Ubiquiti Unifi U6 Lite Wi-Fi 6 Access Point $157.03 + Delivery @ UBWH


It's not on sale, but this is the cheapest by a decent margin available in Australia (that I found anyway). As a bonus most places don't even have stock, but UBWH has a bunch.

Note it doesn't come with an injector.

They've decided to make customers pay their strangely high surcharges for Visa and Mastercard, but they take bank transactions as payment which worked fine. I think it's because they mostly sell to businesses.

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  • I assume for fttp connection, no controller is required?

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      Afaik you can configure any of the APs as standalone using the mobile app.

      The type of connection you have isn't really relevant as you still need a router.

    • Correct they can be configured standalone. If you buy multiple then you'll want the controller running 24x7 to assist with better roaming performance, but it doesn't stop them working.

    • Doesn't matter whether you have FTTP, FTTN or 56k dial up, you don't need a controller to configure them.
      And the benefit of higher WiFi speeds is useful for LAN (local area network) access, e.g. streaming movies from a local home server or copying files from one computer to anoher.

  • what's the CC charges? I can't see them without creating an account and it's not in their faqs

    • I don't recall exactly; I made a ~$400 order and I think it was somewhere between $15 and $30. Not horrific, but enough to bother making a transfer. I did it out of hours in the evening and they'd confirmed payment before lunch the next day so it didn't really add delay.

    • On $157.03 order:
      PayPal Fee (non-refundable) = $5.81 inc-GST ($5.28 ex-GST)
      Card Fee (non-refundable) = $3.61 inc-GST ($3.28 ex-GST)

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    If you need free postage and want to use credit cards or PayPal, it's $168 with Express Post on eBay with voucher SEPSPENDNSAVE

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    Cheapest shipping is $34.20 by AustPost eParcel Regular road to east coast.
    They charge $21.64 just for local pickup!

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    Was $160.65 from wireless1 incl. express post during last ebay sale which happens quite often.

  • Not a deal. Currently $149 at Amazon (3 left in stock).