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Buy One Item, Get One Free at Select Restaurants @ Uber Eats


The offer is on homepage of the uber eats app.

If you see a map when loading uber eats website, click delivery on the top to see the banner.

Also, scroll down a bit further and there is a "Today’s offers" where there are more deals.

There will be different restaurants throughout the day as they open. I had a bubble tea place yesterday afternoon but I cannot see on the list yet as they open at 12pm.


To redeem this offer, search for a participating restaurant with a ‘Buy 1, Get 1’ tag, add the promoted item to your cart and place your order. Delivery Fee and Service Fee applies. Offer available Monday through to Thursdays between 13 and 30 September 2021 in Australia and New Zealand where the Uber Eats app is available. Subject to availability in your area and operating hours and stock availability.

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    Theres also one for groceries, on selected stores its $20 off $30 spend

    • I don't see this one so might be limited to uber pass (if you have it) or only for your area.

    • That one does not stack with 40/50% and $15 off targeted offers, the BOGOF does

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        $20 off $30 at IGA with $3 delivery means I can get two pints of B&J for $13. Kinda tempted…

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    Nice one - there are quite a few options available in my area.

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    Anyone know if this is a promo paid for by the restaurant or by Uber?

    • It is paid by the restaurant.
      Only cost to Uber is the marketing they do for their ‘Double Double Day Day’ campaign

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    There have been a few of these I have used in the past that have been great deals (2 for 1 burgers with free delivery) but lately the only 2 for 1 deals have been super underwhelming like 2 for 1 tomato sauce packet… but everything else is full price. Looks to be some more worthwhile deals today though so thanks OP!

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    Why do you need to open ubereats in incognito? The BOGOF deals are clearly advertised in the app.

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      I order via PC browser and don't use the app, however, that is a good point. I'll add it to the description.

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    I ordered Subway for saturday night haha..thanks.

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      Huge night planned hey?

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    nothing good around my area. it looks like they jacked up the prices for ubereats too.

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      Yep, fake promo. The kebab shop near me has a buy one get one free but with no meat. Meat is extra $5. Other places have chips or soft drinks. Soft drinks that are listed for $3-$4 each. Then they rip you off with delivery as well as “service fee”.

      • good to know that i'm not the only one getting screwed over.

  • Wasn't immediately obvious to me, but for a given restaurant, you can get the promo for each of the items that are offered for BOGOF, you're not just limited to one choice

    • You can also get multiples of the same item. It helps to reach minimum spend requirements on some promos.

  • +3

    It's always like a free spring roll though.
    And then a lemon chicken by itself is like $29…
    Better to call the business direct I find. Lemon chicken is then (for example) only $17 and then practice your Cantonese and ask for a free spring roll . YMMV

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    prices jacked up near my place !!!

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    For those who have the $15 off $25 from the last promo (or any promo really), the discount will apply as long as the total value reaches the minimum.

    For example, if the item is $13 and it's BOGO, your coupon will still apply as it will treat it as $26. Pair it with an uber pass trial and you'll only be paying for $1.3 for the service fee.

    • +1

      only time I've used Uber Eats is through the $15 off $25 deal. As a true OzBargainer, I placed three separate Uber Eats orders, pick up (to avoid delivery and service charge)… and yes, whilst the meal ordered through Uber Eats attracted a $2 premium per dish over direct orders with the restaurant, ended up receiving circa $25 items for $10…

      the owner had it packed in one bag ready to go, but asked why I placed 3 separate orders… I simply replied, Uber Eats promo… i'm guessing Uber Eats takes their cut on the amounts ordered, regardless of the number of orders (i.e. 1 single order for 3 items… or 3 orders for 1 item)

      still have 5 more $15 off $25 offers to take advantage… i'll pick on another restaurant this time…

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    You can stack this buy 1 get 1 with the previous targeted 10 orders each get 10$ off

    • How do I do this?

  • Nice, will partake of some banh mi and bubble teas later on. Despite the mild price jacking still good value.

  • They jacked up the prices. Hardly any savings if you don't really need that much food. And more food = more weight gain :)

  • Do I just order one but end up getting 2 delivered?

  • +8

    Delivery Fee and Service Fee

    Ahh still charging mandatory service fee, never used uber since that came in

    • Agree. Just different names. One day they can give you delivery free and still make money from jacked up prices and service fee. I wonder how people fall to their trap and keep ordering through them without a decent offer.

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    Uber rorts

  • +12

    These promos are deeply harmful to restaurants.

    1) All costs borne by the restaurants. Uber forces u to offer items worth $8 or more to feature
    2) there’s a hack that people can order more than 1 serving by adjusting the quantity at check out (ie change quantity to 10, get 10 free)
    3) if you don’t participate, your sales drop dramatically during promo because customers drift towards other participating restaurants.

    This promo finishes Thursday this week, but there’s another round of “double double day day” coming up in October/November.

    For restaurants these promos are “dammed if you do, damned if you don’t” kinda thing.

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    I hate how Uber rorts small businesses

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    The deal is only ever on the items with a high profit margin like chips or soft drink. I'd rather save money by ordering direct from the restaurant and avoiding the delivery app surcharge.

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    Most of the items are soft drinks…

  • Stack with $15 off $25 spend if you got them. Subway have 2 for 1 on selected footlongs pop up often. Got 4 footlongs for $18 delivered the other night lol

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    Thanks op, got 12 X 2 iced donuts from Donut King for $30.

    • +1

      Lucky you :)

  • Got excited when I saw fish market was included under the offer. turns out is just tomato sauce and water.

  • Anyone know how the delivery charges work. The restaurant i was going to order from at 11:30 was $2.99 delivery, Then i got distracted with some work, came back to it at 12:15, and it jumped to $5.99 delivery. Hard to pay a $3 jump for a $12 meal.

    • I've seen a message like "delivery charges can go up or down depending on how popular the place is" on some restaurants.

    • Surge pricing. I always play around with different adresses until I get a free shared delivery.