Spreadsheet of Every Home Loan Rate in Australia (XSLX)

I wrote a script to yank rates and lending product details from a few sources, de-duped them and tracked it over time. The tabs are ordered by date.

There's more than 2700 home loan lending products, this is all you'll ever need for making a decision without a broker. However keep in mind terms and conditions may differ from spreadsheet, so be sure to dot your i's and cross your t's. This is not financial advice. See @geek001's reply re: Tic:Toc. In some cases "Members Only" or package deals aren't included, this is because the data source does not list them. See Me Bank example below.

https://mega.nz/file/2Q1xlYaa#3YVI80qlANHoMGJAXVN4um7oXyPSqs... (last updated Oct 13 2021)

I assume over time this information will become less available as different sources make scraping harder.


  • Thanks! Can you post the script?

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      Nope, ping me if you need a refresh. Better to not link sources to prevent them closing it.

      • The messaging system says your account isn't accepting new conversations. Any chance you can send a refresh to me, if its not too much trouble? Thanks

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          Updated, check new mega link at the top!

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  • I had a look at the spreadsheet because I am looking at refinancing. First of all, great work and I really mean it, but..

    I picked out Tic:Toc Home Loans because it looked like the most appealing one to me at first glance. They have a variable rate with offset option(line 57). I had a look on their website and the offset option is $10/month which is not reflected in your spreadsheet. Just FYI, not to be picky or anything, your spreadsheet is still a great time saver. Cheers.

    • @geek001: Yeah found the same thing. Sources aren't perfect, definitely needs a confirmation.

      • Also, seems like some lenders are moving quite fast to match rates of other lenders.

        Reduce home loans seems to have a new rate up today at 1.77% variable. I am pretty sure it wasn't there last night. Home star finance also dropped their variable rates since you scraped their rates.

  • Username checks out.

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    took me 15 mins to open the file, is that normal? lol

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      took OP 15 years to make the file

    • Only took a few seconds to open mine.

      • maybe cause im not using excel, using a freeware called open office lol

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    Great spreadsheet, it's nice to have it all in one place :)

    Thank-you !

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    may give my broker the boot cos of this - apparently he's re-negotiated better deals with Westpac … but I'm still waiting after 3 months …

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      Renegotiating with Westpac takes about 5 minutes for a broker. Sounds shit.

  • Good job OP

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    Wow OP - love your work!

  • Unless I'm missing something, I've read the ING fixed rate home loans don't come with offset - would be a cracker of a deal if they did. (Rows 35/119 in the excel spreadsheet).https://www.ing.com.au/home-loans.html

    Also, similar thing for St George fixed rate loan (row 152). https://www.stgeorge.com.au/personal/home-loans/our-home-loa...

    Can anyone confirm… maybe I missed something in the smallprint? Thanks

  • Very useful. THanks,

  • Make sure to get the biggest loan.

    The more leverage there is in the system, the more likely the government will do whatever it takes to keep it going.

  • Me bank showing 2.04% fixed however they are advertising 1.89% fixed for 2 years?

  • Thanks for updating.