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[PS4, PS5] Sackboy: A Big Adventure $54.95 (RRP $109.93) @ PlayStation Store


Was watching this YouTube video and saw he partnered with PlayStation to give 50% discounts on the game since there is a tournament running. Isn't the cheapest it has been but still a hefty discount.

There is also a discount for the US PSN version using this code: BJHFN468DR
I haven't tested this but if people are willing to login to the US PSN and download it, the cost will be around $41AUD.

Edit: If the code doesn't work for you, try a different browser or even try through the PS App.

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    Today I learned the PSN supports discount codes.

    Can confirm it knocking a whole 30USD off in my American Account's cart.

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      In OzB spirit, think about the resale value of a physical copy.

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        Good for anyone with a digital only console I suppose. But yes definitely think about resale although I don’t think I’ve ever resold a game except for at the end of a generation trading everything in for a new console..

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          I don’t think I’ve ever resold a game except for at the end of a generation trading everything in for a new console

          If you find you're not going back to those games, you'd recoup a lot more reselling closer to it's release.

          I keep (collect) first-part Nintendo. Sell all console games ASAP (I might rebuy some of the few first-party console-exclusive Sony/MS titles at a much later date for cheap). And buy digital on PC for old releases that have reached a steady nadir in price.

          • @miracle: Why is this downvoted?

            • @SuperMrBlob: It's okay. I believe a voting system is more informative if voters have a freedom to vote as they wish. Accompanying with a reply is even better though.

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                @miracle: I have no idea why y'all were downvoted. There were good points all around, I'm generally not the type of person to sell my games and I indeed do go back and play old stuff now and then for nostalgia sake.

                Plus I'm a lazy man who doesn't want to disc swap/deal with clutter :P

                I ended up biting the bullet on the US store's deal.
                Just had to remember to claim the free DLC skins through that account too.

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    Good price for a fun game.

  • discount worked. thanks for posting!

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    Just wanna say this is probably the funnest game I’ve played so far on my ps5. At least playing couch coop with a friend.
    Highly recommend if you have someone to play with!

    • I take it you haven't played Rift Apart?

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        Nah I have. I think for me it was just the couch coop. I haven’t done couch coop for years and years. So tbh I actually think this was the most just pure giddy fun I’ve had playing a video game in longer than I can remember.

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          That's fair! I've thought about getting it, but wasn't a fan of the little big planet stuff. Personally Ratchet gave me that feeling of fun, but video games have become almost a chore for me in the last couple of years (even when I want to play them, I can do so for 20min at a time max). Might check this one out though based on peoples thoughts.

          • @Ethan Bargain-Hunt:

            …but video games have become almost a chore for me in the last couple of years.

            Time for a new hobbie, man, there's a lot of shit out there…

            • @miracle: Haha I do other stuff man (albeit some of it has been impossible to do due to lockdowns), just saying that due to commitments with work and other stuff that I can't play video games for more than 20min (when I do) without them feeling like a chore.

              Ratchet was the last game I had a proper sit down and playthrough!

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          You should definitely check out It Takes Two

        • Have you played It Takes Two? Super fun couch co-op! Since playing that I'm always on the lookout now to play similar style games with the wife. Glad to hear this is similar - keen to give it a go

          • @jrad0: Will check it out for sure, cheers 👍🏼

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  • Thanks OP, just got it from the US PSN store for $29.99 instead of $59.99. Been eyeing this game for a while now for couch co-op.

  • Can anyone give a quick guide on how to purchase from US PSN? Sorry in advance for the fact I'm both cheap AND lazy

    • Easiest way is to buy US PSN gift cards from Amazon.com. They get delivered instantly and with no markup. And just create an second account on your PlayStation with a random US address.

      • Mad, looks like I can grab a $20 and a $10 US PSN card for around 43 AUD, might give it a go.

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      Have to create an entire new account and set the region there during creation. Pick a state like Montana to avoid sales tax.

      Look up a fake US account generator to get a town/postcode etc.

      Can either painstakingly try to set up a payment method if you have an American Payal or other international service (kind of a crapshoot) or buy US Wallet PSN cards via Amazon, CDkeys, or some other retailer.
      They're posted here on OzB sometimes at cheaper than face value, which is always a nice get.

      Downloaded games on a console can be played on any local account, so you can still log into and play your main for trophies and the like.

      • Cheers, had a US account years ago but seems I've lost it, will make a new one and look for some US PSN wallet cards

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        You can buy US psn wallet top up cards from playasia as well, CD keys is usually sold and it's a bit tricky on amazon US.

        • Adding Playasia to my go-to list, thanks! I thought they were all about shipping physical products, didn't know they did gamecards.

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      you can also buy PSN cards from Play-Asia, they have multiple currencies.

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    This now works on AUS Store. Don't need to do us.

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    thanks OP

  • Really great game!!

  • Can you play this game alone? Or is it co op only?

    • Yep can play solo no worries. There are some stages you need co-op for but they are optional

  • I am playing it now, got it about a month ago for my daughter for her 6th birthday.

    Great team player game play…

  • Awesome game… have the teddy bear too

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    This was PS5 launch title right? I reckon PS+ soon. HODL

  • I'm literally on psn AU rn and it's 109.93!
    Am I missing something here?

    • Did you use the coupon?

  • Awww shit! Got it! Gotta add to cart go check out, then enter the 10 digit number

  • damn, Code Expired, oh well, will wait for Retail discount

    • Still works for me!

      • Based on your post, i guess I missed out by about 20 min ! :(

        • I haven't clicked purchase yet - definitely still active now

          • @Blackie36: So weird. It says its been redeemed. Is it possible I"m doing something wrong?

            • @telljoolz: it took me a few attempts adding / deleting it before it kicked in

              • @Blackie36: Are you using the US code coupon or the AUS coupon? I see 2 codes in the original post. And someone in the thread mentioning AUS. I CBB creating a US account.

                • @telljoolz: Australian - via the web store

                  • @Blackie36: Thanks for your help. I was trying the store on the console. But tried the web store too now. Still says 'already redeemed.' I think I will give up. Cheers.

                    • @telljoolz: Have you tried through the PS App? I got an error through the App but its working through the Webstore. So just try different methods and maybe even browsers. Maybe Sony is being picky now haha.

                      • @jakwob: Well I just tried just in case; same result.

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                          @telljoolz: Keep trying! I added, removed, added the code again about 7-8 times and it eventually worked, as per Bla36's comment above. It just went through a few minutes ago

  • Thanks buddy. Played it with the Mrs. She enjoyed this. She gets motion sickness normally with video games however this is fine as the screen doesn't rotate

  • This or littlebigplanet3 to play coop with someone?

    • Either one works fine. Both play the same (this really is just LittleBigPlanet4)

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    Thanks OP

    Took about 8 goes of it saying code expired before it applied. Keep trying if you intend to buy.

    Purchased through store via browser on phone.

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    Browser, console and app all say expired after 10 tries each.

    Edit: lol after like 5 minutes straight of editing and applying code on console it worked

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    LOL, I was starting to think everyone was in on a big joke telling me to "just keep trying" like a Rick Roll… but it eventually worked.

    Thanks to OP and everyone else posting to keep trying or posting their success.

    FYI, I tried countless times on console, phone app and on pc via web store and eventually got through via the web.

  • Note: Don't do this on console - not even sure if it is still active after midnight but don't accidentally click order and pay now like an idiot.

    Content never started downloading so hopefully I can get a refund.


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    New code 9LB3JQ8GJK working in au store as of now

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