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[Back order] Ubiquiti USW Flex Mini Switch $48 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Ubiquiti USW Flex Mini Switch $48 at Amazon, down from $60

Update: Estimated Delivery 14 - 26 Oct for Prime members

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  • Decent price.. I think I got it in a 3 pack slightly cheaper (which is more expensive right now on Amazon haha)

    • Keep in mind though the 3-pack don't include power adaptors. So if you're not powering them via PoE you might be better buying them stand-alone.

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        Alternatively, they're powered via USB-C so if there's a device nearby with a USB port, you can plug it into that for power. It only consumes 2.5W so even a 500mA port should work.

      • The single units come with a power supply? I just purchased a 3 pack, powering over PoE, but that was ~$47 a unit. If getting ea got a USC-C power supply, that's a good deal.

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    Good price if you have free Prime delivery. Otherwise the regular price is $49 at e.g. Umart or Scorptec

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      without prime, orders over $39 are delivered for free :)

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        Even better then! Free delivery makes it a good deal.

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    Why not a bog standard switch, such as TP-Link 5-Port Gigabit Ethernet Easy Smart Switch (TL-SG105E) https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B00N0OHEMA/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt...

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      That's an unmanaged switch. This switch can be managed through the UniFi controller and lets you configure things like VLANs.

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        The $39 version is managed I think, the $23 is unmanaged.

        • The $39 version is managed I think, the $23 is unmanaged.

          Hmm, looks like you're right. The photo in the Amazon listing strangely says "Unmanaged" next to the model while the photo of the same SG105E model on the TP Link website doesn't.

          In any case, if you don't already have other UniFi gear and only need one managed switch, the TP Link one would probably be fine. You'll miss out on the other features like the ability to be powered over PoE or USB-C and a convenient centrally-managed network if you upgrade other network devices in the future, though.

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        TL-SG105E is managed as well.

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      Mainly management, but POE pass through is handy as well - no pass through on this one, my bad.

    • For someone not looking for Unifi integration and powering it with POE, TP-Link would be suitable. Vlans, link aggregation TP-link does a good job.

      • If the application requires EEE/802.3az to be disabled, from the TP-Link SG105E screenshots I've seen, it doesn't look like it can be disabled so maybe look into it more first. This would be important for anyone wanting to use it for e.g. Dante.

      • I just want a cheap PoE powered switch but have struggled to find many. Google-fu failing. Doesn’t need to be pass through. Any hints?

        • This Unifi switch can be powered via PoE or USB-C.

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      The Unifi software is really great.
      Especially if you are already having a unifi setup at home it just makes sense.

      • When it works properly. I am having many problems these days with the controller software. I have really started to go off Unifi lately. They have made some serious mistakes and some of the product directions don't seem very good.

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          I've had major problems with a medium-sized install but zero problems with a more basic UDM network. I feel like when they went public and started releasing all sorts of non-networking products like CCTV, phones, lighting, and access control, their software quality took a dip.

          If competitors like Aruba Instant On or Meraki Go were around at the time, I might have gone with them instead, knowing what I know now. UniFi works great when it does, and is a pain when it doesn't.

    • The issue I found with other managed (and unmanaged) switches is that they just don't show up properly in UniFi management portal. Devices will show zero traffic, randomly appear connected and disconnected.

      So if you're after the UniFi experience for devices behind the switch, you want something from UniFi

    • https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/274928968731?epid=2164380013&has...

      $30 bucks with code (on ebay page) until EOM.

      Also supports stp guard. But no POE but comes with a PS

      if you're security conscious: https://krebsonsecurity.com/2021/03/whistleblower-ubiquiti-b...

  • Thanks OP. Got one. Will fit in well with rest of my Unifi gear and ability to manage from single controller

  • Can this power another PoE device ?

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  • is this the same as an Edge router X? I had one of those and it was great

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      No, edge router is a “router” as well. Also I think it does 1 x POE pass thru. ES series works with UNMS/UISP ubiquiti controller systems.

      Unifi is a different product line.

  • Great deal. Been looking for one to hard code a VLAN Id to do VPN

  • Got in just in time it seems, now showing $62.

    • I snoozed, I loosed :(
      … now showing $65.00

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    Just in case if anyone is interested please read this comment regarding the manageability of this managed switch,

    “However this switch does not support SNMP monitoring or custom switch port profiles like other switches in the Unifi line up. It can still be used with VLANs; ports can be assigned either the default ALL profile for a trunk port, or one of the access port profiles that are automatically created when you define a network.

    Also missing 802.1X, STP, LLDP and Unifi Controllers Experience % measurement thing. And the firmware update also came down via HTTP instead of HTTPS.”

    • Yeah, I see the use cases for it, but no 802.1x is a killer for me.

    • VLAN tagging still works, can attest to that and it's useful.

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    These are perfect to expand the networking behind your TV/hifi setup. Super reliable and plays very nicely with the rest of a Ubiquiti network,

  • Thanks opp, bought, am loving the Unifo OS and ease of management.

  • Can i manage this switch via the controller if this was the only Ubiquiti switch in my network? I want to replace one of my TV unit switches with this one but i dont run any other Ubiquiti hardware and have a couple of other netgear general switches . If i install this switch, i can still adopt it with the Unifi controller (just) to view the stats etc? Or does it need to be a part of the ubiquiti network etc

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    No ssh going by YouTube review.

  • Ahh rip, I'm too late, all gone and back to a high price :(

  • Back in stock (well for backorder) at $48!

  • Just received it today, speedy service by courier please.

    And happy to report that it is discoverable by my UDM pro, and freeing up one wall power outlet! Nifty!