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[Deliveroo Plus] 40% off Orders + Free Delivery (Min Spend $20) @ Guzman Y Gomez via Deliveroo


Free delivery makes this a decent deal if you were going to order anyway.

Combine with https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/649277 for free Deliveroo Plus for 90 Days (remember to unsubscribe before your last day)

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    Are you a Mexican or a Mexican’t?

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      Mexican’t is racist
      You have to say Mexicannot

      • My Aunt is Mexican, she's my Mexicaunt.

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      Guess I'm a Mexicant as I'm not close enough to one!

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    So $8.94 per burrito if you order 2 instead of $9.90 (normal price at my GYG) for one. Rat bastards.

    • So how is this 40% off exactly? I always pay $9.90 also.

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        They jack up the burritos in my area to $14.90 on the app instead of $9.90 directly from the store.

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          Totally misleading. Oh and I wish my burrito looked like the one in the pic. They stuff them full with about 80 to 90% rice. They should rename them "rice burrito with a dash of chicken/beef/pork"

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            They stuff them full with about 80 to 90% rice

            I agree! The only places i've found that makes a good one are in Central Park food court in CBD and Newtown, Sydney.

        • you didn't get the memo?

          Delivery Jack is the 2nd cousin of Ebay Jack…

          • @vchoy: is it owned by ebay, though?

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      Yep the saving isn't that much, but decent if you were going to order anyway.

      I think of Deliveroo Plus as offsetting the delivery fee.

      In Canberra, a local burger shop does a burger for half price on Sunday (so massive savings for me there).

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    Damn really wish I had one in my range

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    I am a Deliveroo Plus member and can’t see any discount.

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      same for me

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        Same here, no discount for local gyg

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    HACK - I did not have Guzman's that delivered to my address, so I picked a local 7-11 and choose that as the delivery address. Drive there when the order is picked up. 40% off works out cheaper then picking it up from the restaurant.

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      All that effort to save $1 instead of picking it up at the restaurant

      • $1 is $1.

  • So it says geographical restrictions apply? Can you use delivery plus and pick up yourself? I have never used any delivery apps as my nearest GYG is too far away.

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      Get it delivered to the car park or the next shop and just pop in the delivery instructions that you’ll be out the front to collect. The delivery drivers love it as it’s a super quick win on their behalf