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[Pre Order] Xbox Series X Console $749 (in-Store Only) @ JB Hi-Fi


It is not really a deal, but a very useful trick. You can go to your local JB Hi-fi store and ask to be put on a wait list for Xbox Series X. You will need to supply photo ID and mobile number. When the stock is available, JB will SMS you. You go to the store, pay for the console and get it right there.

I live in QLD, so your mileage in locked down states will vary.

I went to JB in Brown Plains 2 weeks ago and enrolled in the wait list as I mentioned. On Thursday, JB sent me an SMS. I picked up the console on Friday lunch time.

This is better than competing with bots in online orders. I really like JB's system.

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        Plenty of positives in Victoria as well!

        Today we have 705.

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          and we don't mention NSW lol.

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          Gonna overtake nsw

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    I did the same in Victoria but over the phone all they asked for was a name and phone number. Then I got told the waitlist is 8 months I stayed on the list but hopefully can nab one online before then. Did they give you an estimate wait time when you put your name down? I can't see jb taking orders when a waitlist is 8months but they did.

    • They never told me anything. I only needed to wait for 2 weeks, so I was pleasantly surprised.

      It could depend on store to store too. Doesn't hurt to try at an out-of-the-way store. In QLD, every Westfield has a JB, but I tried to avoid those as too many people patronise them. I tried JB Brown Plains because it is in a Home shopping centre away from crowds. People specifically need to go there just to visit JB and not as a detour while shopping at a supermarket.

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    It is not really a deal

    So why post it on a deal website?

    You do know video game forums exist for this type of topic right? eg. https://forums.whirlpool.net.au/thread/35qjj543

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      Xbox Series X is selling for $1000+ in eBay. Getting it at RRP is not really a deal, but it is a great deal! :-)

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        ps5 is going for more lol

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          Always one in these posts…so sad.

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            @Spendmore: what do you mean the ps5 is being sold on ebay for much more than the xbox series X I remember only selling my xbox series X for 1000 bucks. the ps5 its selling for much more on Ebay I am just stating a fact, I don't control the prices people simple bid that high.

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    I did this with my PS5 earlier this year at Melbourne Central JB HiFi. I was put on a waitlist for a preorder in Feb, received a call early April asking me to come in and pay a $50 deposit to move on to the preorder list and then my PS5 arrived a week later.

    • Yes, JB does it for PS5 too. Good system.

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        yep my PS5 is exceptional now that I have 2tb M.2 ssd in it with a total of 2.8tb of storage, I installed 83 games (20 ps5, 63 ps4) its brillant.

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          What cost more, the PS5 or the 2b M.2? Oof!

          • @lulzenberg: the PS5 since I have the disc version

            the M.2 2TB 7000mbps gen 4 costed my $495

            • @kungfuman: I have been contemplating a decent sized m.2 SSD for my PS5.. so far all i've been doing is using an external SSD and just transferring games around if required. I haven't been hampered by this time wise so far, I just go make a coffee/cocktail while they transfer hah.

              With the price of M.2 SSDs, I feel like nearly half of the price of the PS5 is probably just the storage. Definitely makes it feel quite good value when you also factor in the graphics card prices at present and what would be inside the PS5 would probably go for around $1000 at the moment!

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                @lulzenberg: if you plan on playing PS5 titles they won't play directly off a external drive you can only do that with a M.2 and internal storage only. the big thing for me I like all my storage to be internal and I like being able to play my PS5 games directly with out copying or doing any thing like that. Also if you set your PS5 games install path to the M.2 it will also do the updates directly to that drive like you do with the internal storage.

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    Right now all of Victoria and NSW stock is being diverted to other states at JB Hi Fi, so it is the best time to pre-order through them. For both Xbox and PS5, the wait is about 3-14 days at present. They even had some in stock in-store last week (my missus and I both got a PS5 disc version, not something I thought would happen for a very long time).

    I checked in with them, when they had stock, if this meant "the long waits are over" - they said it's still going to be "a shit show for the next year or so" once NSW and Vic open up again.

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      Really? They happily took my $50 deposit last week in regional Victoria

      • I've really only got what i've been told by store employees there last week, I guess if regional Victoria is open it would make sense that they would keep their stock. The disc versions we picked up were apparently from a Melbourne stock allocation that was sent to the Gold Coast.


        They took $50? It is free to put your name on the list here. Interesting.

        • When I asked they said $50 deposit to order one and got a receipt for it.
          Seems like JB's are doing different things

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            @iTzTeFish: Ah, yeah, that is different. My experience here, across multiple stores in SEQLD, has been:

            No stock:
            Free list to put your name and number down on and they will call you once they have enough stock to cover up to your point in the list, you can then choose to put money down or give up your place in the list.

            Some stores say you can only have your name down at one store, others say it's fine to be on multiple lists but to call up and cancel your place if you get one elsewhere.

            Has stock:
            Won't let you buy online or over the phone, won't even let you put your name on one and come down at a later point, only allowing in-person, first in, one per house hold.

    • Except my mate picked up a pre-ordered PS5 in Victoria last week….

      • i'm guessing regional - if i could edit from Victoria to Melbourne, I would :P

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    should be in forums - waitlist ain't a 'bargain' …

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      I understand. However, the market value for Xbox Series X is $1000+. So, RRP is technically a 25% off deal. :-)

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        That’s bordering ridiculous. I don’t care about secondary markets on ozbargain. I paid RRP and it wasn’t a deal.

  • Tried this in SA at a couple of JBs and they wouldn't take pre-orders on the weekend, saying no stock expected until after Xmas….

    • pre-ordering may be the wrong term, they should just have an in-store list for this, though some states are still very long. It looks like possibly all of the Vic/NSW stock is just going to QLD, rather than to all other states as I had assumed.

      • It is like a waitlist. Hard to put it in a single word.

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    The rollout of the new consoles has been an absolute joke.

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      Not really. There was never a good way to do it. It's just a supply vs demand issue brought on from a near 10 year wait on new consoles and Covid 19 boredom.

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        Would be a lot less frustrating if not for scalpers though.

        • Not much you can do about it. Supply and demand. Sony and Microsoft can’t keep up with the demand due to Covid-19.

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        On top of the silicon shortage Sony/Microsoft need to actually assemble more devices in the first place. The whole thing has been a perfect storm to bring the rollout to a crawl.

      • This is probably not going to go down well with the ozbargain crowd, but the way to address supply not meeting demand, is to raise prices.

        • I don’t think it’s just the “ozbargain” crowd.

          We get it, you’re learning about supply and demand.

    • No. Every supply chain in the world is FUBAR right now. Abundant news articles out there about the issues if you care to look.

      • Plus every time we keep expecting the supply chain to un-(profanity) itself things just seem to get worse.

  • Best to just go on waitlist if you can't be bothered following the twitter feed (it runs out really quick anyway).

    Though it's for a ps5, I went on EB's waitlist around early August. Got it last Sunday, this is for the EB on Swanston in Melb.

    • Very true about online shopping for new-gen consoles. You must register at the retailer, enter payment info and address ahead of time. Then, keep that site logged in in your browser. Then, you must really click fast. I did manage to get a PS5 from Big W web site, but I failed a few times before that. It is a very stressful experience.

  • I did this with PS5 a few months ago. Did try with Xbox as well at the time but they said they didn't have a ETA so no waitlist. Can only do it in person to avoid scalpers probably. No go during lockdown.

    I would add that I had to pay in full upfront and wait for the call.

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    Did this approach for the Switch back when that was sold out everywhere during early covid except they did make me pay for the whole thing upfront, but only took a week or so to get one

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    I'm not going to neg the OP because he/she is just trying to help… but this is daft. It's bad enough having in-stock items at RRP posted as a deal - but we're now at the point that being able to pop your name on a waiting list is being celebrated?!? OzBorgir.

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      I know, right? It is ridiculous. Why should I jump through the hoops just to buy at RRP? That's what I was thinking a few weeks ago. I then decided to do some legwork to get my consoles. I followed Twitter feeds and I signed up for waitlists at local electronics stores. I've got PS5 from Big W Online Sale after failing at Target, EB and Amazon. Then, I've got Xbox Series X from JB waitlist.

      I am in euphoria now. LOL.

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      0 posts

      You could always post a deal, you know dilute these rrp deals you are so offended by.

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        Apologies - didn't realise there was deal submission threshold for having an opinion. Also - don't confuse incredulity with offense.

  • This is very store dependent.

    Our local store keeps their waiting list written down in a notebook. There's no allocation of stock or priority access when you go on the list.

    I was on the waiting list at 3 different JB's from Feb this year. Never received a call from any of them when stock came in.

    I ended up buying one over the counter at the same JB that I was on the waiting list at. Just by being in the right place at the right time.

    • They may be more organised now. The staff put me into their system, not a notebook. And I've got an SMS when the stock is in.

  • I'm in no rush, got way too many games to get through.

    Having said that… I really want to experience the new controller

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      The new consoles have boost mode. They can do 4K and 60fps for some previous-gen games.

      I am going to replay Division 2 and a few other old games with the boost mode.

  • I made the rookie error putting my Xbox Series X on Gumtree for sale at RRP, i literally had 68 messages within an hour.

    Realised I could of made a profit!

    • Why sell?

      • I never play it, PC gaming for me, plus i'm in my 30's, I wasn't enjoying being smashed by 12 year olds on COD.

        I got the Series X for $200 as I had a $500 gift card from work with MS.

        • you mean it cost you $700

        • Haha same, being smashed on Rocket League

  • It is not really a deal

    Why post?

  • I was such a fool selling my series x couple months back….

    • Yes

  • +3

    Early 2020 me would be so confused
    Seeing the series x still available for preorder in September 2021

    • I literally laughted at people who said it would be hard to get one in 2021.

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    Tried calling a local JB in NSW (Leichardt), but no dice, no wait list.
    They mentioned stock level is so low even during a shipment that they're not doing it

    • Most JBs in NSW are not doing wait list for PS5 and XBSX.

  • isn't it the same thing if ordering via Telstra. wait list would be similar but expect to pay addtional for pass in the first month

    • Telstra and Optus are probably better if you are already with them. I use cheaper providers, so I cannot.

      • Yes, i'm in queue with Telstra order. But my wait time would be longer than most of people here. I placed my order on 31 August so just a couple of week ago. LOL

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    What game do people need to play on Xbox Series X that they cant play on Series S, XB One, or even PC?

    • Microsoft Flight Simulator. Requires a beefy PC to run at a modest speed.

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      You can get 4K and 60fps for some last-gen games on Series X with boost mode. I'll replay a few games just for that.

      And true next-gen games support 4K, HDR and 120fps.

  • Friend just called a few QLD stores, and they said they are unable to take his name over the phone or in person with or without a deposit.

  • For anyone interested, the JB at Elizabeth in SA had a few digital PS5s left when my brother went yesterday.

    • just called them
      EOI only now it seems

  • Wait for Christmas packs, With Forza5, Fifa2021, etc. as usual

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      What Xmas 2022?

    • They probably won’t do bundles as there’s absolutely zero need to move any more units or provide discounts. Heck, they couldn’t even fulfil more orders.

  • not a bargain in the least.

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    I just called up earlier and hot put on a list for ps5 disc. Said I'd be contacted in about a month.

  • Sorry but how is this a “trick”?

  • 5 sisters are busy.

    Ann is reading, Rose is cooking, Lorraine is playing chess and Mary is doing laundry.

    What is the fifth sister doing?

    • Also doing laundry