Michael Kors Women’s Rose Gold Watches $129 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Save on two Michael Kors rose gold watch styles @ $129 with free shipping at Amazon.

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    These are basic quartz fashion watches. For around the same price you can buy a Citizen Eco-Drive with a 5 year warranty from Starbuy.

    Citizen Eco-Drive FE6024-55B $139.00 shipped

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      Yeah, but that’s pretty ugly.

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        It's pointless to argue about personal taste in watches. I'm just using it as an example as to what you can get in this price range from a reputable watch making brand.

        • I’m not here to argue either, but by doing that, isn’t it kind of your own personal taste?

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            @russta: No, I have no interest in ladies watches. Just trying to steer the community in the right direction so they get value for money.

            Plenty of other Citizen quartz & Seiko on Amazon too.

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              @WatchNerd: Fair enough.
              Apples and oranges really.
              If you want something that looks “good” go the MK. If you’re a 70 year old lady on the 19th hole of a golf course, the citizen is for you.

    • Totally get your point however I'd argue that the watch you've linked hardly counts as a fashion watch, especially for women.

      To be honest though this price range probably is the correct price range for a women's rose gold watch. All the watches I have are in this range, whether it be from MVT, Tommy Hilfiger or Fossil. So is this a bargain, perhaps not. At this price range you're really buying for reputation based on fashion/looks/brand name, rather than practicality.

      • the watch you've linked hardly counts as a fashion watch

        That's exactly my point.

    • Yep, and for some bizarre reason, citizen/Seiko can't manage to deliver a fashion-looking watch, with quality bits.

      I'd really hate to have to buy a "daily beater" watch as a woman…because anything affordable is just cheap internals.

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        just do what my lady does

        take my omega and rolex

      • interesting….as a woman i wear men's watches simply because i don't like the aesthetics of what watch brands think a woman's watch should look like (don't ask me what i think of women's fashion either lol). the only "women's watches" i have are the "mini" casioaks (both the black and white ones) and a baby-g version of the g-shock dw5600.
        i'm not into gold/rose gold or blingy stones or over-the-top fancy bracelet styles that seem to comprise this corner of the market. women's watches are smaller though, so that's one thing going for it.

        and for what it's worth, i think citizen and seiko make some damn fine looking watches. my favourite citizens are the black (89h) and blue (89l) variants of the NJ2180 titanium auto. equally nice are seiko pressage cocktail time watches in so many colour variants.

  • I swear Michael Kors watches are always on sale on Amazon so often that they may as well be the new retail price

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      because MK is shit tier with whatever they do, watches bags, you name it