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Hisense 85U80G 85" 8K ULED TV $4880 + Shipping @ VideoPro


Not an easy TV to find for sale.
Not sure why it isn't listed at JB, Harvey Norman, etc…

85" 8K ULED TV

Has 2x HDMI 2.1 Compliant HDMI ports
4K @ 120HZ
8K @ 60HZ

AMD Freesync
Android 10 OS

1000 Nit maximum brightness

Full array local dimming

3 year warranty

Significantly cheaper than most 8K TV's of this size

$4780 here delivered
Thanks SimpleGirl

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    Is this the US or local version?

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    Hopefully they can further drop during Christmas so will become very tempting.

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    Appliance Central $4780 plus shipping, free shipping to selected cities though.

    • OK good find. Mod can we update the link and store name for the better price credit to Simplegirl?

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        You can edit the post and link in edit next to view and revisions field. Also you need to Talk to a Moderator they won't see this.

        • Too late apparently. Have credited SimpleGirl in the main post.

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    Does this actually have full HDMI 2.1? I remember hearing somewhere that the AU version of the U8G doesnt have 2.1, and Hisense pulled some shifty marketing to say they are compliant but don’t actually offer all of the 2.1 features that are important. Anyone confirm?

    • What do you mean by FULL HDMI 2.1?

      Unlike the 85U8G which has partial compliance, this unit is listed as compliant

      The 85u8g which is a 4K TV would only do 4K @ 60hz

      This 8K model is the 85U80G - easy to confuse the model numbers. This is an 8K HDMI 2.1 compliant model.

      This does 4K @ 120HZ, 8K @ 60HZ

      It doesnt say if this is 24, 36 or 48 Gbps - I think technically it could be classed as compliant regardless of which of those speeds it is….

      2 ports are HDMI 2.1, 2 ports HDMI 2.0

      • I'm not sure, I think it was to do with the inclusion of the Variable Refresh Rate Technology. But if the u8g is partially compliant and the u80g is compliant then im guessing they fixed it in this model. Thanks for clarifying :)

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        I don’t think hdmi 2.1 can do native 8k 60hz unless it’s dsc compressed.

        48Gbps limit is only around about 8k 46/47hz. Anyone wanting a 8k tv should be waiting for hdmi 2.2 cause with 2.1 you would be playing future 8k games at a hard 30hz ceiling.

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          Future 8k at 60 won't happen for at least next generation and even then it be waist of resources 4k 60 is sweet spot with all the graphic settings maxed.

          • @Jklaro: That is literally what they said last generation with FullHD 60hz. But here we are…

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              @fuzor: I'm not sure what was said but I'm not going to buy a TV to wait 6 years for next gen 8k 60.

          • @Jklaro: Yes it is. PC gaming with RTX3090

            First GPU with HDMI 2.1

            GeForce RTX 30 Series GPUs are the first available to feature HDMI 2.1 support, for single cable output on 8K HDR TVs. This is critical for 8K HDR 60 FPS gaming since you need at least 71.66 Gbps before compression. This was not possible on TVs using HDMI 2.0b.

            • @vinni9284: Yer high settings it's capable what about ultra.


              30fps 40fps is what it's capable of.

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                @Jklaro: .. Just wait next year when the RTX4090 is released and then we can chat :P

                • @vinni9284: Rumours are 40% more expensive.

                  • @Jklaro: Well, in this very overpriced GPU market, I won't be in a hurry to buy the new card plus a 8K screen

      • There's some spec thing where some do 40Gbps and some do the full 48, there's a couple of functions you can't do if a TV is maxing at 40Gbps. I have no idea, if thisi s one of those situations to be clear.

    • To have full HDMI 2.1 bandwidth, it has to support 48Gbps. However if it does state 4K120Hz/8K60Hz it'll be HDMI 2.1

    • You can blame HDMI forum for that. You only need to support on of the new features of HDMI 2.1 to be labelled as HDMI 2.1.

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    Great TV. love it.

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      Better HDR performance.

      • -1

        HDR Performance? This TV is not even 10 bit HDR.. Who cares about brightness when it can't even do 10 bit HDR native.

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      600 isn't bad, must OLED's are a lot less.

      The 1000 is maximum brightness - that is likely to be only for a second or two watching HDR content. It's standard brightness is likely a lot less - probably around 500.

      We have a fair bit of natural light in our TV room during the day - a bright TV is very useful in that situation.

  • This is good price.

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    1" = AU$ 57.41

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    This would be a huge waste of almost $5,000 given that there is practically zero 8k media out there.

    Even 4k video is fairly limited.

    I'd be very surprised to see ozbargainers make this kind of purchase. Unless they are simply trying to "keep up with the Jones's".

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      I’d have 8k @ 55” as a single screen alternative to my 4 x 4K 27”s

      • Well, I wouldn't.

        But perhaps you have found a good use for these 8k screens? Replacing 4 x computer monitors?

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          Yes, but 55” is the optimal size for my use case which is mainly trading. I need lots of very sharp screen space.

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      The issue is 8k sets is where tv manufacturers put all there tech. So you actually get better 4k tv in their 8k set then their 4k only sets.

      • Spot on Jklaro.

        Also the upscaling in these sets isn't bad. 1080p upscaled to 2160p typically looks better than 1080p.

        Upscaled standard definition content not so much. But SD sucks in 1080p too….

    • +3

      I’d argue that 4K isn’t really “limited” nowadays compared to past, plenty on streaming services, YouTube, UHD disc, gaming consoles/PC etc.
      Free to air is a miss there of course.

      8K on the other hand, agree it’s still limited.

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      I bought the 75" Version a couple of month back on special around 3800.
      Didn't really buy it for the 8K but for its overall specs. HDMI 2.1 was important to me and this supports ALL options on the Xbox Series X.
      Also I must say that the upscaling on this TV is great! Of course for 4K discs but also Blu-ray and even most DVDs look (relatively) great on this.

      • Does it do 4k 60hz vrr and dolby vision at the same time?

        • Good Question…I would need to double check
          But I can confirm that you get all options "green ticked" when you check on the Xbox series X under TV details.

      • What about SD upscaling? How did you find the FTA SD content? I wonder about SD upscaling to 8k as compared to 4k. Going 4k is not a big jump but going 8k might be a big ask. Asking for your opinion since you have the 75". TIA.

    • buying a Hisense wont really "keep up with the Jones's".tho

  • Same question. We hardly have 4k media and programming today and so would this be future proof?

    • Likely not with changes to HDMI 3.0 or whatever standard will be out in 5 years. I doubt this TV will last 5 years too when 8k content is available. Most TV channels don't even broadcast Full HD. However its a good deal Given 85' 4k TV is $3000

      • +3

        If "good deal" simply means it's the cheapest available. Then of course.

        But I'd hope that people on this website want to get some value, regardless of the RRP.

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      Hardly any 4K media? There’s 4K all over the place (outside of free to air TV). Most decent series/movies released nowadays on streaming services are 4K. YouTube has 4K. Games consoles and PCs do 4K. UHD blurays are 4K. Foxtel has 4K options too I think?

      The gap is free to air which can have all sorts of quality/resolution depending on the channel, content are etc. don’t really care too much about. I find the HD channels are good enough for casual watching and will leverage above list of 4K items to watch/play the good stuff I’m after

      • The gap is bigger than free to air, but it has been reducing thanks to content delivery over netflix and the like. Most cable/paytv and iptv are a mix of 720p and 1080p with a few token 4k channels. Heck even some stuff on streaming like amazon prime and stan services are still 1080p but most people just assume its all 4K. The gap is bigger than you think, but for folks who just uses netflix/similar they would not realize it. As has been the case for a long time now for enthusiasts there are many ways to access/consume media..

      • +5

        Anyone who says there's no 4K content either isn't looking for it or just watches FTA. Almost every show and movie over the last few years is released in 4K. Studios and streaming services have said they will not release anything in 8K for at least a few years.

        • +1

          To be fair it is all still a bit silo'd. Some movies and shows whilst available in 4K will only stream in 1080p in some regions, yet be available at 4K in apple/google store as an example later. Most IPTV (not very popular or even understood here, but massive in asia/europe/us) are also mostly 480p to 1080p. And then there is the default apps in smart tvs some being crap and not properly supporting 4K confusing consumers as well, or not realizing they need a 4k plan.

          • @Xizor: 4K upscaling is also available on tvs

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              @cute as ducks: Yes, but there is only so much you can polish a turd. I say that owning 3 nvidia shields using its AI upscaling. Our household consumes media from wide variety of sources (the big streamers, kayo, wide variety of IPTV most here would be oblivious about, a sizable local NAS etc), and in terms of % of hours for viewing per a week without a doubt the majority is not 4K source content. Granted there is a lot of new content that is 4K, but a solid 2/3 of it is pure garbage (i'm looking at you Netflix!).

  • Light clutch?

  • Great TV, have a 2018 70" ULED and it has been unreal for PS5 gaming and 4K content
    This will go nicely as an upgrade

  • Do these 8K sets use pentile subpixel arrays?

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    What sort of 8K content are you guys watching?

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    We need better internet infrastructure before even considering 8K content from a download and streaming perspective. Damn you NBN!

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    Don't we have 8K video on phones nows, along with plenty of still photography at 8K+? One hella of photoframe at a minimum, and great to replay phone footage.

  • You can see how many people in the comments don't care about anything but resolution and frames.. This TV is not even proper 10 bit HDR… No thanks lol… That's unacceptable for this price in 2021.

    • what makes you say it's not 10 bit HDR? specs here (https://www.displayspecifications.com/en/model/9d742806) clearly state HDR10 and HDR10+ and as far as I know, that's 10 bit HDR

      • +1

        He is talking about the 85U80G being an 8 bit + FRC screen versus a true 10 bit screen

        It's explained reasonably well here:


        Will you tell the difference with the naked eye?
        Not so sure. It will depend on the content. Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

        Is 10 bit worth twice the price, IMHO no.

        Would you rather a 4K 8+FRC screen or a 10 bit SD screen…..
        4K 8+FRC screen every time.

        Would you rather a 4K 10 bit screen or an 8K 8 + FRC screen…..
        I guess that depends on the content you are viewing. But I'd take the 8K 8 + FRC at the same size and price every time….

        • Well being Hisense and knowing their products are hit and miss.. Without knowing how this truly performs with 8bit + FRC compared to 10bit and coming from a gaming perspective, I wouldn't be taking the punt. I'd rather a tried and true known brand 4K 10bit if I was purchasing now in 2021 because by the time 8K becomes mainstream, the technology in all these 8K TV's will have moved forward already and most likely the operating system obsolete and no longer supported.

          • @Justin9mm: I find it funny that people criticise the Hisense OS (Vidaa) so much. I guess it matters more to people who actually use the smart features of a TV rather than a connected device.

            Yet this TV actually runs Google OS 10 and every single review I have seen of it says the Google OS 10 is considerably slower than Vidaa (but offers more apps).

            • @TheCandyMan2020: You missed my point..8K may be mainstream in 5+ years time.. Any OS in a TV currently now is going to be obsolete and unsupported after a certain time. It doesn't matter if it's a Sony, Hisense, Samsung etc. I just don't get the need for buying 8K now, the whole future proofing for 8K is crap because the tech and OS in the 8K TV I buy say in 5 years when it becomes mainstream is going to shit all over the 8K TVs now. And we'd be lucky even if it was even mainstream in 5 years.

              • @Justin9mm: No doubt tech in 5 years will be better.

                I am not sure 4K is mainstream yet, but its certainly my preferred definition. I watch all my movies in 4K. Sadly only limited live sport is available in 4K.

                From all the reports, 4K upscaled to 8K is better than 4K - and this TV has a reputation for pretty good upscaling.

                I need a TV now, this one offers bang for buck.

                My experience with Hisense top range TV's has been good and also my experience with their warranty support on their gear has also been excellent. So I am fan at the price and my next TV will be 85" - most likely Hisense 4K or 8K unless a better deal on a better brand comes along soon…

      • It says the 10bit output is actually 8bit + FRC which is like an upscale to true 10bit.. 10bit has to do with the colour range in the panel, the HDR10 and HDR10+ refers to brightness.


        Honestly 8bit + FRC is an inferior 10bit.

  • Will 4K content look good native? How is the upscaling?

    • 4k will be fine. Its your collection of DVD built over the years that you gotta worry about.

  • The 83" LG OLEDs would be far superior?

    That was my first thought when I saw this deal, not sure if I could justify near 5 grand on a Hisense when an OLED is not that much more 25% or so

    • +1

      Picture quality wise yes they would at 4k resolution.

      Brightness absolutely not. The brightness could be an issue in a room with a lot of light.

      No doubt OLED is better if you can put up with the brightness, smaller screen size and potential burn-in.

      However this set is $4880. Are they selling 83" 8K OLED's for $6100?

      The store selling this for $4880 has 2 different 83" OLED's - they are both 4K, not 8K. They are $8495 (LG C1) and $9995 (Sony A90J) - thats 74% and 104% more expensive for a smaller TV with lower definition….

      At 25% difference I agree an 83" OLED would be a more attractive option for most people if they are happy with 4K rather than 8K and a slightly smaller set.

      • Yeah I must've got confused with the 77" models around 6 grand.

        Or maybe the budget 83" OLED was in the 6's.

        Either way I'd be keeping an eye on the 83" OLED panels, I dont rate 8k at all.

        120hz @4k sounds good for the Hisense though, assuming you can get the frame up on your PC/console.

        • I see no value in 8k unless it's being used as a mega mega monitor at about 6' away on an 85" or if the display is literally in excess of 140"

          You just need to do the maths to figure out where it taps out. I got a 1080p 65" and it's a tiny tiny bit low res. When I go 4k I want at least 75 to 85" to see genuine size and res benefits in one jump.

          • @hamwhisperer: As the owner of a 3.5 year old 75" Hisense 4K TV I would say the difference between 4K and 1080p is dramatic and highly noticeable at a viewing distance of 2m to 3m. At a closer distance the difference is even more stark.

            Watching say The Dark Knight or The Joker at both resolutions on the same TV at the same viewing distance, one you have seen it in 4K you would never want to watch in 1080P again.

            I can't speak for 4K upscaled to 8K or 8K native as I don't (yet) own a 8K TV.

            I would also say you need a decent video card in your PC if you are playing it in 4K onto the TV (which is what I do) - anything less than an Nvidia 1080 and it freezes and stutters badly at 4K.

            • @TheCandyMan2020: I have a 1080p very high end plasma and sit about 8' away. The pixels are just on the edge of visible, I would actually see an improvement, at 4k with my glasses on, not a huge huge improvement but I'd see one.

              Mathematically though, I would need a HUGE display for 8k to look better than 4k or to sit VERY close.

              • @hamwhisperer: How big is your plasma?

                I had decided to buy the Hisense 100S8 which is a 100" behemoth. But now having second thoughts because it's only 4K and at that size, starting to wonder if I really need 8K to be satisfied with the picture.

                I guess I am looking at a 5 year investment on the TV.

                85" 4K might be a stop gap until 8K 100" is available and more affordable.

      • +1

        My mum has a 6 month old LG 4K OLED - not sure of the exact size but somewhere around 63" - she watches it in her lounge room.

        At night with no lights on it looks great. It is a beautiful picture.

        However during the day with some natural light in the room or even her room lights on, the picture does look decidedly dim even with brightness cranked up above 50% - which does increase the risk of burn in.

        So a lot depends on where your TV is and your viewing conditions.

        I have young kids so during the day the TV gets a solid workout. Bright picture is important for my use case.
        If you have a seperate darkened home theatre (which sadly I dont) it's not an issue.

  • Will this do 8k 24 Hz as this is all my S21u can do ?

    • This will do 8K @ 60HZ assuming whatever you are sending the signal to it from supports that.

      Not sure if it will do 8K @ 24 Hz. As it does have freesync if that was from a PC output I guess yes.

      Also bear in mind it will only do 8K @ 60HZ on 2 of it's HDMI ports (the 2x HDMI 2.1 ports). The other 2 HDMI ports are only HDMI 2.0 and won't do 8K