned for November and December (holiday season).

          Honestly though, I cannot think of any games which Sony can and will be willing to give out that will wow us in November and December. Certainly hope I am wrong.

  • +7

    Bit of a meh month again sadly. MK X is poor given it’s free on ps5 and likely at some point most PS4 users will upgrade and then have access to it. PGA 2k21 is ok but not exactly exciting for most. And does anyone really care about another WW2 multiplayer title? Oh well.

  • +6

    call to Sony hotline: "I would like to refund October's PSN please…"

    • yup. tell them there's 2 of us

  • The only thing Playstation has over Xbox is their exclusives. The fact that PS plus memberships are different if you are fortunate enough to own a PS5 has me stumped. If you compare it to Xbox Gold which is a closer comparison it still comes up short. I realised only after letting my subscription lapse that these monthly free games are only playable if you have an active subscription?

    Now that MS has bought Bethesda I would expect that you will see more Xbox exclusives that really will be a hit to Playstation sales.

    • +2

      XBox Live Gold monthly free games is a joke nowadays. Game Pass and Game Pass Ultimate is a different story. It's good that Microsoft let you convert. Honestly, while I still collect those XBox Live Gold free games, I cannot recall playing any of them this year for more than 5 minutes. Most of the time, I just collect and quickly cancel the auto install.

      But, if you really look at it, with XBox Live Gold discount offers drying up, if you really want Game Pass Ultimate long term in the future, it won't be cheap. Sure, creating a new account for the $1 offer is a workaround, but it gets a bit annoying after a while. Game Pass quests / rewards, some of them are just dumb. It is frustrating that I played quite a few dumb games to collect trophies.

      • Yeah I think you are right about game pass getting more expensive as years go by. You can stack up to 3 years at the moment. If you can get a good deal on the 12 month membership and stack them up it's probably a good investment now.

        I actually pre-ordered my series x from Telstra and it arrived at my door day one of release. It included game pass ultimate for 24 months as well and I pay $46 per month for that. They also gave enough points to get a second controller which was pretty great. It works out I'm paying $14.75 a month for game pass ultimate which is slightly cheaper than the monthly subscription.

        But happy to pay a bit extra to have it day one and pay it off over 24months whilst accruing points (11,460 over the 24months) which is about a 3rd of a new controller .

  • +4

    I don’t even own a PS5 yet, but I’ll definitely be adding Hell Let Loose to my library. I’ve been watching the PC version and it looks awesome

  • +1

    why Mortal Kombat X again?

    • Sony's hoping the recent firmware update for PS5 scores enough brownie points from PS5 users so we won't be super upset about this month's rip off PS Plus free game offer.

  • +2

    Been playing Hell Let Loose beta the last few nights, it's amazing! Hopefully the final release is a bit less buggy, but I can't wait to dive into the full game! Hardcore multiplayer gameplay like Rainbox Six Siege, but this is almost more like SOCOM.

  • Free is free so there is that but jeez its another shit month..

    • +5

      Free is free. But when you're paying a subscription to get these, it's not really free.

      • Not really different than paying for Amazon prime and then getting free games with prime. They are free and they dont need to give them to you. Bigger question would be is if the PS Plus games were no longer given away would you cancel your subscription? Bet 95% of people wouldnt..

        • I only subscribe for the free games… So absolutely I would.

        • I mainly subscribe for the cloud game saves backup feature and the pretty much required for my online play. There's only been a couple free games I've played in years.

  • How do I find these games through the psn app?

    • +1

      not available yet, but when they are: PS Store button at bottom > Subscriptions > redeem under "PS Plus Monthly Games"

  • +5

    Lots of complaints here but whatever you do, don't sleep on Hell Let Loose. It has my highest number of hours in a game, perhaps ever. It has a really great community (at least on PC, I can't speak for PSN), a mostly older playerbase, and a huge focus on team play and communication.

    • +1

      My PC is essentially a Hell Let Loose terminal these days.

    • Is it already out on PC or something? Coz it isn't released on PS yet. It looks very interesting, it reminds me of the good COD days. What is the controls/game play like? AAA title?

      • +1

        It's been out for roughly a year now, in early access. Gameplay is 100 player territory control styled rounds that can last a few minutes to an hour and a half. It leans towards milsim, but some pretty big changes to make it more arcady and fun. It's a very good amount of compromise in my opinion. It's not as polished as your major AAA's, but it's definitely very playable. If you're curious, watch a new players guide online and give it a crack

        • Is the game sort of like Battlefield? I will def give it a go.

          • +1

            @Smol Cat: Similar, but it is much more teamplay and communication based. Much more of a focus on realism. I used to be a bit of a battlefield fan but the gameplay in HLL has kind of ruined the battlefield series for me.

            • @OkayFray: Tried it out today and ended up playing 6 hrs of it straight with mates. We can’t get enough of it. It’s so different but in a good way. And every kill feels hard earned and rewarding, what a great game. Can’t believe they gave it to us for free!

      • Its releasing on PS same day its dropping free for PS+ subs.

  • +2

    Pretty solid month.

    Hell Let Loose on day 1 is a bloody good deal.

    MKX already on PS+ collection, but it's a PS4 game and PS4 owners don't have access to PS+ collection (PS5 only), so fair enough.

    I'll have a go at PGA Tour 2K21… does anybody know if this is a microtransaction fest like the NBA2K games supposedly are? In any case, it'll have a hard time dislodging the One True King (ie Everybody's Golf) from its throne, but it's welcome to try.

  • +2

    Pretty poor month, but i guess they can’t all be stellar.

  • welp, i guess i'll just come back when it's november

  • Does anyone know what time these games drop?

    • Should be live now

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