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10% off Google Play, Roblox, PlayStation Plus 12 Months & Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 3 Mths Gift Cards @ Coles


From the upcoming Coles catalogue sale starting Wednesday September 29.

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    Google Play! Finally!

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      What's good use of Gogle play credit? Apart from apps and playstore items ?

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        Subscriptions like Disney+, Google One etc

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          That's a good point. Never thought of it

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          I think we subscribed to Disney+ via itunes credit, and they often go 20% off.

          • @Ge3ks: Are you referring to the 15% or 20% off sales on iTunes gift cards?

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            @Ge3ks: Itunes is no longer a gift card. Apple changed that in July and Apple gift cards can be used on the App Store or in Apple stores.

        • Wait what?? Can I pay disney+ with Google gift card?? How do I do that?

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        you're gonna need it when talking with microsoft support team

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        Paying fines from the ATO

        • I hope ever one realises that this was a joke on your part! The ATO never accepts payment in gift cards.

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        Genshin monthly pass

      • Investing Gold to the Nigerian Prince…

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    • Google Play! Finally!

      Google finally finished their chores, now they can play.

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    Still no eb cards. I will keep waiting.
    By the way 10% xgpu is everyday price I think. You can easily get 10% cashback on Xbox gift card from shopback and use it for xgpu. That's 10% off everyday.
    I understand someone hate shopback, then don't miss this deal. End.

    • Thanks, I didn't realise Xbox was on shopback. I'd been using Suncorp for "only" 9%

      However the Coles deal works out slightly better considering I can pay with Amex and also get Flybuys points

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    PlayStation credit discount when? PS+ 12m is regularly 25% off…

    • PS+ 12m is regularly 25% off

      When will it be 25% off again?

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        At a later date

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        End of November Black Friday Sales… Normally get a decent price drop then & you can stack

    • No, usually its full price.

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    FYI the Xbox Live Gold to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate conversion still works. I did it for my cousin a few nights ago.


    • Is it still a 1:1 conversion?

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        Yes, I converted 3years Turkey gold live to XGPU 3 weeks ago

        • How did you get the turkey gold live and how much did it cost you?

          • @ramona: i bought 3 off Brazil live gold from MTC Game. They sent me 3 Turkey code… Each costs around AUD47.

        • Oh … so Australian Gold Live doesn't work?

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            @WarWraith: it will work the same way but aussie one is more expensive than the Brazil/Turkey one. Xbox doesn't have the region lock so basically you can redeem the code from any region as long as you have the VPN for that region.

    • This only works for those that aren't already on Ultimate though, right?

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    Can the Google Play gift cards be used in the Google Store, i.e. to buy the upcoming Pixel 6 when it's released??

    • No.

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      There's no option at payment, just saved CC, G.pay, Paypal or store credit.

  • Can the google play gift cards be used for recurring subscription? I have Epic for my children $11/month.

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      Only if it's set up via Google Play billing.

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        Yes, it is. I get payment receipt emails from Google Play

  • Does google pay credit expire ?

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    14.5% Off with Officeworks Price Match for the Google Play card.

    • 🤑🤑

    • Does this really work?

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        Yes, as long as Officeworks does not drop the shelf price to match or beat Coles’ discount. Officeworks used to drop the shelf price of gift cards when discounted gift card deals cropped up at other retailers, but they stopped doing that about 18 months ago.

        Gift cards are not listed as an exclusion under their Price Beat Guarantee (PBG), so staff are supposed to apply the PBG if you ask them to beat Coles’ price. I got Officeworks to routinely price beat Coles’ 15% or 20% off iTunes gift card deals of yesteryear, although some staff were more willing to apply the PBG than other staff…

        Showing the digital weekly catalogue on your phone or a physical copy of the weekly catalogue (if you’re in-store) or mentioning the weekly catalogue to a staff member (if you’re doing this over the phone) should suffice. Just make sure that the staff specify the correct competitor price. I had staff at one store once punch in the wrong competitor price for iTunes gift cards, as they somehow determined that the discount at Coles was 15% (even though the catalogue clearly showed it was a 20% discount), which meant that Officeworks’ price after applying the PBG was still higher than Coles’ price! /facepalm

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          Got mine w/ price match. Thanks.

  • Have been waiting for the $4.5 core power foods.

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    Can confirm price beat works for Officeworks. Brings the price down to $42.75 for $50 cards.

    • can it only be done instore?

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        You can call Officeworks and ask them over the phone to price beat. I think you can pay for it over the phone and then you either can pick up the gift cards from a store or have the gift cards sent to you.

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      I was going to get a price beat from OW for the kids $50 roblox gift card, but found out they don't sell it. Looks like Coles only sell $25 cards.

      • I was going to do it but then I got lazy, the extra $2.25 (on a $50 gift card) wasn't worth the effort