Suggestions for Great Upload (100Mbps) and Backup Upload (20Mbps) Connections

I've started doing some video streaming and I wanted to make sure my connection isn't saturated. I'll ultimately be streaming to multiple sources at the same time which means multiple connections of 6-10Mbps video feeds will be needed.

I can auto-degrade feeds to shit quality if there's a power outage, so mobile backup makes sense.

What's the best option for either symmetric speeds (property is eligible for FTTP) or 100Mbps+ upload speeds?

Is there any tech that I'm missing out on or changes expected on NBN to support my use-case better, like for example 5G unlimited mobile plans seem to be a thing now, they don't say they're capped but seeing speedtests it's clear they're not symmetric.

Happy to also try crazy shit like splice multiple connections.


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    You might like to try a multicast tool. This is what came up with a quick search - I don't know what the pros use.

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      Thanks, I've already got the casting/streaming solution figured out. I can set up routing fairly easily. Just need to figure out the internet connection portion and what's "the best" for my use-case.

      • What's your budget?

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    It is possible to have multiple NBN connections to the same property. Could output to a second device on a separate internet connection.


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      FTTP you can have multiple. Up to 4.

  • I'm not aware of any residential NBN plans that offer more than 50mbps upload so you'd be looking at a business or above grade plan and of course $$$$ to match. Just contact ISPs and find a plan that suits.

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    Aussie Broadband Business plan, 250/100

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    Whirlpool maintains a list of High Speed NBN Plans that you could check

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    nbn Enterprise Ethernet for symmetrical speed. Get in touch with an ISP to find out more.

    For minimum 100Mbps upload there is nbn FTTP.

  • Superloop 250/100 or 200/200 both around $220 per month

  • I'm on the aussie bb 250/100 plan as I upload a lot. It's great.

    Speed tests show 240/93.