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Gulf Western XP Engine Oil 20W-50 4 Litre $9.99 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Supercheap Auto (Club Membership Required)


Good deal for the old beater or lawn equipment. I've seen the semi synthetic from Gulf Western for the same price before, so not the best price I guess.

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    Gulf Western 20W40 Mineral Oil 4L

    I see 20W50s and 10W40s but this is the first time seeing a 20W40!

  • Fine for the old Briggs mower but not much else.

    • Not even good for that. Should be SAE30

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        No harm in using multigrade oils in lawn equipment.

        Just the 2 down sides of not lasting as long (shearing) and being more expensive.

        Multigrade 40 is recommended where singe grade 30 is listed, because it shears to about a 30wt in minutes once at full temp.

        • Yeah monograde 30 is really nothing special when it comes to actual lubrication performance. However it is likely quite heavy in zinc for anti wear properties and lack of pollution controls on the engines.

          When I used to do a lot of this kind of maintenance, I used Delo 400 HDEO in everything without a DPF/PPF (petrol, Diesel and LPG, including small and stationary engines).

        • Is there something inherent to lawn mower engines that cause them to shear oil? I see this mentioned a lot but can't figure out why.

          • @Skips: Yes; air cooled, low oil capacity, and most of all, a duty cycle that runs them "at redline" the entire time they're started. They dont idle down.

            Also, they're splash sumps, not pressurised systems.

  • I use this as chain bar oil substitute for purpose branded chainsaw oil. Works ok. Doesn't stick as well as normal bar oil but does a good job. Being cheap oil I reckon it's got less synthetics mixed in it making it stick a bit better than other car oils.

  • Runs surprisingly well in old Valiants.

    Though, their TopDogXDO is where its at.
    We manage a few hundred kms in my mates biplane before it starts losing viscosity. (And yes, thats impressive).

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