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Tryone 30" Gooseneck Tablet Stand $25.40 (Was $29.89) + Delivery ($0 with Prime / $39 Spend) @ Tryone.au via Amazon AU


【Using Tips:】When holding a heavy tablet larger than 8 inch, loop the gooseneck into a circle shape or bend it into “S” shape which could provide some more stability.
【Reinforced Bolt Clamp Base:】Reinforced and thickened base. Won’t break easily. Fit for 3 inches(75mm) thickness countertop or headboard.
【Flexible Stiffened Arm:】Made of Aluminium-Magnesium Alloy, stiffened material, very sturdy and flexible.
【Compatibility:】Compatible with any devices from 4 to 10.6 inches.
【Note:】Don't always bend at the same point or it may snap potentially.

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  • How do you connect it to your dashboard?

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    Won't break easily.

    Don't always bend at the same point or it may snap

    Huh ??

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      They do too, mine snapped at the screw tighten base.. I think I used it less than 5 times, the Mrs used it a bit. It was very wobbly for larger phones.

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  • Damn I want one that'll hold my Tab s7+ but that's 12.4' and seem hard to find

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      I have one of these mounted to a side table & it holds my Tab S7+ quite well.
      You have to bend and adjust the neck to your requirements before attaching the tablet or phone as it's quite annoying to do the adjustments with a device attached. Also make sure the table you are mounting the stand to is heavy enough to support the weight of the device first.
      As long as you don't constantly need to adjust the positioning of the neck, it holds up quite well.
      I've tried a few different gooseneck style device holders recently (including the kmart tripod style ones, don't even bother with these as they are all too light & flimsy to be safe) and found this one to actually work the best for my needs.
      Am happy to dm a photo of my set up for anyone who is interested. Just let me know

      • Can you please send me a photo of your setup thanks

  • What're the differences between this and those cheap (and crap) ones on eBay? Brought one from eBay for $13 and can't hold an iPad 4 or even a MiPad whatsoever. Ended up fully refunded.

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    I've been through 6 of these in 3 years.

    • 2 myself before swapping to a spring arm mount which is much more solid.

  • Interesting idea, but I think I 'll pass
    Based on the user experiences above, it seems to be way too flimsy.

  • I’ve been using this for a few weeks now so I can watch the iPad while I am on the exercise bike. It’s very sturdy, doesn’t wobble at all.

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  • Bought the twelve south hoverbar for my iPad Pro 12.9. I hope it’s sturdy. Got it for $63 after 22% eBay plus discount and $30 afterpay referer discount. Good reviews on YouTube

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    Is there something like this for a phone that I can attach to a bed and watch a movie on the phone without holding the phone

    • This can hold a device as small as 4.9 inches. Thats a phone right there. Your bed just have to have a way to anchor the holder.

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      Depends. What kind of movie?

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        Movies that require you to not hold the phone of course