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40% off Sumatra Blend Coffee Beans: 1kg Bag $30.57, 500g Bag $18.93 + Free Express Post @ Airjo Coffee Roasters


Deal Ends Midnight Monday 27th or when stocks run out.


Use Code AIRJO40 at checkout.

Get 40% off 500g bags and 1kg bags PLUS Free Express Post.
Sumatra Blend Only.

500g Bags $18.93 - 1Kg Bags $30.57

All Orders get FREE Express Post - roasted and shipped within 48hrs.

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  • +3

    Do you have any delayed shipping options?

    • Just what I was going to ask. After all the recent deals, definitely need a delayed shipping option haha

    • It's on sale every month.

    • Sorry team. No delayed order options.


      • +1

        No worries :).

        I wish this deal was a week earlier. I ended up ordering another ozb deal which I need to finish before I can reorder this. Fyi I highly recommend the Sumatra blend

  • +1

    Can vouch for this guys.. Amazing coffee.. I'm almost finished.. Will order again..

    • Thanks so much open4highway!!

    • Also adding my +1, amazing coffee very tasty. About 1/2 way through my 1kg bag, definitely restocking once I get low.

  • I bought 2 enterprise bags just recently. I want to try this coffee but I don't want to let them get stale. When do you think you would do another promo. If you can do one like this in a couple of weeks I should have gone through my enterprise blends

    • Hey maverickjohn.
      It will definitely be longer than 2 weeks before this one is back.


      • +1

        No probs. I'm enjoying the enterprise blend anyway. I just don't want to order and judge it off its potentially stale state. I like the beans to be as fresh as possible when I order.
        Thanks for your quick response

        • +2

          Super pleased you are enjoying the Enterprise Blend 👍🏼 Thanks for sharing.

        • +1

          Enterprise is a good one. Tastes like a house cafe blend.

  • Thanks Op, will give this a go. ordered 500gr

  • Down to my last bit of the Sumatra blend and it's actually one of the best I've had. Looking forward to trying the Enterprise blend soon as well, but I can definitely recommend this one if you're after a rich and creamy profile.

    • Really appreciate your recommendation Cheso!!
      Keen to hear your feedback on the Enterprise Blend also.


  • Had Enterprise and Stargazer, onto Thunderchild right now. Enjoyed them all and looking forward to trying this one. Thanks!

    • Great to hear antiqwity!!
      Thanks for sharing 🙂

      • Hi

        Just asking whether you still have the nespresso pods for sale? I saw it on the main webpage.

  • +1

    Argh, another roaster that I wanted to try, the deals are coming too close together! I have 1kg of Inglewood delayed until mid October, then Lime Blue came up, now Airjo, I don't know if I should get all 3 and freeze them, or be patient for the next time these deals come around.

    • DON'T freeze them!! Just wait..
      I was going to order from Airjo but there was no deal last week (That I noticed). So I've ordered some from Revolution Roasters. But with all the Auspost delays, they'll probably be bloody stale by the time I get them.
      No point trying to stock up on coffee… Order as required

      • There's actually nothing wrong with freezing fresh beans, as long as they're vacuum sealed. I've frozen single origins in the past with no detrimental impact on the taste.

        • When you say vacuum sealed - Does putting the coffee package, unopened, into the freezer count? Or do I have to invest in a vacuum sealing machine? Would freezer bags work suffice?

          I really want to try freezing - but I don't want to waste 30 bucks lol. I appreciate your opinion!

          • @Reggyscum: I've only frozen unopened commercially sealed bags received from the roaster, but would assume that freezer bags with air pushed out should also work reasonably well.

        • -1

          Yes there is. Beans are hygroscopic. They'll absorb stinky crap and moisture in the freezer. Airtight lid in your pantry out of sunlight where the temperature is stable is the best.

          • +2

            @Maz78: Freezing is fine, especially if you're not going to use them immediately. That's why you put them in a container with not much air, or preferably vacuum sealed, I guess.

            Our lord and saviour James Hoffman: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5uT5_IWWb00

  • Just popped open my Stargazer from the last deal, bloody delicious!

  • can you please recommend me a grinder? I use moka pot but will have an aeropress soon.

  • I bought a Breville touch over a year ago. I bought beans mostly from Coles or so… I got bored of the taste and went back to Maccas. Still saved a lot but considered selling the machine. Did a deep clean and someone posted about these beans.. bought it and it is amazing. Actually kept my machine coz its sooo good. Would love to get this deal every month haha.. just bought some before this special so need to drink more coffee tomorrow.

    • Which beans were you buying? I've found Lavazza and the Aldi ones to be pretty decent for supermarket beans. Personal taste comes into it too ofcourse but like them noticeably more than say Vittoria or Harris.

      • It wouldn't matter what beans from the supermarket you bought. The flavour profile will be poor since most still on the shelf forever.

    • +1

      The Breville touch is a great machine. Glad you gave it another chance as most Supermarket beans wouldn't do justice for any espresso machine.

  • What grind would I need for a drip filter machine? Previous order was some of the best coffee

    Assumed that it will be the same as filter. Looking forward to more coffee! Thanks

  • How long can you shelf this before it starts losing taste?

    • Put in zip lock bag and put in freezer. Take out to thaw a day before in the bag. Can keep for a few months. https://youtu.be/5_NOVmzssBI

  • 2 Q's @AIRJO CoffeeRoasters, what happened to your single origin? Everything is referred to as a blend now.
    2. How come its always Sumatra >_>

    • +2

      Hey there Freestyle.
      We changed to blends a little while ago to better control the profiles. More consistent product for you as the coffee supply industry is a little shaky around the world at the moment making it harder than usual to get consistent single products.

      We have deals regularly on all of our blends.
      This one is the most popular on OzB.

      Hope that helps.


  • ordered. Do like the Sumatra and almost at the end of my Enterprise

    • What are your thoughts on Sumatra vs Enterprise?

      • +1

        So both are good. Sumatra is ahead for mine. Enterprise grew on me - it was as though the beans were 'too' fresh and then tasted better after a couple weeks. I'm not sure if that's a thing but that was my experience. I'm going back to Sumatra just to confirm my preference and will likely stick with it.

        • +1

          I found the Enterprise was better after two weeks.

      • +1

        We tried them all and I settled on Enterprise and Twilight as my favourites. Sumatra is my wife's favourite, but the third best for me.

  • Thanks ordered.

  • Got a 1kg bag. Thanks!

  • Do you do a sampler pack?

  • got a 1KG bag to see if it holds up to its praise. Thanks OP :)

  • +1

    Lots of good coffees coming.

    Received my last order of Enterprise blend after 2 weeks. Order was prepared and shipped quickly but sat in an Australia Post facility for 10 days. Hope this one is more smooth sailing.

    • Same. I've had successful next-day delivery of Airjo to (the far edge of) Sydney in the past, but the most recent order was massively held up by Australia Post.

  • how many cups of coffee would you make roughly out of 1KG? let's say latte, cappuccino, with standard espresso amount.

    • +1

      I've never actually counted myself but…

      "So, an industry standard dose for a single shot of coffee is 7 grams per cup. That’s around 56 coffee beans (depending on many factors of course).

      For a 1kg bag of coffee beans you should expect to get around 120-140 cups of coffee. Based on variable data and on a standard single shot coffee.

      If we’re going double shot all the way, you’re looking at around half of that at around 60-70 cups of coffee per 1kg of beans.

      That leaves us with an average of 90-105 cups of coffee per kilogram. This figure represents the above factors taken into consideration, some double-shots, some single shots etc."


      • perfect. thank you very much. so what about the storage? should we grind first and then store it, as is? and I heard they should be consumed in a month for the taste not to worsen, is it correct?

        • +1

          I'll leave that one up to the experts for the correct answer as my approach is fairly casual. I pop a decent amount of beans in my grinder to last me a day or two (say 4 cups) and then store the rest of the beans in the great resealable bag they came in. (In this case, not all roasters have resealable bags, I've seen people recommend to save the resealable ones for future use).

          Edit: to clarify, I only grind enough coffee for one cup at a time.

        • +1

          It's much better to store the whole beans and grind just before brewing, once ground it would not stay fresh for a long. A month is a reasonable time to keep the beans from the roasting date.

    • +5

      Most people I know does double shots, that's 14g to 18g. So you are looking at 55 to 70 doses per 1kg. That's best case, realistically less, if you waste any mount for adjustments.

      Always grind on demand. I keep about 180g beans in the hopper, the remaining stay in the bag and inside a Tupperware container.

  • anyone with a breville barista express, what settings do you usually use (including grams) to get a good flat white with these?

    • +3

      use 16-17g beans in a double shot basket. You will have play with your grind settings to achieve a 35-38g liquid extraction in 25-30 sec. There is no point asking people for their grind settings as the grinders even between the same machine will grind differently.

    • +2

      I used a grind setting of 3 with 18.5g in and 40-45g out in 30-35 sec.

  • +3

    Shame there isn't a deal on the decaf!

    • Yes would love this!

  • Newbie here, just purchased my first Airjo bag.
    Can anyone suggest a good grinder setting for these beans? Currently using the Smart Grinder Pro. Thanks!

    • +2

      Depends on how you are brewing it. Espresso machine would need a finer grind than aeropress, moka, pour over etc. See this earlier comment for espresso
      Also as the bean ages you would to grind finer for an espresso machine to get the same pour

    • +1

      It's really something you'll need to tweak until you get just what you want. I'm using level 20, for 20 seconds for a double shot (though was using 16 sec until 2 weeks ago when that suddenly and unexpectedly stopped being enough). There are way too many variables to give a definitive answer.

  • Is this any good for cold brew?

    • +1

      Absolutely, just made one with it yesterday.

  • Are there any robusta beans available on the market?

  • Ok what am I missing here? I have never seen a coffee deal make 100+ votes. I just bought the Ethiopian single origin 500g from Inglewood. Most of the coffee I buy are from 40-50 percent deals from here. What's so great about this one? I can't buy it because I won't be able to go through them fast enough. But I'm so curious now…

    • +1

      It's ok. Definitely not as great as others are saying but that's my opinion.

    • Lots of different blends, fast shipping and a good price. You usually pay $45 for these sort of beans from a roaster.

    • Great product at a great price.
      Before this current lockdown delivery was around 36hrs from order to door for me in NSW.
      The team answers heaps of questions here.
      They don't spam their product.
      Pretty much they nail their use of ozbargain.

      When this site is constantly getting spammed with non deals by crap companies, it is nice to see an awesome Aussie company getting this level of support.

    • Likely people looking for a new supplier after the fallout from OzBargain staple Mannabeans


    • +1

      Airjo regular gets 100+ up votes: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/search/node/airjo

      But they also discount regularly, which makes some people to wait for a sale. It's good if you can time your orders to coincide with the sales. That's a steady supply of freshly roasted beans at $30/kg express posted, a pretty good deal.

  • Anyone tried DC coffee beans? How do Arjo compare?

  • Wish I waited for this… probably order now and still beat my Inglewood order here from a week ago.

    • +2

      Stuff it, ordered so now we will find out 🤣

      • Order arrived today 👌

        No sign of Inglewood 🤷‍♂️

  • Just got into the Aeropress game last fortnight. Halfway through Lazzio Medium Dark 500g. How does this compare. Any tips for newbie?

    My first week of coffee was great because of the freshness. It is slowly declining.

  • I've had this in the previous deal and it was great!

    Unrelated question: was just checking out and realised that you support payment through crypto via coinbase.

    @AIRJO CoffeeRoasters , Just curious to know if you do have people using the payment method.

  • Can we use this code for enterprise blend ???

    • Why don't you try? But I guess not, Enterprise Blend only ever gets 30% off due to lower price, they still have to cover express post.

  • +1

    Love their coffee, but FYI for all in Melbourne, Auspost express post is taking a full 6-7 days (as opposed to typical 1-2)!!!

    Still waiting for my order and it was shipped Wed last week. Definitely not the team at Airjo's fault - but something to consider if you need an urgent caffeine fix.

    • My last order took 12 days from "Item processed at facility" to "Delivered - Left in a safe place", to Sydney metro.

      • Haha same! I had a fun time tracking it from Brisbane to Perth to Sydney:

        31 Aug Brisbane Airport
        3 Sep Perth Airport
        16 Sep Delivered

        • Unlucky! I ordered on Sunday night last week, had it by Wednesday in Perth!

  • Loved the Enterprise Blend can't wait to try the Sumatra Blend. Thanks for the deal OP.

  • Thanks OP. Purchased a 1kg bag. Looking forward to trying it out.

  • +1

    Any chance the Sumatra single origin will be coming back? or an option to buy instead?