[Pre Order, PS4, PS5] Buy FIFA 22 $69/$79 Delivered & Get $25 off Select DualSense Controllers @ Amazon AU


Amazon has a deal if you pre order FIFA 22 you get $25 credit towards a PS5 controller. Perfect timing for me as I was looking to get both. Good way of getting the cosmic red controller for cheap as its always a higher price than others.

FIFA22 for PS4 — $69
FIFA22 for PS5 — $79

Release date: 1 October 2021

DualSense Controllers

My first post - hope it works - want to help the community out.

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    Welcome. We need more ozbargainers so we dont miss on deals…..

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    Credit towards a new controller as you will rage break your current one

    • When the players feel like they're gliding on the pitch and the goalkeeper saves all your shots.

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    Something went wrong

    • Need to open it in a web browser, not the Amazon App

  • New FIFA feels very arcadey

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    Good way of getting the cosmic red controller for cheap as its always a higher price than others

    Downside: You have to pay full price for a game that will be in the $10-and-under bargain bin <12 months from now.

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      It will be on offer for sure on black Friday and Cyber Monday but the feeling of playing the game at launch is unbelievable :P

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      Make sure to buy it on 28 degrees then.

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        …or just wait 12 months and play something else?

    • price protection on 28 degrees will make this game free after I sell it on FB marketplace in 8-10 months

      actually I'd end up getting paid to play it if I sell it for $30 or more

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      It's also part of the EA Play subscription, which is around $40 a year (on PC)

      • Also a part of channel Bittorrent if you're a dirty filthy pirate and don't want to play online.

        • 21 hasnt even been cracked yet lol

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    I still missing a PS5!!

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    This is actually a fantastic idea from Amazon, they know that FIFA is so insanely infuriating that people are likely to break their controllers and will need a new one.

  • Any stock info about PS5 from the community would be really appreciated :)

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      Just ask your Amazon master for one.

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    Anyone who will pre-order and does not want the controller please PM me. Happy to pay for the controller + Milk tea. =)

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    Don't mind a new controller but don't want fifa22

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      Controller deal with God of War, Horizon Forbidden West or GT7 would be nice.

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        Making consoles that work with PS5 controllers more readily available would be nice.

      • I doubt they will do controller deal with single mode only game

    • Could always order both and then return fifa once it arrives.

      • Yeah what's Amazon return policy? Never returned electronics with them before..

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          You can return pretty much anything.

          I believe if it's change of mind then you have to pay return shipping (I think it was $7 last time I did it), but if it's their fault/product issue (late deliveries count too) then you can return it free of charge.

          Amazon have been pretty bad with preorders lately so you could probably get a free refund for a late delivery on this one.

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            @mangobango: going to return the game when i use $25 credit to get a controller

            • @Aemit: Just wary.. what if Amazon makes you pay for the $25 voucher value but don't think that'll be the case tbh

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                @MrMoist: Definitely something to be wary of, however yeah I highly doubt it.

                It would cause more headaches for Amazon and customer service if they deduct the $25 from your account than they would want to deal with.

  • Is that $25 off per controller, or a total of $25 off regardless how many controllers you buy?

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      Broden has entered chat.

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      Additional terms and conditions may be required - The $25 discount off applicable items will only be applied at checkout. A limit of 1 applicable items per order applies. The offer is valid only for products B08H99BPJN, B094WLFGD3, B094WRT8PD. Offer limited to one per customer and account.

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    Just wait a month or two and buy it for $20 and save a lot more.

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    New FIFA game is like printing money each year

    • It's more of a football kicking, goal scoring type of game

    • haha, yep.

    • they were doing this for decade now. a few small change or add old feature back. Woala, new game now give me 60 bucks please

  • Need a PS5 first

  • great soccer game.

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    'Standard Plus Edition', how do they make this s*** up lol.

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    I pre-ordered the game…how do we claim the $25 off controller?

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      Did you read the terms and conditions for the offer? It's in there.

  • Isn't FiFa game are like rebadge from previous year with updated to the roster?

    • The old FIFA's get updates to the roster too. The new FIFA is a downgrade in one sense as they lost the licences for a few big Italian clubs…

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      That's all of the ea sports games in a nutshell

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      Absolutely. Each year, it is just the Sega Megadrive version of FIFA 95 with new player roster and upscaled graphics.

    • The PS5 version plays quite different to the PS4 one, they definitely did some extra work on that one this year.

  • PES 2022 or eFootball base game will be free to download on 30 September…might give that a go. 😃

    *Free version comes with only 9 teams and can be upgraded $.

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      Wont have master league for months at best, may as well just play a PES21 with updated data pack.

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        Upgrade pack says 11 November $59?… Haven’t really looked into it.

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          You have just pulled that date from nowhere, they have never stated a specific date outside from after launch.

          • @andigaming: No need to be rude…like I said I haven’t really looked into it

            11.11.2021 - https://store.playstation.com/en-au/product/EP0101-PPSA03073...

            • @ne-us: If you think that is rude by internet standards then you have a rude awakening.

              If you actually read the link you posted it still states:

              "New features, modes, events and gameplay improvements are planned for the near future."

              So again, there is no specific date and you are coming into a about a different game and speading misinformation.

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      does the Ultimate team equivalent in eFootball launch on September 30 too?

      • Not sure, I was just going to download the free base game to see whether I like it before looking to pay for anything else on it. 9 teams:

        1. Arsenal
        2. Barcelona
        3. Bayern Munich
        4. Corinthians Paulista
        5. Flamengo
        6. Juventus
        7. Manchester United
        8. River Plate
        9. São Paulo
  • Every year I say in not getting it, and every year I regret buying it.

  • anyone know if Fifa 22 has the journey gameplay?

    • If you mean the actual story then no. You can play career as a singlular player but it isn't a story like the journey.

  • Anyone know if they are doing this for NHL 22 please?

  • Used to buy Fifa religiously every year for probably the guts of 10 years.

    Can't make myself do it anymore.

    EA just milk people for money and barely change or improve anything.

  • $25 credit expires 22 November

    • Expires before Black Friday Sale

  • Any PS5 controller Deals that Dont involve this Shitty Game ?

  • Is this expired? I can't see the deal any longer on Amazon? Perhaps for Prime users only?