[PS4, XB1] The Evil Within 2 $5 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ JB Hi-Fi


Picked up a copy of this for $5 at JB limited stock though.

Xbox one version is also $5

Free click and collect, or + delivery fee

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    I really enjoyed playing this finally, just this year

  • Thanks OP.

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    FWIW they're both on Game Pass

  • Great game - purchased for $5 - sold on marketplace for $10 when I was finished >:)

  • A better deal imo on JB website.. Rage 2 is $10. Decent for the price.

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      I paid $150 for this digitally on release. One of my worse decisions in the last couple years…

      • The game is not great, certainly very bad for $150.. But for $10 it's alright. Mindless shooting is always ok lol

        But yeah $150.. That's gotta sting!

      • +2

        i feel your pain
        my worst was pre-ordering 3 copies of warcraft III reforged so me + mates could have some fun together
        …. sigh

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    Enjoyed this game - defs worth it at this price to help fill in the lockdown blues.

  • Great game. Got this from a previous Ozbargain deal. Also $5

  • Only played the first and this happened to be in stock near my house. That rarely happens for these ultra cheap deals… :P

  • Hmmm great price but I haven’t played TLOU2 and it feels similar.

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      Not the same at all

      • Well I bought it as it was at my local. I’ll try to play both…

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          TLOU2 is simply amazing and my favourite game of all time in my opinion

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            @Twisty: TLOU:R was excellent so I’m looking forward to the sequel.

            • @sween64: Yer that’s my second favourite game ;)

  • Really enjoyed this game in particular and whole series! 1st and 2nd are quite different but both worth playing imo.
    Great steal at this price! Hope they make a 3rd game!

  • This is such a random ozb favorite

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    bought 1 not sure why, maybe because it was posted here.

  • Thanks

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    Never thought i would ever buy a decent PS4 game for $5 …ever. This game escaped me but after playing it i have to say its pretty good. has strong resident evil vibes.

    Recommend starting off with casual mode so you can enjoy the game/story , unless you wanna spend a lot of time trying to sneak up on mobs and stealth kill them.

    Glad i didn't pay RRP when this game first came out , not that i would of been disappointed but for $5 its an absolute steal.

    Will have to go back and play the first one now.

    TY OP

  • I take it there are no free ps5 upgrades?