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[VIC] Free Coffee with Oatly Oat Milk @ Industry Beans (CBD) and Small Batch (North Melbourne)


Free oat milk coffee today at my local cafe, Industry Beans Little Collins St in the CBD, courtesy of Oatly oat milk.
Not sure if Industry Beans Fitzroy also have the same thing. They didn’t mention about limit of 100 coffee or not.

Edit: Small Batch (amazing coffee) also doing free Oat milk coffee for today and tomorrow. Announced on their instagram page

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      Free tasted so good though. I usually drink coffee with Oat Milk anyway, can’t tolerate cow milk, and I find Oat Milk is less over powering than Almond or soy milk

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        can’t tolerate cow milk

        Try goat's milk.

        I'm not kidding.

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          That joke was mehhh

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            @deale: That's just ewe opinion…

            • @jv: I'm not paying that, they're not the same specie! You're clearly not the Greatest of All Time when it comes to pun…far from it.

              • @deale: A goat joke doesn't need spelling out.

                • @OYC: I was just going along with JV's bolding the pun. Why are you having a go at at me?

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      Not sure why you got negged, but I tried an oat milk coffee the other day, because my local cafe had run out of regular milk. I thought it was disgusting, and I most certainly would rather have a straight espresso than drink an oat milk coffee.

      I know many people who drink, and love, oat milk, so I have no qualms with this deal - it's a great opportunity to try it for yourself! But I personally agree with jv - I think oat milk tastes terrible.

      I would rather PAY for an espresso or regular milk coffee (especially one from a great cafe like Small Batch or Industry beans), than drink an oat milk coffee for FREE! YMMV

      (FWIW, from memory, I think I hated almond milk less than oat milk as a milk substitute. But I understand the environmental impact of almond milk isn't great, so oat milk is probably preferable if you are using an alternative milk for environmental reasons. So if you do enjoy oat milk, then you are doing the world a favour!)

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        That's fair, different people have different tastes. But I do suggest trying Oatly before discounting the whole concept of oat milk, because it really is fantastic.

        • I have tried Oatly Barista Edition before (albeit, not in a proper coffee), and I wasn't a fan. Sorry!

          Not sure which oat milk was used by the cafe where I tried it recently - will have to check next time I'm there.

          But each to their own, I say! :)

          Edit: I love that 2 people negged me above, for a completely fair and reasonable response. I support oat milk (for environmental reasons) and think everyone should try it for themselves and make up their own mind; I personally don't like the taste. Sorry if that offends you! lol

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      There are plenty of people who enjoy oat milk (which btw is one of the most environmentally friendly milks there are). There's no need for comments such as yours

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    Light Years in Camberwell is also offering this.

    • Seems to be for today only per insta.

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      Light Years in Camberwell

      Relatively speaking…

    • Is there a list of cafes doing this somewhere?

    • Thank for the tip, was great coffee!

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    Ha, it's funny, I just started using Oatly at home 3 days ago 😌

    Honestly, I think people need to not-like Cow Milk or not appreciate it, at least, to enjoy other 'milk' alternatives.

    Cow Milk and Dairy in general can be slightly addictive especially if you consume high doses on a daily, so some people may not get the same kick out of the Alternatives.

    Regardless, Oatly tastes great! It has high Oat content in comparison to many Oat Milks out there.
    Also they're quirky and that makes them more relatable so extra ❤️ for that.

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    At the risk of roasting chestnuts, milk is an animal product from mammals, it's misuse of the term to call plant products milk. Although it's hardly deception ., who'd be gulled??!! No COWardly trolls please .. 😂🤣😂 … !!

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      The word "milk" has been used in reference to plant milks since at least the 13th century.

      Do you take issue with peanut butter, ears of corn, asparagus hearts, "marshmallows" that are made using gelatin, rather than the roots of the marshmallow plant?