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Garmin Enduro Steel Smartwatch $749 (Was $1249) @ Rebel Sport

  • Power Glass solar charging lens extends battery life to deliver up to 80hr in GPS use
  • Health tracking includes Heart Rate sensor, Pulse Ox sensor, Sleep Monitoring, Hydration Tracking and Respiration tracking
  • Performance metrics include running dynamics, heat- and altitude-adjusted VO2 max, recovery advisor and more
  • Multi-GNSS Support accesses GPS, GLONASS and Galileo to track more challenging environments
  • Tuned for punishing conditions with a weather resistant stainless steel bezel
  • Recovery advisor and daily workouts features utilise your performance metrics to deliver workouts and recoveries catered to you
  • ClimbPro Ascent planner shows real-time information on climbs, including gradient, distance and elevation gain
  • Pace-Pro, Backcountry Ski and MTB dynamics deliver unique tracking and performance metrics
  • Garmin Pay offers wallet-free purchasing when you are on the go
  • Connect to the Garmin IQ store to download custom watch faces, add data fields, and get apps and widgets

Usually sells for $1249.

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    Same price directly from Garmin AU (free shipping)

  • does anyone know how does this compared to the garmin fenix 6?

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      I bought one yesterday, so I can tell you! Basically, no onboard maps or music storage compared to the 6X (which is the same size as this). I think there’s a few other more minor things, but these are the biggest ones. For me it didn’t matter. I’ve come from a FR935, via a dabble with an Apple Watch, and even though it had maps and music, I never wen’t anywhere without my phone, so it renders it a little moot for me. Still, some people would find that ‘limiting’ or paying more for less features. But if those features are never used…

      My impressions so far are pretty great. I love how the steel looks. Real statement watch, compared to the more muted Fenix colors (although that might not be your vibe). It’s large, but even the steel version is pretty light. I enjoy the larger display as well, feels much more spacious compared to the FR935, and the bezels feel much slimmer too.

      Can’t say too much about battery life but I would imagine it’ll be great, given all the reviews from the usual suspects. Firmware updated upon turning on. I haven’t encountered any of the interface lag some people mentioned in initial reviews, but that was 6 months ago. From what I’ve seen, its integration with Wahoo smart trainers is pretty solid as well.

      PS. I used Macquarie Marketplace to get gift cards at 5% off.

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      Had the 6X and swapped it for the Enduro- almost the same software but some of the apps and watch faces might not be updated for both (the Enduro misses out), Enduro has a different SOC to make it slightly more power efficient and longer battery life, Enduro misses out on maps, music and wifi. Enduro has solar but it doesn't really add much to battery life. I think the Enduro is slightly lighter.

      Maps, music and wifi are probably the key consideration for most, longer battery life might be for a smaller percentage.

      Scratched bezel twice already on the Enduro the 6X was brand new when I changed it over and sold it. I hate the lime accents around the watch, clashes with other watch bands VS my 6X which was all black.

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    It's hard to see the use case for the enduro
    Some people might want really want much longer battery life,
    but I'd think most of those would want maps?
    Otherwise unless you like the looks of the enduro doesn't compare well to
    recent deals for Fenix 6 Pro & Sapphire

  • I really like the look of the enduro but i couldn't sacrifice maps for longer battery life. I thought maps would be a gimmick on such a tiny screen but works surprisingly well. Music and wifi i could live without.

  • What does it offer as compared to galaxy watch 4 series ?

    • battery life

    • Fitness watch vs Smart watch, completely different things they are good at.

  • A cheaper alternative to the Fenix as it may be overkill most, is the Garmin Instinct Solar currently on sale at $399.

  • $698.95 Delivered on Ebay with code:
    From Ryda


    Wish Garmin would just release the Fenix 7 already.

  • Anyone else having issues placing an order for this on the Rebel website? It keeps rejecting the credit card as payment method.